How Will a BBL Affect Your Belly Button?

Bbl Belly Button

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a highly effective way to improve the shape and contour of your buttocks, adding natural-looking volume to the buttocks while removing fat and contouring the abdomen and other areas of the body.  A common question prospective patients have is whether the liposuction stage of the BBL will alter the belly button.

This article will address this concern and help clear up some of the more common queries people have about the procedure itself.

The CREO Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Omar Tillo, is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an expert in the field of Brazilian butt lift surgery, having personally written the U.K.’s guidelines for the procedure. Dr. Tillo pioneered the revolutionary BEST-F technique – a carefully designed ultrasound-assisted technique to ensure your BBL is as safe and as effective as possible.

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Does a BBL Change Your Natural Belly Button?

How a BBL affects your belly button will depend on a couple of factors: the amount of fat harvested and the care taken when harvesting fat to be transferred to the buttocks. A BBL requires liposuction to extract fat from areas where it is in excess – this often involves the abdomen area. As an experienced BBL expert, Dr. Tillo takes care to harvest fat evenly, making it highly unlikely a BBL will affect the shape of your belly button.

In the event that there may be any alteration to the belly button, or the creation of stretch marks and excess skin, effective skin tightening treatments such as Renuvion and BodyTite may be used in combination to maintain the firmness of the skin and your belly button shape.

A Standalone BBL Shouldn’t Affect Your Belly Button

As the procedure targets the buttocks, a BBL generally shouldn’t affect the belly button in any way, but liposuction around the abdomen may. The liposuction used to extract fat from areas around the body can add contour and definition to the abdomen– for example, if 360 Lipo is used as part of your BBL, this can have transformative aesthetic effects on the stomach, but this should create a toned surface and a positive change. An experienced surgeon will inform you if there is any possibility that liposuction may create extra skin or affect the appearance of the navel.

Provided you are treated by an experienced practitioner or board-certified plastic surgeon who understands how liposuction can affect the belly button and the skin of the abdomen, change to the shape of the belly button is not likely to be a byproduct of the BBL and should not be cause for concern for prospective BBL patients.

Is Fat Taken From the Stomach for a BBL?

In general, the stomach and abdominal area is a common site for extracting fat for a BBL, as deposits of stubborn, exercise-resistant fat often accumulate here. Unless combined with Lipo 360 (which is designed to contour the stomach specifically), a BBL can harvest fat from multiple areas around the body, such as the arms, lower back, thighs, and flanks.

Combining a BBL with a Tummy Tuck

For a full and comprehensive transformation, many patients have combined a BBL and a tummy tuck, as the combination of procedures can drastically improve the shape of the butt and contour of the abdomen. The addition of a tummy tuck can also repair muscle separation (diastasis recti) and reshape the belly button, simultaneously tightening up the core and remodelling the stomach.

However, Dr. Tillo does not perform the BBL and tummy tuck procedures  in one treatment – the position of the treatment sites would make a comfortable recovery extremely difficult.
A BBL surgery requires that you reduce pressure on your buttocks throughout recovery, and tummy tuck recovery requires you to reduce pressure on your abdomen – this does not leave many possibilities for comfortable rest. As a result, Dr. Tillo recommends pursuing either a tummy tuck or a BBL first and fully completing recovery before undergoing the other surgery.

Can you keep your natural belly button after a BBL?

A BBL should not affect the shape of your belly button in any way. As such, you can feel confident that the liposuction used in a BBL will help improve the volume and contour of your buttocks without affecting the shape of your belly button.

Does a BBL make your stomach flat?

It is important to remember that BBL combines both fat transfer and liposuction. Liposuction can help flatten the stomach considerably by removing stubborn fat deposits that may be resistant to lifestyle changes. The fat extraction performed in a BBL targets areas of particular aesthetic concern and can help to transform the shape of the stomach as well as the buttocks.

Why is my stomach big after a BBL?

The only reason you may experience swelling in your stomach after a BBL is due to the small incisions needed to extract fat via liposuction. Any swelling you experience at the sites should dissipate over time, and your stomach should return to its original size and even appear flatter and smoother in the areas where fat has been removed. If this swelling does affect the belly button, the swelling will only need to recede for the belly button to regain its natural shape. The CREO Clinic also offers lymphatic drainage massage as a way to keep swelling to a minimum by encouraging the movement of lymph fluids around the body. These gentle massage techniques help to optimise results, help the body to recover quickly and to avoid irregularities in contour and scarring.

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