Non-Surgical Calf Reduction in London

For those looking to improve the size and contour of their calf muscles, a non surgical calf reduction is an excellent way to achieve slim lower legs without the need for a more invasive procedure. 

A non surgical calf reduction involves the targeted application of muscle relaxing Botox injections to the gastrocnemius muscle, making it less active and gradually reducing it in size with no adverse effects to leg strength.

The CREO Clinic’s team of experienced Aesthetic practitioners, understand the safest and most effective ways to perform nonsurgical calf reduction, providing a treatment that prioritises patient well-being as well as excellent long-term results. Our Medical Director and experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, can also provide surgical interventions such as calf reduction surgery, if this is more appropriate for your needs. 

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What is Non Surgical Calf Reduction?

Large calf muscles can sometimes become an aesthetic or physical concern – a non surgical cost reduction works to resolve this via Botox injections that shrink bulky calves. Once the injections are applied, the muscles begin to contract less powerfully, leading them to gradually slim down. As the muscles slim down, a more delicate, more typically feminine contour develops.

London Trusts Creo Clinic for Their Aesthetic Needs

The CREO Clinic is a trusted, patient-centred surgery where treatments are only performed by specialists. This means you will only ever be attended by a Doctor specialised in your treatment. All of our practitioners are highly experienced, skilled Doctors with a proven record of consistent high-quality results.

Creo Clinic’s Non-Surgical Calf Reduction Procedure For Naturally-Shaped Calves

To reduce the size of the gastrocnemius muscle – the most invisible muscle of your calf – our Aesthetic Doctor administers targeted muscle relaxing injections to specific areas around the calf muscles. The muscle relaxing injections are situated evenly around the gastrocnemius muscle. In general, this process is short, usually lasting an hour.

Expected Results

How Long it Takes to See Results

The targeted muscle relaxing injections prevent the muscles from contracting as strongly, which means the muscles will begin to slim down from inactivity. This will not affect the use of your legs in any way. The effects of the slimming down can be seen after around two weeks, but final results will be most apparent around two months after the injection.

How Long Results Typically Last

From the day your muscle relaxing injections are administered, you can expect your results to last between 6-8 months depending on the size of your calves at the time of injection. After this you may require maintenance treatments or a top up treatment to maintain your slimmed down calves.

Non-Surgical Calf Reduction Recovery

Non surgical calf muscle reduction treatment does not have a recovery time or pose significant risks – once you have had your muscle relaxing injections you can return to your routine immediately, with no changes to your day-to-day activities.

Cost Breakdown of Non-Surgical Calf Reduction Treatments

At the CREO Clinic, nonsurgical calf reduction begins from £500 per calf. Every treatment at our clinic is bespoke to the patient’s needs, so full cost breakdown will only be available after your initial consultation.

Should you wish to spread the cost of your nonsurgical calf reduction over multiple instalments, our financing partners, Chrysalis Finance, can provide an array of financing options.

Ideal Candidates for Non-Surgical Calf Reduction

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Non-Surgical Calf Reduction
Non-Surgical Calf Reduction In London

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    Any adult with concerns about the contour or size of their calves can be a good candidate for nonsurgical calf reduction. Ideal candidates should also be in good physical and mental condition and have realistic expectations of the results the treatment can provide.

    Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical Calf Reduction

    Benefits of Calf Reduction Injection Treatment

    Compared to other calf reduction techniques, such as liposuction and calf reduction surgery, calf reduction injections are much less invasive and drastically less downtime. After calf reduction injections, patients can return to their daily routine and begin to enjoy the treatments effects within weeks.

    While the effects of surgical calf reduction are permanent, the surgery itself is more invasive, it’s recovery far longer, and the results can take weeks and months to be seen.

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    Book a consultation with the CREO Clinic today and speak to about how they can re-sculpt the shape and contour of your calves. Their skill and depth of experience in the field allow them to make artful adjustments to your muscular calves without the need for an invasive surgery.

    Non-Surgical Calf Reduction FAQs

    What Are the Options for Calf Reduction?

    There are a few different treatments available to reduce the size of your calves: liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat at the back of the legs; reduction surgery, which makes incisions to access and remove fat from your calves, and nonsurgical calf reduction – a non-invasive, effective treatment that uses muscle relaxing injections to slim down your calves.

    How Painful is Non-Surgical Calf Reduction Treatment?

    Nonsurgical calf reduction is not painful, although you may feel a small scratch similar to any other small series of injections. For patients particularly sensitive the pain, topical anaesthetic can be applied before injections are made.

    How Safe is a Calf Reduction Injection?

    Calf reduction injections are extremely well tolerated, so you can feel confident that it is safe for you. Any contraindications will be identified by Dr. Schoeman during your initial consultation, and any risks explained clearly beforehand.

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