Patient information

CREO HEALTH LTD is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide the following regulated activities:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

Aims and Objectives:

Our services are provided by dedicated professionals’’ practitioners and staff. We strive to be acknowledged by our patients, suppliers and regulators as the leader in our sector. This will be achieved by ensuring that we recruit and train highly professional staff whose ambitions are to exceed patient expectations.

Our Aims

  • To understand and exceed the expectation of our patients.
  • To both motivate and invest in our team and acknowledge their value.
  • To encourage all the team members to participate in achieving our aims and objectives.

Our Objectives

  • To support each other in achieving patient expectations
  • Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Respond to the needs of our patients, practitioners and staff.

To encourage innovation, ambition, enterprise and continuous improvement.

4.2 Where patients decide to be treated in the independent sector, they must also be provided with clear information on any differences between how care in the independent healthcare environment may differ from that of the NHS environment. This should also include information on how medical practitioners are engaged with the provider and include the use of practising privileges, indemnity arrangements and arrangements in the event of an emergency

Consultation and Follow-ups:

Consultations with our doctors are £100.

Revision consultations with Dr. Tillo are £250.

Disability Statement:

We are unable to offer access to those patients with wheelchair mobility needs and we do not have a disabled toilet. Clients who seek these services should contact the clinic to arrange a consultation in a different facility where Mr. Tillo holds practicing privileges.

Comments, Suggestions & Complaints:

Should you have any comments, suggestions or complaints please raise these initially with the practitioner.

If not satisfied you may put your comments, suggestions or complaints in writing to the Registered Person (Omar Tillo) at the address below:


96 Harley street



Written complaints will be acknowledged within 2 working days and we aim to give a formal response to complaints within 20 working days.  

You may also make comments or suggestions about this guide to the above address.

The Care Quality Commission has no statutory powers to investigate any complaints that patients or other members of the public make about independent healthcare services, nor do they have a regulatory role to manage, arbitrate or resolve their complaints, concerns or allegations. However, they will take account of all information that they receive from the public about registered independent providers, or about unregistered providers that they consider should be registered. If they suspect that the provider has committed an offence under the Act or a breach under the regulations, they are required to take action to bring about improvement.

Care Quality Commission



Newcastle Upon Tyne


Tel: 03000 616161

Email: [email protected]

A copy of our latest Care Quality Commission report and complaints policy is available on request.

Issued: 14 January 2022  Review: 13 January 2023  Ver: 1.22