The CREO Clinic is a specialised plastic surgery clinic, offering expert cosmetic procedures for exceptional results. Our core principles, expertise and transparency, are reflected in every aspect of our clinical direction. Starting with our surgeons, who have mastered their respective fields and operate with the utmost attention to our clients’ desires.

We believe that specialised expertise in the aesthetic surgery field is a matter to be taken seriously. The complexity of each region of the body requires surgeons to devote their professional life to master its intricacies. Just as you do not expect an Ophthalmologist to treat you for back pain, you should not be treated by a facial surgeon when looking to redefine and enhance your body features. This standard, however, is rarely being met in the industry. 

CREO, ‘create’ in Latin and ‘believe’ in Spanish, reflects our mission statement – inspiring excellence, upholding our patients’ trust and the artistry at the hands of our surgeons. We are dedicated to the highest standards and set out to lead by example in aesthetic clinical practice.
Picture Of Omar Tillo, Board Certified Surgeon.
Dr. Omar Tillo
CREO Clinic’s Medical Director & Senior Body Plastic Surgeon Learn more
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Emily West
Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Learn more
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Raquel Britzke
Founder of Britzke Nutrition in partnership with CREO Clinic Learn more
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