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Breast Implant Removal (Explant Surgery) in London

Although breast implants can provide long-lasting results, patients may choose to remove their implants to alter the size or shape of their breasts. 

Breast implant removal surgery, also termed explant surgery, is a procedure to take out silicone or saline implants from the chest, reducing the volume of the breasts. Patients may do this to effectively resolve aesthetic concerns, or to address complications from their initial breast augmentation surgery.  

The CREO Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Omar Tillo, is an accomplished body contouring surgeon – one with a history of providing high-quality breast implant removal options. Whether performing explant surgery, implant adjustments or replacements, Dr. Tillo’s breadth of training and experience allow him to minimise scarring and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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What is Breast Implant Removal or Explant Surgery?

The purpose of breast implant removal is to remove existing silicone or saline implants. Different techniques can be used depending on the patient’s needs – in cases of capsular contracture, an explant and capsulectomy may be needed. Capsular contracture refers to the development of hardened scar tissue in the capsule (the pouch in which breast implants sit). The presence of capsular contracture will be assessed by Dr. Tillo during your consultation – if it is found to be an issue, the scar tissue will be removed during your surgery.

Breast implant removal procedures should only be performed by an experienced surgeon who has the detailed knowledge and understanding of the breasts and how best to create the desired aesthetic effect. To achieve the precise effect, Dr. Tillo often uses fat transfer to ensure the breasts do not appear deflated – this can add both volume and a natural-looking shape.

Reasons You May Want to Remove Your Breast Implants

Everyone has their own reasons for removing their breast implants, but here are some of the most common:

  • Changes due to ageing  – As you age, sagging of the breasts or skin around the implant may cause the appearance of your implants to change or look less natural
  • Changes in implant placement – Your implants can become displaced or move as a result of trauma or capsular contracture
  • Capsular contracture – This is where scar tissue around your implants hardens, creating discomfort 
  • Rupture of implants Although it is not dangerous if an implant ruptures, you will lose the volume they provided. For this reason, many women wish to remove the ruptured implant and replace it to restore volume and symmetry.
  • Replacement of implants – You may wish to replace your implants, perhaps changing size or shape to align with your desired aesthetic
  • Breast implant illness (BII) – This is a variety of symptoms that may be associated with breast implants — brain fog, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues. Explant surgery may be performed to help resolve the issues. Dr. Tillo states that ‘BII is rare, I’ve never had any patients develop it or ask to have implants removed because of it.”

What to Expect from an Explant Surgery

Breast implant removal is a relatively short procedure that consists of making incisions along the sites of your previous breast implant scars, then removing your implants and any scar tissue that may have formed if you have experienced capsular contracture. The incisions are then closed shut with dissolvable sutures – in the hands of a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Tillo, the resulting scars should be minimal. 

After your surgery, your breasts will likely appear somewhat deflated and sagging – this should improve over time, but some of the effects may be permanent, which is why many breast implant removals are combined with either a breast lift or fat transfer to restore firmness and volume. 

If you choose not to replace your implants or restore volume with fat transfer, you can expect your breasts to return to their original size. Prepare yourself for the changes in your physique – ensure you have comfortable bras that fit your previous size, and bear in mind that certain clothing will fit differently with your new, smaller sized breasts.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal (Explant Surgery) In London

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    Anyone who is unhappy with their current implants, for both aesthetic and medical reasons, can be a good candidate for breast implant removal. A BMI below 30 is also a requirement of any breast explant patient.

    If you are experiencing any of the above issues or have concerns about the condition of your existing implants, it’s important to speak to a specialist who will understand the issues that can develop with breast implants over time.

    Breast Implant Removal Surgery Process

    Breast explant surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic to ensure you will be comfortable and without pain throughout the surgery. Dr. Tillo makes an incision across the breast crease in order to access the implant – this is usually made across the original breast implant scar to avoid creating a new scar.

    At this stage, for a straightforward removal of your implants, they will be separated from the breast tissue and removed. Depending on your particular needs, capsulectomy may be performed at this stage – this is where the scar tissue (capsule) that has developed around the breast implant may need removing. In some cases, implants can be removed alongside the capsule in one procedure.

    In addition to removing the breast implants, explant surgery can entail a breast lift or replacement of implants with new implants of a different size or shape.

    Cost of Explant Surgery in London

    At the CREO Clinic, breast explant surgery starts from £4,500. Additional procedures like the insertion of new implants or capsulectomy will be priced separately.  

    As each surgery at the CREO Clinic is bespoke to your needs, a full cost breakdown will only be available after your initial consultation with Dr. Tillo.

    Should you wish to spread the cost of your breast explant surgery over multiple instalments, our financing partner, Chrysalis Finance, offers a variety of financing options.

    Results of Breast Implant Removal

    After your breast explant surgery, the appearance of your breasts will change – generally this means a reduction in size, unless you are opting to replace your implants with new, larger implants. If you are not replacing your implants, you may experience some sagging in your breasts as a result of the stretching created by the implants over time.

    This is where an experienced breast surgeon is crucial, as they are able to make artful adjustments to the tissue available in order to tighten up the skin and give them a firmer, more natural look overall.

    Recovery Following Explant Surgery

    Immediately after your breast implant removal you may experience some soreness, swelling, and tightness at the incision sites at the infra-mammary fold. After the first week or two these side-effects should have eased enough for you to feel comfortable returning to work.

    Full recovery from breast implant removal surgery generally takes around six weeks – you must wear your compression garment during this time as this will keep swelling to a minimum. After six weeks have passed you should feel comfortable resuming all of your daily routine, including strenuous physical exercise.

    Breast Implant Removal FAQs

    What exercise can I do after explant surgery?

    Dr. Tillo encourages some amount of walking during the early stages of recovery to increase blood flow and circulation. However, it’s important to wait until you have made a full recovery before resuming strenuous exercise or exercise that may place a strain on your incision sites – generally this takes around six weeks.

    When can I shower after explant surgery?

    After your explant surgery you should wait 48 hours to shower – this is so your incisions are healed sufficiently to not be exposed to water that could cause infection. The bandages provided to you will be waterproof, but it is still important to avoid soaking the incision sites for long periods, even after 48 hours have passed.

    How do you sleep after an explant surgery?

    To avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your incision sites, Dr. Tillo recommends sleeping on your back after your breast implant removal surgery. It is advisable to begin sleeping on your back in the period running up to the surgery, as this will help you adjust more quickly if you had previously preferred side or front sleeping.

    Should my previous surgeon perform my breast implant removal?

    It is not necessary for the surgeon who performed your previous implant surgery to perform your breast implant removal. Your new surgeon will make a full assessment of your implants and can make judgements on how to meet your aesthetic goals based on their knowledge of breast anatomy and the details provided during the consultation.

    Do breasts go back to normal after an implant removal?

    In the case of a straightforward breast implant removal, breast size will decrease after the surgery. Due to the stretching to the skin caused by the implants, you may experience some sagging or deflation of the breasts. If new implants are being put into position, this should alter the shape of your breasts to your desired aesthetic.

    Does the NHS cover breast implant removal?

    The NHS only covers breast implant removal in certain circumstances, such as a rupture, breast disease, implants that are causing recurrent infections, or capsular contracture that is causing pain or interfering with mammography. The NHS will first redirect you to your original surgeon. If your original surgeon cannot perform the removal, then the NHS may place you on a waiting list for the surgery – waiting times can often be months or years.

    What age should breast implants be removed?

    Breast implants are durable and tend to last anywhere between 10-20 years, but many manufacturers advise patients to consider having them removed or replaced after 10 years have passed. There is no upper age limit which breast implants should be removed – how long they remain in situ should be decided based on the longevity of the implants themselves.

    Is it better to remove or replace breast implants?

    This is an entirely personal decision. Some people may wish to simply adjust the size of their breasts, in which case a replacement of implants may be preferable. Others want to remove their implants permanently, perhaps wanting to remove scar tissue, or to reconstruct their breasts to their previous size and shape – these people will benefit more from a removal.

    Is the incision site from my breast implant reused for my implant removal?

    Yes. The incision sites from your breast implant surgery are often reused in order to avoid creating further scarring.

    Will a breast implant removal procedure cause more scarring?

    By creating incisions across the breast crease where the previous scars sit, Dr. Tillo works to avoid creating any new scarring from your breast implant removal.

    Can you get breast implants removed while pregnant?

    The CREO Clinic advises patients not to have breast implants removed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

    How long does implant removal surgery take?

    In general, breast implant removal alone takes between 1-2 hours to complete depending on the specific needs of the patient.

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