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Skin Tag Removal in London

Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured lesions that hang off the skin, commonly found on the neck, eyelids, armpits, groin folds and under the breasts. Whilst they are not harmful, many people choose to have them removed due to aesthetic concerns or as a result of these skin tags causing practical discomfort, such as by catching on clothing. 

At the CREO Clinic in London, we offer specialist skin tag removal. Prior to treatment, we will assess your skin tags to ensure they are benign before designing a bespoke treatment plan to remove them. 

To book a consultation with one of our specialists, contact the CREO Clinic today and enjoy skin free from the discomfort and aesthetic issues caused by skin tags.

About Skin Tag Removal in London

Skin tags are common lesions that appear as skin colour or brown growths with a small portion of soft tissue protruding from the skin surface. These benign lesions don’t cause any problematic symptoms unless caught on clothing, which may be painful. 

The main benefit of having your skin tag removed and the most common reason people opt for the treatment is to improve their appearance. While skin tag removal isn’t a medically necessary procedure, it can also help to reduce irritation. Furthermore, it can also lead to improved vision with blinking (when located on eyelids). 

The Most Common Methods of Removing Skin Tags

There are several effective methods of removing skin tags from the body. Listed below are some of the most popular:

  • Excision – typically performed under a local anaesthetic, during this quick and simple procedure a doctor will remove skin tags with a scalpel or scissors.  
  • Cryotherapy – this involves freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen, causing it to shrivel and fall off. Cryotherapy is usually performed in a dermatologists’ office and can cause a stinging sensation and some discomfort. 
  • Electrosurgery – using an electric current to burn off the skin tag, this technique is typically performed under local anaesthesia, and may cause some pain or discomfort. 
  • Laser – here at the CREO Clinic we use a powerful laser beam to burn off the skin tag. This extremely effective technique can be done with or without local anaesthesia depending on the size of the tag. 

Pricing for Skin Tag Treatments

The cost of skin tag removal using a laser is dependent on the size and number of tags being removed. Typically, prices at the CREO Clinic are as follows:

1-3 skin tags removal (small)£295
3-6 skin tags removal (small)£375
7-10 skin tags removal (small)£475
1 skin tag removal (large)£295
Additional large skin tag removal£195 (per lesion)

The exact price of the treatment will be available following a consultation with our team, as well as the financing plans that we offer.

Recovery & Aftercare

Recovery from skin tag removal is simple and quick. You may experience minor discomfort in the surgical site for 1-2 days after the procedure, but this should quickly dissipate. 

You will be provided with thorough aftercare advice by our team of experts. In the first two weeks after treatment, you will also be required to wear SPF50 in all the areas where skin tags have been removed to protect the healing skin. 

Laser Skin Tag Removal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes skin tags?

Skin tags consist of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels that are covered by a layer of skin.<br><br>While the exact reason skin tags occur is difficult to pinpoint, some of the factors that may have an impact include chafing (skin irritation caused by friction), pregnancy, ageing, and insulin resistance. Some individuals are more likely to get skin tags in areas where their skin folds.<br>

Why can skin tags be a concern?

While skin tags don’t cause any harm, they may be a concern if they’re having a detrimental impact on your appearance, mental health or self esteem. Because they receive a blood supply, removal may be a good option if the skin tag gets caught on clothing garments or jewellery, causing discomfort and/or bleeding.

Why use laser for skin tag removal?

Using a laser for skin tag removal is a quick and effective method that we specialise in at the CREO Clinic. The treatment can be performed with or without local anaesthesia (depending on the size or number of tags being removed), with each tag typically taking 5-10 minutes to remove.

Are there any side effects from skin tag removal?

As is the case with any procedure, there is a very small risk of infection, while bruising in the area and some discomfort is expected. Following aftercare instructions is crucial to ensuring that you prevent infection and that your skin tag heals properly.

Will skin tag removal leave a scar?

Yes, skin tag removal through the use of a laser may leave behind a small scar. This scarring is minimal and typically in the form of a small dot.

Will skin tags grow back after removal?

While there is always a chance of skin tags growing back after removal, the risk of recurrence is incredibly slim (around 1%).

Are there alternatives to laser skin tag removal?

Yes, there are several alternative treatments you can choose to remove a skin tag. These include excision, cryotherapy, electrosurgery, and ligation.

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