Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal infection can lead to thickening of the nails and yellow/brown colouring that can be aesthetically unpleasant and also create uncomfortable physical symptoms. An untreated fungal nail infection can cause your nails to soften, break and pull away from the nail bed. An infection can affect one or many nails, and may destroy the nail and nail bed if left untreated.

The CREO Clinic in London provides state-of-the-art laser treatment for fungal nails which works to fight your infection and encourage regrowth via painless and highly effective light treatment. Our laser specialists have treated patients with varied degrees of fungal nail severity and has the depth of expertise needed to provide accurate diagnosis and fast-acting solutions. 

Contact the CREO Clinic to book a consultation with our team and restore your nails through the transformative benefits of laser fungal nail treatment.

What is Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus?

At the CREO Clinic, we use the state of the art Fotona ClearSteps™ protocol with the Nd:YAG laser to stimulate the natural growth of the nails and immune processes of the body. 

We uses the Nd:YAG laser to penetrate the nails efficiently and safely, evenly heating the nail bed to the required temperature. As a result, the fungi is eliminated and the new nail is cleared. 

Prices for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

At the CREO Clinic, prices for laser nail fungus start from £200 a session.

What to Expect

Consultation & Treatment Plan

At your initial consultation, we will ask questions to assess the severity of your infection and get a clearer picture of your needs. Then we will create a personalised treatment plan to help resolve your fungal issues and restore both physical comfort and aesthetic confidence to your hands or feet.

Laser Treatment Procedure

Firstly, the infected nail(s) is filed down in order to allow the light from the laser to fully penetrate the area. Next, our specialists administer pulses of the Nd:YAG laser, following a circular pattern and covering the infected nail in full – you are likely to feel a warming sensation while the laser is being applied. Finally, to target fungus around the nail bed, pulses of laser energy are applied to the perimeter of the nail.

Usually this treatment is performed four times with a one week interval between each treatment. The progress of your infection will be monitored throughout your treatments to keep track of the reduction of infection and regrowth of tissue.

Follow-Up & Results

The new nail that gradually grows through will be clear from fungal infection that had previously caused discolouration and thickening. The full clear nail can depend on nail growth, with the average cycle taking 9-10 months. 

How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need?

In general, patients require four sessions of 15 minutes each for optimal results. However, the rate of nail regrowth and regeneration can differ from patient to patient, and more treatments are recommended to ensure the fungal infection is fully resolved. 

Why Choose CREO Clinic

The CREO Clinic offers cutting edge laser treatment provided by expert clinicians with extensive knowledge of aesthetic laser treatments and fungal infections. We have performed countless successful fungal nail treatments and have a history of providing excellent aesthetic outcomes.

All of our laser treatments are bespoke, so you can be sure that the treatment plan will target your particular needs – it will shepherd you through the process of fighting the infection, putting your nails on the path to regrowth and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is toenail fungus?

A nail fungal infection, sometimes called onychomycosis, is where the presence of the fungus spreads to the nails and creates discolouration, softens the nail or makes them brittle. Sometimes this can cause the nail to separate completely from the nail bed below. Left without treatment, a toenail fungus may destroy both the nail and the nail bed.

What causes nail fungus?

There are many potential causes for nail fungus, such as: – Infection spreads from fungal skin infection between the toes or on feet, such as athlete’s foot – Damage caused by manicure or pedicure – Consistently wet or humid feet – Age – Other health conditions such as diagnosis, psoriasis, or poor health in general – Infection contracted from public areas such as showers, gyms, or locker rooms.

Will nail fungus go away on its own?

Most fungal nail infections do not disappear on their own, and the condition of your nail and nail bed can worsen significantly if it is left untreated.

Can I scrape out nail fungus?

You may be able to remove some of the fungus from your nails, but much will likely remain. What remains can proliferate and continue to cause weakening and discolouration of the nail.

Is there a cure for nail fungus?

While it is not easy to cure nail fungus, a combination of laser nail fungus treatment, over-the-counter topical treatments, and oral medicine can help to cure an infection.

Why choose laser treatments for nail fungus?

Laser nail fungus treatment has many important benefits, such as: – No side effects – Laser treatment is painless and has none of the side-effects you may experience with alternative treatments. – Fast and easy – You can begin your recovery from toenail fungus after just four 15 minute sessions of laser treatment. – Highly effective – A course of laser nail fungus treatment will provide high levels of efficacy with regards to removing the fungal spores and encouraging nail regrowth and overall nail health. – Regular progress checks – Your laser expert will keep a careful eye on the progression of your infection and nail health, allowing you to share any concerns and receive professional advice throughout the treatment. – No chemicals or oral medication – Laser fungal nail treatment requires no course of oral medication or application of chemicals.

Are laser nail fungal treatments painful?

The laser treatment causes no pain or adverse side-effects.

Is laser nail fungal treatment safe?

Yes. There are no safety issues associated with laser nail fungal treatment.

Do laser treatments have any side effects?

Unlike ointments and other pharmaceuticals, there are no known side-effects to laser fungal nail treatment.

When will I see the results?

As toenails take a minimum of six months to grow out completely, it may take between 6-18 months for a healthy nail free of infection to reappear after your laser fungal nail treatment.

What should I do after receiving laser treatment?

We will give you full aftercare instructions following laser treatment. There are a few steps to take after your laser treatment to help ensure optimal results: – To avoid reinfection, only wear clean, bleached, or new socks immediately after your laser sessions. – Apply antifungal cream to the skin around your nails, between your toes, and on the bottom and size of your feet. Do not apply antifungal cream directly to your infected nails. – Avoid creating the humid conditions that fungi thrive in. This means wearing breathable shoes and socks and making sure to keep your feet dry. – Treat the insides of your shoes with anti-fungal powder to prevent reinfection.

Related Treatments

There are some complementary treatments that can be beneficial to the outcomes of your laser fungal nail treatment.

  • Anti-fungal creams – Applied daily to the feet, anti-fungal creams can help to destroy existing fungal infection and prevent further growth. The creams must be applied for several months to completely remove infection.
  • Antifungal tablets – Prescription medicines such as terbinafine can be taken once or twice daily for several months to try to remove the infection. If stopped too early, the infection may return.
  • Antifungal nail paint – Anti-fungal nail paint is applied directly to the nail for several months to try to remove the infection. This method is generally thought to be less effective than creams, tablets or laser treatment as it does not fully penetrate deeper levels of the nail.

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