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SmoothEye Laser Treatments in London

SmoothEye is an effective laser treatment used to tighten lax skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. By harnessing the power of the innovative Fotona SP Dynamis laser to precisely target the deeper tissues around the eyes, collagen production is stimulated without the need for incisions or downtime.

For rejuvenated eyes and improved skin elasticity, contact the CREO Clinic in London to book a consultation with our team of specialists and find out how SmoothEye can best reach your aesthetic goals.

What Are SmoothEye Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments targeting the eyelids and skin beneath the eyes offer a viable, effective alternative to more invasive alternatives such as blepharoplasty surgery, in which the excess skin on the eyelids is excised. Patients who are not yet ready to pursue drastic surgical solutions, or are unsuitable for the procedure are ideal candidates for laser eye treatments.

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How Laser Treatments Improve Under Eye Wrinkles

The Fotona SmoothEye treatment utilises an exclusive non-ablative Erbium laser to precisely target and warm the deeper layers of the tissues around the eyes. This activates collagen remodelling and initiates neocollagenesis. This creates an overall improvement for wrinkles around the eyes and the elasticity of the skin. 

Benefits of SmoothEye Laser Skin Tightening

By harnessing the power of the Fotona laser’s non-ablative SMOOTH mode, SmoothEye offers a range of unique benefits, including: 

  • Tightens lax and ageing skin for a more youthful appearance 
  • Smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles around the entire eye area, including crows feet
  • Improves the appearance of under-eye bags
  • Stimulates collagen remodelling and production for skin rejuvenation
  • It is a fast and effective treatment
  • Virtually painless with minimal downtime required

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How Much Do SmoothEye Laser Treatments Cost?

SmoothEye treatment by Fotona starts from £495 for one session, with a package of three sessions starting from £1,350. However, as each patient’s exact needs can vary, a bespoke treatment plan with a full price breakdown will only be designed following a consultation.

To spread the cost of your treatment, we offer financing plans with PLIM financing. Speak to our patient coordinator for more information.

Consultation and Preparation

Our laser specialist will perform a comprehensive assessment of your skin as well as your general health to determine your suitability for SmoothEye treatment. You will discuss the results you hope to achieve with laser treatment, and our specialist will explain how laser treatment contrasts to surgical alternatives. 

If you are deemed suitable for SmoothEye, you will need to undergo a patch test to ensure that your skin is able to tolerate the laser. You will then be provided with any preparatory guidelines and a bespoke treatment plan, customised to your unique needs.

About the SmoothEye Laser Eye Lift Procedure

The SmoothEye procedure does not require an anaesthetic thanks to its gentle, non-invasive nature. SmoothEye is performed using the Fotona SMOOTH mode, a non-ablative laser that treats the skin in a “feather-like” manner without bleeding, using a precisely controlled temperature deposition. 

The laser energy is delivered in unique, sub-second long pulse sequences to prevent temperature build-up on the surface of the skin and achieves homogeneous heating within several hundred micrometres of the tissue.  

SMOOTH mode is therefore able to tighten the skin by delivering intense, controlled surface tissue heating that stimulates collagen remodelling and initiates neocollagenesis. Overall, this delivers powerful skin rejuvenation and creates vast improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and skin laxity.

Recovery from SmoothEye Laser Treatments

Most patients don’t require downtime following eyelid laser treatment, though you may experience some side effects such as minimal swelling, redness or dryness of the skin. 

Patients may experience some improvement in the immediate aftermath of treatment as a result of the tightening of the existing collagen. As the new collagen is produced, patients will be able to enjoy smoother, tighter skin with noticeable improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Continued improvements can also be seen for up to 9-10 months as the collagen and elastin is regenerated.  

Non-Surgical Eyelid Tightening vs. Blepharoplasty

SmoothEye laser eyelid tightening and similar procedures offer a non-invasive alternative to eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. These laser treatments involve the excision of excess skin and fat pouches on the upper and/or lower eyelids and the retightening of the remaining skin. Surgical procedures are best suited to patients with more significant skin laxity and wrinkles.

In comparison, SmoothEye is best placed to treat mild to moderate laxity and avoids the associated downtime and scarring that comes with surgery. Through careful consultation with an experienced specialist, the best approach for your eyes can be determined.

TreatsWrinkles and fine lines around eyesExcess skin and muscle around eyes
Results Smoother, rejuvenated skin. Less prominent droopy skin and lines/wrinkles around eyesRemoves eye bags
Full RecoveryImmediate2 weeks
Price£495 per session£2,900 (upper), £6,990 (lower), £8,990 (both)

FAQs About SmoothEye

What is SmoothEye?

SmoothEye is a non-invasive, non-ablative laser treatment by Fotona, targeting the deep tissues around the eyes to tighten the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. SmoothEye harnesses the power of the Fotona laser’s SMOOTH mode to stimulate the body’s collagen remodelling for a rejuvenated appearance.

Who is a good candidate for SmoothEye laser treatments?

SmoothEye is ideal for patients with mild or moderate skin laxity around the eyes who wish to tighten the skin. It is also a viable alternative for patients who are not wanting or suitable to undergo more invasive eyelid surgery. An ideal candidate should also be in good health and have realistic expectations about the results SmoothEye can achieve.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

During your initial consultation, we will provide you with specific advice regarding preparation for your SmoothEye treatment.

How long will each laser treatment take?

SmoothEye treatment typically takes 20 minutes to complete.

Is laser tightening painful?

SmoothEye should produce minimal discomfort for patients as it is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Patients typically feel a warming sensation during treatment, though this should not be painful thanks to the treatment’s non-ablative manner. We will also apply numbing cream to the skin to make treatment more tolerable.

How many treatments will I need?

The exact number of treatment sessions required will depend on your skin and aesthetic goals. In general, 3-4 sessions are needed 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the best possible results.

When will I see the results?

Immediately after your SmoothEye treatment, you will be able to appreciate the improvements in the tightness and texture of the skin around the eyes. As the collagen in the area builds up in the coming weeks, the results of your SmoothEye treatment will continue to improve. Overall, it can take up to 8-12 weeks for the results to be fully visible, and additional sessions may be required to get the most out of treatment and reach your aesthetic goals.

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