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While cosmetic treatments can dramatically contour your body, they are most effective when you’ve already reached your ideal weight and have the tools to sustain your post-surgical results. This is where our nutritionists in London can help.

Our bodies are unique, as are the factors determining our weight. Therefore, you must tailor your diet according to your DNA, nutritional deficiencies, and the other components distinctive to you. If you’re struggling to lose weight or keep it off, you may benefit from a personalised programme created by our registered dieticians and nutritionists in London.

Nutritionist in Partnership with CREO Clinic

CREO Clinic works in partnership with a qualified team of dieticians and nutritionists to help patients attain their desired weight.

Raquel Britzke (RD, BSc, PG, PT) and her team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists have helped over 15,000 patients reach their goals. Their exclusive methodology, known as the ‘Britzke method’, focuses on developing a personalised strategy that clients can sustain throughout their life.

You may benefit from a weight loss program both pre-surgery and post-surgery: 


If our doctors determine that your BMI is too high for surgery, you will have the option of consulting with a dietician or nutritionist who will prepare an individualised diet that enables you to achieve your goals. Afterwards, we can schedule a date for your cosmetic surgery. 

For excisional surgeries (i.e., procedures that involve the removal of skin tissue), patients must have a BMI of less than 30, as there is significant evidence to show that patients with a higher BMI face an increased risk of wound breakdown, skin necrosis, infection, and other complications. 

For liposuction, our surgeons require a BMI less than 35, as a higher BMI is associated with an increased risk of general surgical complications such as chest infections, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolisms. 

Additionally, CREO Clinic offers further promotions to motivate clients to reach their desired BMI. Please contact our patient advisors for more information.


Cosmetic surgeries are significant investments that many people make as they expect permanent or long-lasting results. However, gaining weight can alter the results of your surgery by distorting your body’s proportions. Therefore, for your cosmetic procedure to be worthwhile, you must maintain your weight post-surgery. This is made easier by working with a nutritionist.

Prices and Packages

Below is a breakdown of the prices for a nutritionist in London. As a client of CREO Clinic, you will be entitled to special promotions for the weight loss programmes at Britzke Nutrition. Please contact our patient advisors for more details. 

OnlineIn Person
One consultation£249£279
Two consultations£473£530
Three consultations£672£753
Four consultations£847£949
Six consultations£1,195£1,339

Additionally, you have the option to undergo the following tests, which will help your nutritionist design a more personalised meal plan for you:

  • Food intolerance test: £199
  • DNA Health Test: £249
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Our Testing

To create a personalised program, Raquel and her team of nutritionists in London run a series of tests that allow them to analyse the unique requirements of your body:

Body Analysis

Knowing the components that make up your weight helps us devise a targeted strategy to reach your goals. We can find this out through a body composition analysis, which tells us how much subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, water, and other components make up your body. Our nutritionists use an advanced medical-grade body composition bioimpedance device to inform us which aspects we need to target to improve your health.


As part of the weight loss programme, you will need to attend an in-person or online consultation with a member of Raquel’s nutritionist team, which lasts for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. After running the necessary tests and evaluating your results, they will discuss your goals and create a tailored program to help you achieve them.

DNA Testing

From our metabolism to fat distribution, our genetics influences many factors which determine how we lose and gain weight. As a result, there isn’t a one size fits all approach to dieting. Your unique DNA requires an individualised strategy that addresses the specific nutritional needs of your body. With our optional DNA test, our nutritionists can develop a diet that responds to the needs and behaviours of your unique genetics.

Food Intolerance Testing

Optimising your gut health and immune system is key to losing weight steadily and feeling at your best. Many overweight people suffer from food intolerances that impede their weight loss efforts, which also cause a host of symptoms, including IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), heartburn, and migraines. With an optional test that requires just a finger prick, we can test your body’s reaction to 208 foods.

Personalised Weight Loss Programmes

In addition to the tests that allow your nutritionist to understand the unique needs of your body, the weight loss programmes at Britzke Nutrition have several features to ensure that you receive a personalised experience tailored to your specific goals and requirements:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire that uncovers details about your family history, health, food habits, and other relevant information to create a meal plan that is effective and easily fits into your lifestyle.
  • Access to Nutrium, the clinic’s app that allows you to chat with your dietician, check your progress, and keep track of new habits.
  • Respond to any questions sent via your app or email within 24 hours on working days.
  • Monthly evaluations of your weight loss goals and meal plans. 

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