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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation at CREO

Breast augmentation is a surgery that increases the volume of the breasts through the insertion of implants, fat transfer, or both. At the CREO clinic, we offer a range of treatment options and surgical combinations for breast augmentation to ensure that patients obtain results that look and feel natural to their bodies.

Dr Omar Tillo performs all breast augmentation procedures at the CREO clinic. Having done hundreds of breast enhancement surgeries, he is highly specialised in all variations of the surgery. As such, he has perfected the skills required to tailor the procedure according to the requirements and anatomy of each patient to produce consistently natural and aesthetically appealing results. In particular, at the CREO clinic, Dr Tillo uses a unique and advanced surgical technique known as composite breast augmentation. 

If you are interested in a breast augmentation procedure, book a consultation with Dr Tillo to discuss a bespoke surgical solution that will give your breasts an enhanced and balanced appearance.

6-12 weeks
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Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that addresses the aesthetic concerns of patients who want larger breasts. The procedure can correct a range of issues a patient may have about their breasts : 

  • A breast augmentation can enlarge breasts that are considered too small.
  • A breast augmentation can produce a more youthful look by elevating breasts that have deflated as a result of ageing.
  • A breast augmentation can create balance and symmetry in breasts that appear uneven or asymmetrical.

Breast Augmentation Before and Afters

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Payment Options Available.
Terms and Conditions apply. Acceptance subject to credit status.
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Treatment Options


When inserting breast implants, the surgeon must tailor the surgery according to the anatomy and requirements of each patient. Therefore, the treatment options for the surgery varies according to a range of factors:

Size of Implants

Implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which give different levels of projection and enhancement to the breasts. The size of the implants used for your surgery varies depending on your body type, breast shape, desired outcome, and other factors. You and your surgeon will have the opportunity to assess the most appropriate size of implant for you during a consultation.

Placement of Implants

Our cosmetic surgeon places implants in relation to the pectoralis major (or pec muscle), which is the major muscle beneath the breast tissue. There are different surgical techniques involved in breast augmentation surgery that determine the placement of implants:

You can choose to place the implant on top of the muscle (pre-pectoral placement), beneath the muscle (subpectoral placement), or partly under the muscle and over the muscle (dual plane technique).

The placement of implants varies depending on the thickness of your breast tissue. Determining where to place the implants requires a great deal of expertise and skills. Having performed hundreds of breast implant surgeries, Dr Tillo will advise the best technique for you during a consultation.

Type of Implants

There are two main types of breast implants used in cosmetic surgery: 


Saline is a solution containing a mixture of salt and water. The advantage of saline implants is that, in the event of the implant rupturing, the body absorbs the saline solution. 

However, these implants feel less natural, and the saline solution often produces a rippling effect on the implants, which can be noticeable when inserted beneath the skin.

Silicone Gel

Silicone is a synthetic substance that has a texture similar to that of human fat. Silicone implants are more commonly used in breast augmentations as it delivers a more natural-looking and feeling result.

However, silicone implants are slightly more expensive than saline implants.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer is a surgery that extracts excess fat cells from one area of the body using liposuction and subsequently injects it into another part of the body. As a result, patients can contour multiple body parts by enhancing their breasts while losing fat in other areas such as the abdomen and hips. 

While implants remain the more popular treatment option for breast augmentation, some patients opt for a fat transfer because they prefer the organic method and the more subtle enhancement provided by the surgery. However, fat transfer vs. implants have their own advantages and disadvantages, as summarised below:

Fat TransferImplants
ResultsProvides a modest enhancement to the breasts while removing excess fat from other areasProvides substantial enhancement to the breasts
AnaestheticSedation or general Sedation or general
ScarringInsignificant scarringVisible scarring underneath the creases of the breast, around the nipples, or in the underarm
Recovery4-6 weeks6 weeks
PriceFat transfer breast augmentation cost is usually the same price as implantsUsually the same price as fat transfer

Composite Breast Augmentation

At the CREO clinic, Dr Tillo uses an advanced technique called composite breast augmentation to achieve a more natural shape. The procedure involves combining implants with fat transfer, thus conferring the advantages of both procedures.

By combining both treatment options, a composite breast augmentation can mitigate the cosmetic risks that sometimes occur when solely using implants or fat grafts. As the surgeon has greater control over the shape of the breasts, they can conceal any imperfections created by the implants using fat grafts, thus producing both a substantial enhancement and natural appearance to the breasts.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in London

In general, the price for breast augmentation surgery in London starts from £6,900. The exact cost of a breast augmentation procedure varies depending on the individual surgical needs of each patient. At the CREO clinic, our prices reflect Dr Tillo’s unique surgical expertise, as well as the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, you will receive an exact price for the surgery following your consultation. 

Breast Augmentation Procedure

When inserting implants, the surgeon makes incisions under the creases of the breasts, beneath the nipples, or in the underarm, depending on the type of implant being inserted. We will then position the implants through the incisions using one of the three methods discussed above. Finally, we will stitch close the incisions.

When transferring fat to the breasts, the surgeon will first perform liposuction on predetermined areas of the body containing excess fat. Afterwards, the extracted fat cells will be purified and directly injected into specific areas of the breast to achieve your desired shape. Both the liposuction and fat injections require tiny incisions and therefore do not leave behind noticeable scars. 


Immediately after the surgery, you may experience soreness, swelling, and tightness around the breasts. These side effects will gradually dissipate over the following week or two, after which you should feel able to return to work. Furthermore, most patients are able to resume their normal daily routine, including exercise 6 weeks after the surgery.


While the results of breast augmentation surgery are immediately apparent following the procedure, it may take a few months for the results to become fully visible and feel natural. This is because it takes time for the swelling to completely subside and for the skin to stretch and accommodate the implants. Furthermore, you can expect the scars around the incision site to fade in several months to a few years.

Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the muscles in the area to produce a flatter and toned stomach. The combination of breast augmentation and tummy tuck is also known as a mummy makeover procedure, as pregnancy can leave women with saggy breasts and excess skin around the abdomen.

Many women undergo both procedures simultaneously to achieve a more contoured appearance and for the convenience of combining the recovery period for both surgeries.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast lift?

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size of the breasts using implants, and in some cases, through a fat transfer procedure. Whereas a breast lift is a surgery that elevates sagging breasts by lifting and tightening the existing breast tissue.

Is breast augmentation permanent?

The final results of a fat transfer are permanent as the injected fat cells will integrate into your blood supply and become a part of your breasts. In contrast, although breast implants are permanent, they are usually replaced every 10-15 years for several reasons:

The implants can wear out and rupture with time. While this isn’t harmful to the body, the rupture can change the size and shape of the breasts and will therefore need to be replaced in order to maintain results. 

Patients can develop capsular contraction, which is where the scar tissue around the implant hardens, causing pain and discomfort around the breasts. 

Your body changes with time, due to ageing, fluctuations in weight, and pregnancy. Therefore, you may wish to replace your implants in order to make your breasts look proportionate and natural to the altered shape of your body. 

Does breast augmentation affect nipple size?

A breast augmentation does not significantly affect the size of the nipple, although it may cause the areolas (the pigmented skin around the nipple) to stretch and appear slightly bigger than before. Furthermore, the nipples can look puffier due to post-surgical swelling, which should subside in a few weeks. 

Will breast augmentation help stretch marks?

While a breast augmentation won’t eradicate stretch marks around the breasts, it can improve its appearance by adding volume to the area and stretching out the skin. However, there may be less invasive treatments that are more suitable for improving your stretch marks that can be discussed during your consultation.

Is breast augmentation worth it?

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that provides patients with full and balanced breasts that enhance the shape of their bodies. 

Many patients consider it to be a worthwhile procedure as it corrects their aesthetic concerns and restores their self-confidence. Furthermore, when  an experienced surgeon performs this surgical procedure, breast augmentation is safe with a very rare risk of complications. 

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