Why Are My Breasts So Far Apart: Addressing Wide-Spaced Breasts

Why Are My Breasts So Far Apart

The distance between the breasts is a common variation from person to person, but some women’s breasts are positioned further apart than the average – this is usually the result of genetic differences or age-related sagging. Breast surgery such as breast augmentation with implants, augmentation with fat transfer, or a breast lift can all help resolve this by permanently reducing the gap between your breasts. 

This article will explore the various potential treatments for wide-spaced breasts and help you fully understand the options available.

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Why Are My Breasts So Far Apart: Addressing Wide-Spaced Breasts Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

How to Fix Wide-Spaced Breasts

Breast augmentation

A wide gap between breasts can be caused by genetics and by natural, age-related drooping that can pull the breasts in opposite directions. To fix this, breast augmentation can raise and improve your cleavage, giving the breast tissue greater shape and volume. 

Breast augmentation surgery can use silicone breast implants in the breast crease or fat transfer – this extracts fat from areas of the body where it is in excess and transfers it to the breasts to add volume. An augmentation with fat transfer is often more modest in its outcomes than implants, but it is just as permanent and is a very popular option with CREO Clinic patients.

Another augmentation alternative is Dr. Tillo’s composite breast augmentation. This surgery complements the size advantages of implant width with the natural look and feel of fat transfer.

Breast Lift Procedure

Drooping can cause the breasts to hang lower and further apart. This tends to worsen with age and one of the most effective solutions is a breast lift. This surgical technique removes a small section of the breast skin and tightens up the remaining skin to give an overall lift. This surgery improves the shape and perkiness of the breasts as well as reducing the gap between them.

Diet & Exercise

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising the chest wall and chest muscles regularly can reduce the size of your breasts and thereby decrease sagging. Decreasing sagging may lead to a reduction of the chest gap, but the effect is likely to be limited, and significant gaps between the breasts may require surgery.

Why Your Breasts May Be Far Apart

Your Physique & Anatomy

An important contributing factor to the space between your breasts is your natural physique or body shape, which is generally determined by your genetics. While maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine can help prevent issues like sagging, it may also be the case that natural features of your anatomy or a congenital breast condition like tuberous breasts have led to a significant gap between your breasts.

The Selection of Breast Implants

The shape, quality, size, and implant placement of your breast implants may have an impact on the gap between your breasts. Depending on the natural size and shape of your breasts, implants that are too small or too large may lead to a more significant chest gap. When planning breast procedures using implants, always consult with your plastic surgeon about the type of implants that will provide the most desirable shape and minimise your breast gap.

The Skill of Your Plastic Surgeon

The skill and experience of your plastic surgeon is a key factor in producing high quality aesthetic outcomes – ensure they have performed successful breast augmentations in the past and that they are board-certified to work as a plastic surgeon in the UK. 

Your surgeon should also be able to provide evidence of their experience via patient testimonials, as well as before and after photographs of previous surgeries.

Dr. Tillo is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, and patient testimony to his skill as a surgeon is available here.

Having a Gap Between Your Breasts is Normal & Varies from Person-to-Person

It is important to note that having a gap between your breasts is a normal variation in female anatomy. Each person will have slight differences in the shape, size, and distance between their breasts, but there is nothing unhealthy about this. Deciding to change your breast gap is a purely aesthetic decision, but one that can have a transformative impact on the overall appearance of your breasts.

Why You May Want to Address Your Wide-Spaced Breasts

The choice to address wide-spaced breasts is an aesthetic one. Some women prefer to bring the breasts closer together to change the overall appearance of the breasts, whereas others may not see it as an aesthetic issue. Some patients do find that addressing wide-space breasts can open up their wardrobe to new clothing possibilities, but this can vary from person-to-person.

Consult with a Plastic Surgeon on Fixing Wide-Space Breasts

Speak with the CREO Clinic today for a first consultation with Dr. Omar Tillo, an experienced cosmetic surgeon able to fix wide-spaced breasts by reducing the gap and re-sculpting the breasts so they sit in a perkier, more aesthetically pleasing position. 

After your initial consultation, Dr. Tillo can formulate a bespoke surgical plan to enhance your breasts and permanently reduce any space between them.

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