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Plenhyage XL In London

As the years pass, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to show various signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles or bags under the eyes (periorbital puffiness). Ageing skin can also bear evidence of previous or ongoing dermatological issues in the form of acne scarring, rosacea, or hyperpigmentation.

Plenhyage XL is a state-of-the-art injectable gel that works to remedy these common skin quality concerns by helping to hydrate, boost elasticity, and encourage collagen production for rejuvenated, healthy skin.

The CREO Clinic’s team of experts combine their depth of knowledge of aesthetics with their extensive experience to administer safe and highly effective Plenhyage XL injections to multiple areas around the face and body that can improve your skin health.

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Plenhyage XL vs. Dermal Fillers

The difference between Plenhyage XL and regular dermal fillers is that Plenhyage XL is regenerative. Its polynucleotide-based formula stimulates fibroblasts which can encourage better skin elasticity, as well as greater production of collagen, faster cellular turnover, and a boost to the overall hydration of your skin.

Plenhyage XL can provide a youthful firmness to the skin in multiple areas around the body, such as the eyes, upper, lower, and middle thirds of the face, the décolletage, neck, and inner arms. It can also successfully treat the thighs and knees.

What Plenhyage XL Improves

One of Plenhyage XL’s many benefits is its flexibility – it can make significant improvements to an array of dermatological concerns for those who prefer general skin rejuvenation.

Acne Scarring

Acne can leave scarring in the areas most susceptible to breakouts – the face, upper back, chest and shoulders. Plenhyage XL works to reduce the appearance of indentations caused by acne by regenerating and improving the quality of the scar tissue.


By boosting collagen production and cell turnover, Plenhyage XL can help to restore an uneven skin tone affected by hyperpigmentation such as sunspots. A course of treatment can work to return the affected area to its earlier colouring so that it matches more closely with the skin around it.


The chronic inflammatory skin condition rosacea causes a pink ‘blushing’ effect to appear on the nose, forehead or cheeks. Inflamed bumps can appear on the skin and become an aesthetic concern that is hard to resolve.

Plenhyage XL can be highly effective at working to reduce the appearance of rosacea, as polynucleotides have been shown to help control inflammation in the skin, calming the irritation and redness rosacea causes.

Signs of Aging

Plenhyage XL kickstarts fibroblasts encouraging cell turnover and greater hydration to help smooth out common signs of ageing in skin like wrinkles, fine lines and thin, ‘crepe-textured’ skin. 

Plenhyage XL can also be combined with laser treatments for maximum impact when working to remove skin hyperpigmentation and other signs of ageing.

Other Areas Plenhyage XL Can Address


The neck is an area that frequently displays outward signs of ageing. It’s common to see sagging skin and wrinkles, sometimes referred to as a ‘turkey neck’. Plenhyage XL can help to create general skin rejuvenation in the neck by restoring a firmness to lax or wrinkled skin.

Inner Arms

Whether it’s a result of weight loss, dehydration, or simply natural ageing, the skin of the inner arm can often become ‘crepey’. Collagen and elastin breakdown prevented from remaining firm and tight – Plenhyage XL works to build collagen production back up and improve skin elasticity in the area.

Thighs, Knees

Sagging skin around the knees and thighs can occur as we age because our skin loses elasticity and we begin to lose muscle mass. Wrinkles and folds of skin may start to appear at the creases and on the front of your knees.

Plenhyage XL can help to tighten up these lax skin folds and permanently reduce the tell-tale excess skin that accumulates in these areas.

Types of Plenhyage XL Doses

Different dosages of Plenhyage XL are used depending on the severity and type of issue it is treating – the more severe, the larger the dose is likely to be.


A medium dose of Plenhyage XL is 20 mg/mL and is generally used to treat skin issues that are judged to be less severe. For example, this dosage can be highly effective for use on dark circles under the eyes.


The larger dose of Plenhyage XL is 25 mg/mL and is recommended for use for more severe skin concerns like deep wrinkles and creases, and for treating body areas such as the knees, arms or décolletage. It is also the preferred dosage for treating acne scars.

Plenhyage XL FAQs

How many sessions are recommended for best results?

To achieve the best results, 3 sessions over a 21-28 day period is advisable.

How long does Plenhyage XL last?

Once collagen production begins to reduce, the results will start to diminish. A top up treatment every 4-6 months will help to maintain the results long term.

When will I notice the results?

You may begin to notice results of your Plenhyage XL treatments after only two weeks, with full results becoming visible after around 3-4 months.

What does the recovery timeline look like?

Immediately after your Plenhyage XL treatment you may experience some redness, itchiness, tenderness, and swelling at the treatment site. This should dissipate after a few days, but until all swelling has subsided, intense heat (e.g. hot showers or sunbathing), cold, and strenuous exercise should be avoided. You should also avoid touching the treated areas for six hours and not apply make-up or any cream for at least 24 hours.

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