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Fotona 4D Laser Facelift London

The Fotona 4D facelift offers an innovative approach to fighting the signs of ageing without the need for more invasive facelift surgery. Instead, this non-invasive laser treatment offered by CREO Clinic in London helps to address a vast range of common skin concerns, such as laxity, pigmentation, wrinkles and texture. 

To book a consultation with one of our specialists, contact the CREO Clinic today and enjoy the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery.

What Are Fotona 4D Laser Treatments?

The Fotona 4D facelift uses two complementary lasers, the Erbium YAG and Nd:YAG, in an innovative four step protocol: 

  • 1D: SmoothLiftin – This uses the intraoral Er:YAG laser treatment to tighten the skin by utilising higher temperatures. The jawline, nasolabial and perioral areas of the face are targeted, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • 2D: FRAC3 – Treats deeper lines and pigments across targeted areas of the facial skin with a non-ablative Nd:YAG laser, restoring a more youthful complexion.
  • 3D: PIANO – Uses ultra-long Nd:YAG pulse mode for extensive skin tightening to create a firmer, lifted appearance across the face.
  • 4D: SupErficial – A light cold Er:YAG ablation is used to perform a mini laser peel,  targeting surface-level skin imperfections and creating a refreshed and youthful finish. 

Overall, the combination of the four stages offer comprehensive rejuvenation and tightening for the skin, creating a deeply desirable and long-lasting result through non-invasive laser treatments. 

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Benefits of Fotona 4D

There are several key benefits of the Fotona 4D laser that our patients love:

  • Provides a comprehensive skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment in one procedure
  • Creates a youthful glow, improved skin complexion, and a lifted firmer appearance 
  • Side effects and downtime are minimal
  • Non-invasive treatment requiring no anaesthetic, needles or surgery
  • Results last up to 1 year, after which one follow up appointment is recommended

Fotona 4D Before & Afters

How Does the Fotona 4D Laser Work?

The Fotona 4D laser uses a unique combination of both the Erbium YAG and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths to provide effective skin tightening and rejuvenation. 

Fotona 4D provides safe and comprehensive skin resurfacing by using non-ablative technology, delivering a thermal effect to the skin, activating the healing process and increasing collagen stimulation, causing a tightening effect for the treated areas.

In addition, the non-ablative laser works in tandem with a gentle erbium laser for a light laser peel treatment. This improves the overall appearance of the skin, creating a refreshed, tighter and youthful glow. 

Expected Results

Results will gradually become apparent 4-6 weeks after treatment as new collagen is produced. For optimum results, you will need to undergo a minimum of three sessions, with each creating a noticeable improvement in your skin’s quality. In addition, maintenance treatments are required once a year for best results.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fotona 4D Laser Treatments?

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Fotona 4D Laser Facelift London

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    If you are experiencing the following skin concerns, Fotona 4D laser treatments can be ideal for you: 

    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Uneven skin tone or skin texture

    Patients who are currently taking photosensitive medication, or are pregnant or breastfeeding will not be suitable for this lifting treatment. 

    Fotona 4D for Men

    Fotona 4D for men is a specific form of laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation designed for male skin. Men typically have thicker skin with larger pores, more hair and less subcutaneous fat than women. By optimising the Fotona 4D protocols to account for these differences, the best possible results can be delivered for male patients. 

    How Much Do Fotona 4D Treatments Cost?

    All of our laser treatments, including Fotona 4D, are led by our team of specialists. This helps to ensure patient safety at all times while delivering the best possible results. For this reason, our pricing may be slightly higher than other clinics where treatment is conducted by aestheticians only, who do not have a medical background.

    Fotona treatments begin from £795 at the CREO Clinic, with discounted prices available when multiple treatment sessions are booked.

    Why Choose CREO Clinic

    At the CREO Clinic we offer a range of the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

    We work diligently with our patients to understand their aesthetic concerns and carefully select the most suitable treatment.

    Our specialist laser technicians have significant experience using each modality of the Fotona 4D laser to tailor treatment to patients’ specific needs. They have successfully performed countless laser treatments with men and women to help them feel more confident and radiant in their newly tightened and rejuvenated skin. 

    Consultation & Preparation

    During consultation with our specialist, you will be asked about your medical history to determine whether Fotona 4D is suitable for your skin. You will also be asked about your expectations for treatment and our specialist will explain what Fotona is able to realistically achieve. 

    Alternative treatments can also be discussed to further assess whether Fotona is the best option for you, so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment every step of the way. 

    Patients may not be suitable if they:

    • Pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Have active infections such as cold sores or impetigo
    • Take photosensitive medications such as doxycycline or isotretinoin
    • Use active ingredients like BHA/AHA/retinol products within 2 weeks
    • Have uncontrolled epilepsy or are triggered by flashing lights
    • Have undissolved threads or filler placed within 2 months
    • Have permanent makeup in treatment area
    • Have had recent sun exposure in previous 3 weeks

    Should a Fotona 4D treatment be suitable, you will be given an in depth treatment plan to summarise how the laser protocols can be best utilised to address your concerns. If you are happy to proceed with treatment, you may need to allow up to six weeks to prep your skin for treatment, for example, if you are prone to hyperpigmentation or have photosensitive skin.

    Although Fotona 4D is well tolerated, prior to treatment, numbing cream can be applied to make your experience as comfortable as possible. 


    Unlike ablative lasers, the Fotona 4D laser has virtually no downtime, meaning that you can resume your daily routine immediately. However, you may experience some redness that may last for 1-2 days. 

    Fotona 4D and Similar Treatments

    Fotona 4D vs. Fillers

    Dermal fillers and Fotona 4D can add volume to the skin. Fillers are able to create an instant and larger increase in volume, whilst Fotona heats the skin to produce elastin and collagen, creating a small, natural increase in volume with repeated sessions. 

    However, the Fotona 4D treatment can also dramatically lift the skin while improving its texture, which dermal fillers cannot do. 

    In addition, this innovative laser treatment can be a great alternative to fillers for patients who want to restore small amounts of volume to the face without the use of needles. 

    Fotona 4D and Morpheus8

    Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to deliver controlled-depth heating via microneedles. This helps to promote the production of collagen and elastin, tightening the skin. 

    However, although both Fotona 4D and Morpheus8 demonstrate tightening effects, Fotona 4D offers a more versatile approach as it can also treat the skin’s surface.

    Fotona 4D FAQs

    What is Fotona 4D?

    Fotona 4D is a protocol using the Fotona Dynamis laser. This treatment utilises two laser wavelengths to gently tighten and resurface the skin. The protocol uses four different stages to treat different levels of the skin – SmoothLiftin, FRAC3, PIANO and SupErficial.

    Where on the body can I get Fotona 4D laser treatments?

    The Fotona 4D laser treats the skin on the face and neck to provide a youthful complexion. The Fotona laser is also able to perform specific protocols for particular areas of the face such as the eyes (SmoothEye) and lips (LipLase).

    Are Fotona 4D laser treatments painful?

    You should not feel any pain during your treatment. However, you may feel some warmth or a mild pinching sensation. Numbing cream can be applied prior to treatment to make your Fotona 4D experience as comfortable as possible.

    How long do treatment sessions take?

    Each treatment session takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

    How soon will I see the results?

    Results will become gradually apparent over the first four to six weeks after treatment, and with each additional treatment that you have.

    How long will the results last?

    Results are long-lasting and are visible for up to a year, after which we recommend patients come annually to maintain their results.

    Will I need multiple treatment sessions?

    Patients over 40 can benefit from undergoing a minimum of three sessions to get the most out of their Fotona 4D facelift. You should then add an additional treatment for every decade of life.

    When can I wear makeup after my Fotona 4D facelift?

    You will need to wait 24 hours after your treatment before applying any makeup to the treated skin.

    Related Treatments


    SmoothEye is a laser treatment by Fotona to tighten lax skin while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. SmoothEye harnesses laser energy to precisely target the deeper tissues around the eyes, stimulating collagen production. When combined with Fotona4D, these treatments can work to both improve the appearance of the skin of the whole face while giving added, targeted attention to the eye area.  


    LipLase by Fotona is a laser treatment to instantly rejuvenate, plump and shape the lips by stimulating the body’s collagen remodelling. LipLase can be combined with Fotona 4D to both improve the quality of the skin across the face while enhancing the lips. 

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