Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift at CREO

A buttock lift is a body contouring surgery that removes excess fat and skin from the bottom to restore patients with a toned buttock. 

As a specialist in body contouring surgeries, Dr Omar Tillo has performed buttock lifts numerous times, making him one of the most experienced surgeons in the procedure. Therefore, he has the skills and expertise to customise the surgery according to the aesthetic needs of each patient, an essential requirement for producing an optimal outcome.

In addition to buttock lift surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and buttock implants are two other buttock contouring surgeries performed at the CREO clinic. Despite its name, BBL surgery does not lift the buttock by excising excess skin. Instead, it adds volume to the buttock through a fat transfer procedure. Dr Tillo is an expert in all three procedures and is a key opinion leader for BBL procedures.

If you want a more defined bottom, you can schedule a consultation with Dr Tillo, who will design a bespoke surgical solution after listening to your concerns and desired outcome. During your consultation, he will advise the best option for delivering your desired results with a buttock lift in London.




6 weeks


Sedation or General Anaesthesia

Surgery time

2-3 Hours

Hospital time

6 Hours


24 Hours


2 days


1-2 weeks


4 weeks

Full recovery

6-8 weeks

Benefits of Buttock Lift

Many people develop saggy skin in the buttocks due to genetics, fluctuations in weight, sun damage, or loss of skin elasticity due to ageing. As a result, the bottom droops and distorts their lower body proportions. 

By removing saggy skin in the bottom and repositioning the remaining skin in the area, a buttock lift produces a more contoured, toned, and youthful figure. Furthermore, the surgery delivers long-lasting results that improve the patient’s lower body proportions, as lifting the buttocks also creates the appearance of slimmer and longer legs.

The surgery is an ideal cosmetic solution for patients struggling to tone their bottom through diet and exercise, which typically doesn’t contract stretched skin or excess pockets of fat. Furthermore, the surgery also improves the results following liposuction, which can leave behind saggy skin in some patients. 

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Buttock Lift Cost in London

In general, prices for a buttock lift in London at the CREO clinic start from £8,900 for a lower buttock lift, and £13,500 for an upper buttock lift.  

A buttock lift is a bespoke surgery that we tailor to the needs of each individual patient. Therefore, we can only determine the exact cost of your surgery following a consultation with Dr Tillo.

Types of Buttock Lift


This technique requires an incision across the top of the buttocks. Afterwards, the surgeon removes the excess tissue overlying the buttock before repositioning it in order to enhance its shape and contour. 

An upper buttock lift is the most invasive form of this surgery. While this technique provides the most prominent lift to the bottom, it leaves patients with a long scar across the top of the bottom. 


With this technique, the surgeon makes an incision at the lower end of the bottom, along the natural crease that separates the buttocks from the thigh. Afterwards, the surgeon removes excess tissue from the lower region of the bottom.

A lower buttock lift is a less invasive procedure that is ideal for patients that have moderate skin laxity. Due to the positioning of the incision beneath the crease, this technique leaves patients with a less prominent scar.


The surgeon performs the butterfly technique by making an incision on both sides of the buttocks that starts from the crease at the centre of the bottom and extends outward. The technique is named after the shape of the incision, which resembles the wings of a butterfly.

This procedure is less invasive than an upper buttock lift, and is ideal for patients that have moderate skin laxity in the upper region of the buttocks. 


A lateral butt lift requires an incision along the outer sides of each buttock. This technique leaves behind minimal scarring and is ideal for patients that have mild to moderate skin laxity and excess fat.

Buttock Lift Recovery

Immediately after the surgery, you may experience swelling and bruising in the affected area, which gradually dissipates over the next two weeks. Most patients are able to resume their normal routine after this period, with the exception of strenuous exercise, which you’re advised to avoid until 4-6 weeks after the surgery. 

Buttock Lift Results

The results of the surgery are immediately noticeable as your bottom will look more toned once the saggy skin has been removed. However, the full results of your surgery usually start to become visible after six weeks, since by then, most of the swelling will have dissipated. 

Furthermore, you will notice continuous improvement over several more months as the body continues to heal. This varies depending on the type of buttock lift you had, as the more invasive the procedure, the longer the body takes to heal.

Complementary Procedures

Buttock Lift and Fat Transfer

A fat transfer to the buttocks is called a Brazilian Butt Lift, a surgery that volumizes the butt. Dr Tillo performs the combination of a buttock lift and a BBL by removing saggy skin and injecting excess fat removed from the surrounding areas of the body into the buttocks. While a buttock lift only tones the bottom by resolving skin laxity in the area, combining it with a BBL raises and adds volume to the buttocks.

Buttock Lift and Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgery that removes excess fat from targeted areas of the body, such as the buttocks. Many patients choose to have liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. 

However, following the liposuction, some patients are left with excess skin in the treated area and require a further cosmetic procedure, such as a buttock lift, to tighten the skin and produce their desired results. In addition, we provide high-definition liposuction to enhance the shape of the buttocks by removing the fat excess from around the buttocks, such as the lower back and upper thigh.

Buttock Lift FAQ

Is buttock lift permanent?

A buttock lift permanently removes the excess skin and fat in the area in order to tone and add definition to the buttock. However, the results of the surgery are dependent on you maintaining a healthy lifestyle so as to avoid any fluctuations in weight. Furthermore, as you age and your skin loses its elasticity, you may develop some laxity in the area. 

Who is a good candidate for a buttock lift?

In general, most adults that are in good health who wish to get rid of saggy skin in their buttocks are good candidates for the procedure. However, you may not qualify for the procedure if you have underlying medical conditions, smoke, or have a body mass index that’s over 30. <br><br>Dr. Tillo will assess your suitability for the cosmetic procedure during a consultation.

When can I sit after a buttock lift?

You’re advised not to sit down for a long period of time for at least two weeks after the surgery. If and when you do sit down, you should elevate your bottom with a pillow in order to avoid putting too much pressure on the area. =

Does a butt lift remove fat?

Yes, a butt lift removes excess pockets of fat in the area in order to reshape and add definition to the bottom. 

Is a buttock lift worth it?

The buttock is a part of the body that many patients wish to reshape and rejuvenate for a more contoured and youthful look. Therefore, for most patients, a buttock lift is a worthwhile procedure that restores their desired aesthetic, and as a result, increases their self-confidence. It is also an ideal procedure for patients that want to tone their bottom without adding volume. 

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