Knee Liposuction London

Excess fat can accumulate around the knee over time, becoming very difficult to lose through exercise and calorie deficit alone.

Using liposuction around the knee is an extremely effective method for removing this unwanted fat, creating slimmer, more contoured knees.

Knee Liposuction at CREO Clinic

Liposuction targeting the knees is a cosmetic procedure aimed at removing stubborn, excess fat that can make your knees appear lumpy or asymmetrical. The surgery can remove the fat deposits in order to create the appearance of slimmer, more elegant knees.

At the CREO clinic in London, our double board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, is a specialist in knee liposuction. 

Dr Tillo’s depth of knowledge in the field will allow him to collaborate with you in creating a bespoke cosmetic treatment plan designed specifically to help achieve your desired results.

Book a consultation with Dr Tillo today, during which you can discuss your aesthetic goals. He will assess your suitability for knee liposuction and ensure you are as informed as possible about the pros and cons of the procedure.

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Benefits of Knee Liposuction

While a relatively straightforward procedure, knee liposuction can have an immensely transformative effect on the way you look. There are a few main benefits:

  • Better Symmetry – often, knees can become asymmetrical or misshapen. Knee liposuction can rectify this, sculpting your knees, so they match more closely.
  • Leaner Knees – one of the most important outcomes of the surgery is simply slimmer knees. Taking away unnecessary fat can allow you to feel lighter and more athletic.
  • A Fresh New Wardrobe – When your knees feel unsightly, you may avoid wearing clothing that draws attention to them, such as shorts or skirts. Your surgery may restore this confidence in your body and open up a vast array of exciting new clothing.

Knee Liposuction Treatment Areas

Any liposuction procedure will take aim at removing particular pockets of fat, and a knee liposuction is just the same. There are different areas of the knee that knee liposuction can treat:

Above the Knee

It is common for deposits of fat to form above the knee, creating a fold that can appear as a thick lump that sags down towards the kneecap. 

Removing this layer of fat with liposuction can dramatically streamline the knee.

Inner Knees

Stubborn fat in the inner knee area can accumulate and become difficult to remove with diet and exercise. 

Knee liposuction can get into these hard-to-reach areas where fat is stored and work to remove it.


Your kneecap takes a prominent role in the overall aesthetic of your knee, so reshaping your knees will require some focus on slimming down the unnecessary fat around it. 

Once the fat is removed via liposuction, you may see a drastic reduction in flabbiness and a much more aesthetically pleasing knee overall. 

What is the Cost of Knee Liposuction in London?

The cost of Knee Liposuction in London at the CREO Clinic generally starts from £4900, but the exact cost will be determined by a variety of factors, including the number of different areas treated and the specific needs of each individual patient.

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Knee Liposuction Procedure

Knee liposuction in London can be carried out using local anaesthetic, sedation, or general anaesthetic. 

Your surgeon will introduce a suction cannula into the areas that require liposuction via small incisions; then, the liposuction device will break up the unnecessary fat and remove it. Finally, the incision sites will be carefully sealed using stitches.

How Long is Recovery From Knee Liposuction?

In the first week after knee liposuction, there is likely to be swelling and bruising around your wounds. It may be necessary to take this time off work.

It is advisable not to begin light exercise until a minimum of two weeks has passed since the operation, and patients should avoid more strenuous exercise until 4 to 5 weeks of recovery time have passed.

As the knees are quite far from the heart, swelling can take longer to subside than other areas of the body. This can mean that swelling takes some months to disappear completely. 

Maintaining use of a compression garment until your surgeon says otherwise can help ease swelling, as can sessions of lymphatic drainage massage.

When Do You See Knee Liposuction Results?

Every patient is different, but you should start to see some difference in your knees after six weeks of recovery. The final results may only be visible after six months when all post-surgical swelling has dissipated.

Your new knees should look more slender, athletic, and free of the unnecessary lumps and bumps that concerned you pre-operation.

Knee Liposuction FAQ

Here are some of the more common patient queries with regards to knee liposuction in London:

Can you have liposuction on your knees?

Liposuction targeted specifically to your knees can be very effective at slimming them down and making transformative improvements to the overall look of your legs. People often think of liposuction as the surgery that focuses on removing fat from the abdomen, but liposuction can be performed on many areas of the body, including the knees, thighs, calves, and ankles.

Is knee liposuction safe?

As with any cosmetic surgery, knee liposuction carries some level of risk.  However, in general, it is a very safe cosmetic treatment. It is crucial to put forward any concerns you have to an experienced surgeon with proven expertise so that they can give you an accurate assessment of your suitability for the procedure.

Is knee liposuction worth it?

Knee liposuction is a relatively straightforward cosmetic procedure that can bring drastic improvements to the look of your knees, providing an invaluable boost to your quality of life. It is a cosmetic surgery with high rates of satisfaction, helping people feel more comfortable in the skin they live in.

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