What is the Cost of Areola Reduction?

How Much Is Areola Reduction Costs

Larger areolas can be the result of a simple genetic difference, or they can be stretched by weight gain or the effects of skin ageing. Many women feel a sense of dissatisfaction at the size of their areolas, perceiving larger areolas to be less aesthetically appealing. An areola reduction works to address these concerns by creating more proportionate, more aesthetically pleasing areolas.

This blog explores the cost of a reduction and answers some other common questions patients have about the procedure, such as its benefits, what to expect from the surgery, and the different complementary procedures often performed alongside it.

At the CREO Clinic, our Medical Director, Dr. Omar Tillo, has performed countless successful areola reduction surgeries throughout his career. As an experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr. Tillo is able to create natural-looking adjustments to the shape and size of your areolas, while always prioritising your safety, well-being, and the highest quality results.

To book a consultation with Dr. Tillo, contact the CREO Clinic today and find out how an areola reduction procedure can transform your breasts. 

How Much Does Areola Reduction Cost In The UK?

The cost of areola reduction surgery in the UK can vary from clinic to clinic, usually reflecting the experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. 

Bilateral areola reduction at the CREO Clinic begins from £4,300 under local anaesthetic, and £5,900 under general anaesthetic. All surgeries at the clinic are bespoke to the needs of each patient, which means a full breakdown of surgery costs will only be available after your initial consultation with Dr. Tillo.

What’s Included In The Cost?

The price given to you after your consultation includes:

  • Your bespoke treatment plan and preoperative assessment
  • Nurses’ and surgeons’ fees 
  • Hospital fees
  • Compression garments
  • Anaesthetist fees and anaesthetic
  • Follow-up appointments with Dr. Tillo to monitor your progress

Additional fees may be incurred for chaperone services, private prescriptions, and any additional medical tests/scans involved in your nipple reduction surgery.

How Can You Pay For Areola Reduction?

There are two main payment methods at the CREO Clinic: payment for the nipple correction surgery in full or payment through multiple instalments as part of a financing plan.

Financing Options

Our financing partner, Chrysalis Finance, provides 0% APR loans for the full price of the surgery, to be repaid over a 12-month period. Longer instalment periods are available with varying rates of APR.

Can I Get Any Complementary Procedures Done With Areola Reduction?

A crucial benefit of areola reduction is that it complements the aesthetic goals of other surgeries performed on the breasts. It is extremely common to alter the shape and size of the areola when performing a breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation procedure, or another breast surgery. Usually, the areola cosmetic surgery comes at a reduced price when performed in combination with another surgical procedure.

If you’re undergoing breast augmentation, reduction, or reshaping  through a breast lift, an areola reduction surgery can be a highly recommended add-on. Adjusting nipple proportion can enhance aesthetically pleasing results. 

Who’s An Ideal Candidate For Areola Reduction?

Any patient, man or woman, who is concerned about the size of their areolas may be a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure. There are some other important criteria for an ideal candidate, such as:

  • Must be 18 years old with a fully developed chest
  • Must be in good overall physical and psychological health
  • Must have a BMI of 30 or below, as this minimises the risk of complications. If you are unsure about your BMI, use our handy BMI calculator
  • Has an interest in adjusting the size and appearance of their areolas
  • Has realistic expectations of what areola reduction surgery can achieve

Benefits Of Areola Reduction Surgery

An areola reduction can offer multiple transformative benefits, such as:

  • Create a more proportionate areola that matches the size of your breasts
  • Create greater symmetry between the breasts
  • Offer a boost to confidence in your physique
  • Ideal as a complimentary procedure to breast reductions, breast implants, or breast lifts
  • Can make certain clothing such as swimwear or tightfitting clothes more comfortable, reducing self-consciousness and opening up new wardrobe options

What To Expect of Areola Reduction Surgery

Before the Procedure

In preparation for your areola reduction there are several steps you will need to take to help optimise your recovery and final results:

  • BMI – You will need to make sure your BMI is at 30 or below, as this is the minimum safe level for reducing complications
  • Reduce alcohol consumption – For two weeks before your surgery you should abstain from binge drinking alcohol as alcohol can interfere with healthy wound healing
  • Stop nicotine consumption – For four weeks before your surgery it will be necessary to abstain from all nicotine use (smoking, vaping, or patches) as nicotine can affect healing and increase the risk of complications
  • Stop taking HRT and oral contraceptives – These medications can increase the risk of blood clots, so you should stop taking them for four weeks before surgery
  • Prepare the home – Make your home is comfortable as possible for your recovery and organise help with home chores when necessary

During Areola Reduction Surgery

Areola reduction is a straightforward surgery that is usually performed under local anaesthetic. It generally lasts for one hour.

Dr. Tillo makes a circular incision around the outer edge of the areola and then removes the skin in between the incisions. The size and shape of these incisions will change according to your aesthetic needs. Dr. Tillo will then bring the two edges of skin together with dissolvable sutures and a permanent stitch to stop the areola from widening over time.

Recovery & Aftercare Process For Areola reduction Surgery

For areola reduction recovery, you may experience some bruising, swelling, and/or numbness around the nipples and areolas. Over the first week, you will see a significant reduction in these perfectly normal after-effects.

Most patients find they are able to return to the office between 1-2 days after surgery and resume heavier, more strenuous exercises after two weeks. All postsurgical after-effects should completely dissipate within the first six weeks of recovery.

Areola Reduction Before And After Results

Possible Risks

Areola reduction is generally considered to be a very safe procedure, but as with any cosmetic surgery, it carries some potential risks:

  • Asymmetry between areolas
  • Breakdown of wounds and healing delays
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage/loss of sensation in the nipples
  • Difficulties breastfeeding
  • Scarring

Areola Reduction FAQs

Is areola reduction surgery painful?

The local anaesthetic or sedation used in areola reduction at the CREO Clinic means that the only pain you are likely to feel will be some soreness in the immediate period after recovery. This soreness should subside in the first week.

Will areola reduction surgery leave a scar?

A reduction will leave a scar around the outer edge of the areola, but this should flatten and fade over time. The position of the scar also means it is well disguised in the natural contours of the areola itself.

When will I see results?

You will see a reduction in size of the areola immediately after surgery, but the final size and shape will be visible approximately six weeks after surgery once all residual swelling has subsided.

Does areola reduction affect breastfeeding?

No, if performed correctly, areola reduction should not damage the milk ducts found underneath the nipples and create no issues with breastfeeding.

Can I choose how much of my areola is reduced?

During your consultation, you will talk with Dr. Tillo who will advise you on the best amount of reduction needed to create your desired proportions. The final decision on the size of the reduction is yours, but Dr. Tillo will help you make as informed a decision as possible.

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