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Breast Lift

A mastopexy, commonly called a breast lift or breast uplift, is a surgery that lifts and reshapes sagging breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue. This creates a desirable perkier and youthful appearance.

Dr. Omar Tillo specialises in breast lift surgery and has successfully performed breast lifts hundreds of times using different techniques to elevate and contour sagging breasts. If you are interested in breast lift surgery, contact the CREO Clinic to book a consultation.

Real Breast Lift Patient Reviews

If you’re thinking about a breast lift at CREO Clinic, see what other patients have had to say about the procedure and working with Dr. Tillo.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, refers to the lifting and reshaping of the breast tissue by removing excess skin and repositioning the nipple. This helps to create a more youthful-looking yet natural appearance to the breasts. 

Mastopexy can be particularly beneficial for women with breasts that are sagging and have lost volume following weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or as a result of the effects of ageing. A breast lift can also reshape the breasts in order to restore symmetry.

The breast lift procedure can be performed on its own, or alongside complementary procedures such as a breast reduction (to reduce the size of the breasts) or breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer (to add additional volume).




6-12 weeks


General Anaesthesia

Surgery time

2-3 Hours

Hospital time

6 Hours




2 days


10 days


6 weeks

Full recovery

6 weeks

What are the Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery?

A breast lift comes with its own unique range of benefits:

  • Lifts sagging breasts – A breast lift elevates deflated breasts so that they look fuller and feel firmer.
  • Creates a youthful, natural-looking appearance – A breast lift helps the breasts to look perkier, creating a more youthful and contoured upper body. 
  • Restores symmetry – By changing the shape of the breasts, the procedure can be used to create a more symmetrical chest.
  • Alleviating medical conditions – A breast lift can help to treat conditions associated with sagging breasts, such as skin irritation under the skin folds.
  • Improved emotional wellbeing – By addressing aesthetic and functional concerns, patients can also experience an increase in body confidence and self-esteem from a breast lift.
  • More wardrobe choices – Patients often find that they feel more comfortable in bathing suits and other form-fitting clothing after their breast lift.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

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Breast Lift

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    During your consultation with Dr. Tillo, a thorough assessment will be conducted to determine your suitability for breast lift surgery. In general, if you meet the following criteria, a breast lift may be right for you: 

    • You are in good physical and psychological health, with a BMI under 30
    • You have realistic expectations of what a breast lift can achieve
    • You are looking to lift and reshape sagging breasts to restore a perky appearance
    • You want to restore symmetry in the shape of your breasts

    Why Choose CREO Clinic

    At the CREO Clinic, we work with Dr. Omar Tillo, a specialist in breast reconstructive surgery. Having successfully performed hundreds of breast lifts during his extensive career with varying levels of complexity, Dr. Tillo has the skills and experience to elevate and contour sagging breasts while ensuring that the results look natural and proportionate to your body.

    After your breast lift procedure, we offer a comprehensive aftercare package to ensure you have the most comfortable recovery possible. Our nursing staff are available on call for any concerns you may have following surgery, and you will be offered at least three follow-up appointments to assess your progress. 

    How to Prepare for Breast Lift Surgery

    There are several preparations that are recommended to breast lift patients prior to surgery:

    • BMI – Your BMI remains under 30 to reduce the risk of complications.
    • Oestrogen contraceptives/HRT – Four weeks prior to surgery, if you take oral contraceptive pills or HRT, you will be required to stop to reduce the risk of thrombosis. 
    • Smoking – You will also need to abstain from consuming Nicotine (including cigarettes, vaping, patches) four weeks prior to your breast lift, as this can also substantially increase the risk of complications.
    • Alcohol – You should aim to reduce your alcohol consumption in the run up to avoid delayed healing 
    • Prepare your home for recovery – Make your home prepared and comfortable for your return, and ensure that you have support in place for child and pet care.

    Types of Breast Lifts

    Your breast lift surgeon will use one of four types of breast lifts when performing your procedure depending on the size of your breasts, the degree of drooping and the elasticity of your skin: 

    • Crescent Lift – For minor sagging. Single ‘half moon’-shaped incision around top edge of areola. Approximately 2cm lift of the nipple only. Minimal scarring. 
    • Periareolar (Donut) Lift – For medium-level lift of the nipple, approximately 2-3cm. Incision around the whole areola. Scarring hidden by natural colouring of the nipple. 
    • Vertical (Lollipop) Lift – For medium-level lift and more extensive reshaping of the breast tissue. Incision around areola and downward vertical incision to the breast fold. Two scars left on the breast. 
    • Inverted-T (Anchor) Lift– For severe breast sagging. Three incisions used around areola, vertical to breast fold and across the breast fold. Can achieve dramatic changes in the shape and positioning of the breasts. More significant scarring.
    Breast Lift Incisions

    About the Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Procedure

    Breast lift surgery takes 2-3 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the surgical techniques required, and is performed under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will mark the incisions to be made around your breasts prior to anaesthetic being administered, allowing you to stay informed about your unique treatment plan.

    Once an anaesthetic has been administered, an incision is made according to one of the four techniques listed above. Afterwards, depending on the type of breast lift, the surgeon removes excess skin, raises the position of the nipple, reshapes breast tissue, and reduces the size of areola. Finally, the remaining skin is brought together and tightened as the incisions are stitched close.

    What are the Possible Complications of a Breast Lift?

    Complications are rare and every step is taken both before, during and after surgery to minimise the risk. However, like any surgical procedure, some degree of risk is unavoidable during a breast lift. Potential complications from a breast lift include:

    More serious complications include nipple necrosis, skin necrosis and sepsis, though these are rare.

    Breast Lift Recovery

    Immediately after your breast lift surgery, you may experience swelling and soreness in your breasts, which will gradually dissipate over the next few weeks. Your surgeon will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions as well as any required pain relief to make your breast lift recovery as comfortable as possible at home. 

    In general, most patients are able to return to work and resume most light activities two weeks after the surgery. However, you will need to wait at least six weeks before resuming your exercise routine and engaging in any heavy lifting

    Breast Lift Results

    Immediately after your breast lift, your breasts may feel tight and appear higher than expected. However, over the next few months, as your body continues to heal and the swelling completely subsides, the final results of your surgery will become visible. 

    By this time, you can enjoy the full effect of your newly perkier breasts, which will have settled into their intended shape and position and will look and feel natural to the touch. 

    Timeline of the Breast Lift Procedure at CREO Clinic


    During your consultation, you will be asked about your medical history to determine your suitability for breast lift surgery while identifying any potential risk factors for complications. You will discuss the results you hope to achieve with a breast lift with Dr. Tillo, and the realistic outcomes that the surgery can provide. 

    If you have booked a 3D consultation using your own photos, you will be shown the likely outcome of your surgery, giving you greater insight into the potential results that can be achieved with a breast lift.  

    Before the Procedure

    Prior to surgery, you will need to follow pre-operative guidance issued by Dr. Tillo, such as abstaining from alcohol and smoking, and maintaining a suitable BMI prior to your treatment. We will also contact you to obtain your GP records and run any required medical tests, such as blood work, prior to surgery. Finally, any necessary paperwork will be sent over for you to read and sign where relevant. 

    Day of the Surgery

    On the day of your breast lift surgery, you should aim to get to the hospital at least an hour before surgery to allow time to complete any pre-surgical checks and additional paperwork. You should bring a list of any medication you are currently taking, as well as comfortable, loose clothing to wear after surgery.   

    Postoperative Care

    After surgery, you will spend some time in hospital waking up from the anaesthetic used. Breast lift surgery is a day case procedure, but you may need to spend a night in hospital should your surgeon determine it necessary. 

    Prior to leaving hospital, you will also be shown how to care for your wounds at home, and will be given any necessary prescriptions for pain relief to make the initial stages of your recovery as comfortable as possible. Finally, you must have a friend or family member to accompany you home and stay with you at least for the first 24 hours after surgery.


    As part of your surgical package, you will be offered at least three follow-up appointments with Dr. Tillo to assess your healing and the final results of your surgery. These typically occur one week, six weeks and six months after breast lift surgery. 

    How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost in London?

    In general, the price of a breast lift in London at the CREO Clinic starts from £9,900. This cost covers:

    • Hospital and theatre fees
    • Surgeons fees
    • Anaeshetist fees & anaesthetic drugs
    • At least 3 follow-up appointments
    • Compression bra to wear after surgery

    Chaperone services, scans, and prescriptions for pain-relief are also available at an additional cost, where necessary.

    As a breast lift is an individualised surgery, the cost of which varies depending on the surgical needs of each patient. Therefore, a 1-to-1 consultation with Dr. Tillo is required to assess your needs and provide a full cost breakdown.

    Should you wish to spread the cost of your treatment, we offer breast lift financing options through our financial partner Chrysalis Finance. We offer 0% APR for 12 months for the cost of your breast lift, with longer payment periods available at a differing rate, if required.

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    Breast Lift FAQs

    How long is a breast lift surgery procedure?

    A breast lift surgery can take 2-3 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the surgical techniques used and the amount of excess skin to be removed, among other factors.

    Will a breast lift leave noticeable scars?

    The extent of scarring left from a breast lift can vary, depending on the type of breast lift completed. For example, a crescent lift leaves the least amount of scarring, whereas the inverted-T lift requires more extensive incisions and therefore scarring. <br><br>However, Dr. Tillo will place the incisions in a way that ensures scars blend in with the natural contours of the body, and any scarring left behind should fade and flatten over time. At the CREO Clinic, we also offer laser scar treatment to manage the appearance of scarring from surgery.

    Do I need a mammogram before mastopexy surgery?

    It is recommended that you undergo a mammogram before any breast procedure, including mastopexy, if you are over the age of 40. For patients under the age of 40, you will only be required to undergo a mammogram prior to surgery if you have a family history of breast cancer, or other cancers. This screening can be arranged with the clinic prior to surgery at an additional cost.

    What are the side effects of breast lift surgery?

    Side effects after a breast lift are usually temporary and gradually subside as you heal. Immediately after surgery, you may experience soreness, tenderness and post-operative swelling around the breasts. <br><br>To manage swelling and any associated discomfort, you must wear a compression bra for the first six weeks after surgery. In addition, you may wish to pursue lymphatic drainage massages to help reduce lymph fluid build-up around the breasts and reduce swelling even quicker.

    Can a breast lift resolve uneven breasts?

    A breast lift can help to correct asymmetry by changing the shape and positioning of the breasts, so that a more even appearance is achieved.

    What is an appropriate age for breast lift surgery?

    Although many women pursue breast lift surgery to reduce the effects of sagging caused by the ageing process, women of all ages with breast sagging or asymmetry are ideal candidates for breast lift surgery.

    How should I sleep after a breast lift?

    Following your breast lift, you must sleep on your back for the first six weeks to avoid placing additional pressure on the incision sites, which can cause the stitches to tear. You may also wish to elevate your head while sleeping for optimal comfort.

    Can a breast lift be combined with breast implant surgery?

    Many women choose to combine their breast lift with a breast augmentation using implants or fat transfer. In doing so, they are able to create a perkier, lifted appearance whilst also adding volume to the breasts.

    How long do the results of a breast lift last?

    The results of a breast lift surgery are long-lasting but not permanent. <br><br>The natural ageing process and fluctuations in weight can cause the breasts to once again sag. Therefore, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to extend the results of your breast lift for as long as possible. In addition, you may choose to pursue skin tightening treatments like BodyTite to ‘top up’ your results at a later date.

    Will a breast lift look natural?

    When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, a breast lift produces results that look completely natural to your body and makes it appear more youthful. During your consultation, the surgeon will examine your breasts and design a bespoke breast lift procedure that aligns with the proportions of your body.

    Can a breast lift reduce or increase my breast size?

    A breast lift doesn’t reduce the size of the breasts as the surgery doesn’t remove any breast tissue. However, due to the removal of excess skin, the breasts may appear smaller once the results of the surgery have settled.

    Can I breastfeed after breast lift surgery?

    In most cases, women are able to breastfeed as normal after having recovered from a breast lift surgery. However, there is a small possibility that the incisions around the nipple can sever the milk ducts, which may prevent the production of milk.

    Is a breast lift worth it?

    A breast lift is a popular surgery as the breasts are an area of the body that many women wish to contour in order to achieve their ideal figure. Most patients that have the surgery are satisfied with the outcome and consider it to be worthwhile, as it provides them with perkier and youthful breasts, which in turn improves their self-esteem and body confidence.

    Are there nonsurgical alternatives to a breast lift?

    BodyTite is a non-surgical, less invasive alternative to a breast lift in that it can tighten the skin around the breasts. However, this is only suitable for mild sagging, and the results are not as long-lasting as a lift.

    Complementary Procedures

    Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

    A breast reduction is a surgery that aims to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts by removing breast tissue and excess skin and fat from the area. The combination of a breast reduction and breast lift is ideal for patients that have disproportionately large and heavy breasts that they wish to reduce, as well as saggy breasts that they wish to raise.  

    Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation is a surgery that involves the placement of implants beneath the breasts in order to increase their volume. The combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation is ideal for women who want both a significant increase in the volume and projection of their breasts. 

    Breast Lift and Fat Transfer

    Fat transfer is a surgery that adds volume to one area of the body by injecting fat cells that have been extracted from another area. When performed for the purposes of breast augmentation, a fat transfer provides a more organic means of enhancing the breasts than the use of implants. 

    The combination of a breast lift and fat transfer is ideal for patients who want a subtle breast augmentation as well as a lift to their breasts. 

    In addition, a composite breast augmentation, using both implants and fat transfer, can be conducted alongside a breast lift to add larger amounts of volume to the breasts whilst providing a natural looking finish. 

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