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Breast Lift

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Mastopexy at CREO Clinic

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight, and the ageing process can leave women with sagging breasts. A mastopexy, commonly called a breast lift, is a surgery that lifts and reshapes sagging breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue.

London-based Dr Omar Tillo specialises in breast lift surgery, among a range of other body plastic surgeries. Having performed breast lifts hundreds of times using different techniques, he has the expertise and skills to elevate and contour sagging breasts while ensuring results that look natural and proportionate to your body. 

If you are interested in breast lift surgery in London, you can book a consultation with Dr Tillo to discuss your concerns, desired outcome, and suitability for the procedure.

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Benefits of a Breast Lift

A breast lift elevates deflated breasts so that they look fuller, project forward, and feel firmer. As a result, women can obtain a more youthful and contoured figure. Furthermore, some patients with saggy breasts suffer from back pain and skin irritation and rashes underneath the breast, which can be alleviated with a breast lift. By addressing these cosmetic and functional concerns, patients also experience an increase in body confidence and self-esteem.

Breast Lift Before and Afters

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Payment Options Available.
Terms and Conditions apply. Acceptance subject to credit status.
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Breast Lift Cost in London

In general, the price of a breast lift in London at the CREO clinic starts from £8,500. A breast lift is an individualised surgery, the cost of which varies depending on the surgical needs of each patient. Dr Tillo has many years of experience performing the different variations of breast lift surgery and will design a bespoke surgical solution after discussing your concerns and examining you at his London clinic.

Types of Breast Lift

Your breast lift surgeon will use one of four types of breast lifts when performing your procedure depending on the nature of your breasts and your desired outcome:

Crescent Lift

This technique involves a small incision along the top half of the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) in the shape of a crescent. As the least invasive type of breast lift, this technique only allows the surgeon to lift and reposition the areola. A crescent lift is ideal for patients that have minor sagging in the breasts or asymmetrical nipples that they wish to correct.  

Periareolar or “Donut” Lift

This breast lift technique involves two circular incisions along the areola to remove the ‘donut’ shaped skin in between. It allows the surgeon to raise the position of the nipple, reduce the size of areola, and remove a small amount of excess skin. A donut lift is ideal for patients that have small to medium-sized breasts and have a moderate amount of excess skin around the nipple.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift

This technique involves a lollipop-shaped incision that encircles the areola followed by a vertical incision from the base of the areola down to the crease of the breast. This breast lift method allows the surgeon to reduce more excess skin, elevate the nipple, and reduce the size of the areola. A vertical lift is ideal for patients with small to medium breasts and a moderate to high amount of excess skin that extends horizontally.

Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift

This technique involves a periareolar and vertical incision followed by an additional incision along the crease of the breast, thus resembling the shape of an inverted T or an anchor. As the most invasive breast lift technique, it allows the surgeon to remove the maximum amount of excess skin. An inverted T lift is ideal for patients with large breasts or a significant amount of excess skin that spans both horizontally and vertically.

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Mastopexy Procedure

Once an anaesthetic has been administered, the surgeon starts by making an incision according to one of the four techniques listed above. Afterwards, depending on the type of breast lift, the surgeon removes excess skin, raises the position of the nipple, reshapes breast tissue, and reduces the size of areola. Finally, the remaining skin is brought together and tightened as the incisions are stitched close.


Immediately after your breast lift surgery in London, you may experience swelling and soreness in your breasts which will gradually dissipate over the next few weeks. In general, most patients are able to go back to work and resume most activities two weeks after the surgery. However, your cosmetic surgeon may advise you to wait at least six weeks before resuming your normal exercise routine.


Immediately after your breast lift surgery in London, your breasts may feel tight and appear higher than expected. However, over the next few months, as your body continues to heal and the swelling completely subsides, the final results of your surgery will become visible. By this time, your breasts will have settled into their intended shape and position and feel natural.

Complementary Procedures

Breast Lift and Reduction

A breast reduction is a surgery that aims to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts by removing breast tissue and excess skin and fat from the area. The combination of a breast reduction and breast lift is ideal for patients that have disproportionately large and heavy breasts that they wish to reduce, as well as saggy breasts that they wish to raise. 

Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgery that involves the placement of implants or fat grafts in the breasts in order to increase their volume. The combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation is ideal for women who want both a significant increase in the volume and projection of their breasts.

Breast Lift and Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a surgery that adds volume to one area of the body by injecting fat cells that have been extracted from another area. When performed for the purposes of breast augmentation, a fat transfer provides a more organic means of enhancing the breasts than the use of implants. The combination of a breast lift and fat transfer is ideal for patients who want a subtle breast augmentation as well as a lift to their breasts.

Breast Lift vs. Breast Implants

In many cases, women believe they need breast implants in order to achieve their ideal figure when a breast lift may be a more suitable procedure. In general, if your nipples are projecting downwards, you will likely need a breast lift in order to attain your desired breast shape.

On the other hand, a breast implant only increases the volume of your breasts without providing a lift. Therefore, performing breast augmentation on saggy breasts often produces an unsatisfactory outcome unless it’s also combined with a breast lift. 

Breast Lift FAQ

Is a breast lift permanent? 

The results of a breast lift surgery are long-lasting but not permanent. 
The natural ageing process and fluctuations in weight inevitably lead to saggy breasts. Therefore, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to extend the results of your breast lift for as long as possible.

Will a breast lift look natural?

When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, a breast lift produces results that look completely natural to your body and makes it appear more youthful. During your consultation, the surgeon will examine your breasts and design a bespoke breast lift procedure that aligns with the proportions of your body.

Can a breast lift reduce breast size?

A breast lift doesn’t reduce the size of the breasts as the surgery doesn’t remove any breast tissue. However, due to the removal of excess skin, the breasts may appear smaller once the results of the surgery have settled.

Does a breast lift affect breastfeeding?

In most cases, women are able to breastfeed as normal after having recovered from a breast lift surgery. However, there is a small possibility that the incisions around the nipple can sever the milk ducts, which may prevent the production of milk.

Is a breast lift worth it?

A breast lift is a popular surgery as the breasts are an area of the body that many women wish to contour in order to achieve their ideal figure. Most patients that have the surgery are satisfied with the outcome and consider it to be worthwhile, as it provides them with perkier and youthful breasts, which in turn improves their self-esteem and body confidence.

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