Vertical Breast Lift

Vertical Breast Lift

Women concerned with the sagging or drooping of their breasts can look to a breast lift as an effective and long-lasting way to address these issues. A vertical, or lollipop, breast lift is one of the many types of breast lift that tighten up the skin of the breasts, giving them a fresh, new perkiness.

In this article, we will explore the most important characteristics of a vertical lift so as to help you fully understand the many benefits of the procedure

The CREO Clinic’s experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has built up an impressive reputation in his field after performing many successful breast lifts over the course of his distinguished career.

Pros and Cons of a Vertical Breast Lift


  • Creates Significant Change – The vertical lift can make substantial changes to the shape of your breasts when sagging has taken its toll.
  • Restore Perkiness – There are many reasons your breasts begin to lose perkiness as you age. A vertical lift can help return your breasts to their former perkiness.
  • A Moderate Choice – In terms of balancing effectiveness with breast lift scars, the vertical technique is a good, moderate choice. It can make significant changes but will result in less scarring than more extensive alternatives, such as the Inverted-T lift.


  • More Incisions Required – Compared to other types of breast lifts that make smaller alterations – such as the crescent or donut lifts – a vertical lift requires more incisions and therefore creates more scarring.
  • It Can Impact Breastfeeding – As with any breast surgery, there is a risk it can impact milk production for breastfeeding.

Ideal Candidate for Vertical Breast Lift

If you are experiencing severe drooping and are troubled by the asymmetry of your changing breasts, you are likely to be an ideal candidate for a vertical lift. From women in their late teens to women in their 60s and 70s, a vertical lift can be an immensely constructive approach for remodelling your breasts.

Vertical Breast Lift Procedure

To perform a vertical breast lift, you are first placed under general anaesthetic. Two incisions are created: one following the outline of your areola halfway around, creating a ‘half-moon’ shape. Then, a downward vertical incision is made, ending at the breast crease.

A section of skin is then removed, and the resulting gap is sutured back together, tightening up the skin around your breasts. 

Vertical Breast Lift

How Long is Recovery After a Vertical Breast Lift?

During the first week of breast lift recovery, you are likely to experience some swelling and tenderness around your incision sites.

Many women feel comfortable returning to work after ten days, then returning to a light exercise regime (involving just the lower body) after two weeks. At the six-week point, you should be able to return to your regular exercise regime without issue, including heavy lifting.

When Can You See Results After a Vertical Breast Lift?

The effects of your breast lift will be visible immediately after the operation. The final results of your breast lift will only be visible once the swelling has completely subsided; this should take around six months to a year. After this, you should seek to follow our aftercare guidance to maintain your breast lift results and get the most out of your newly contoured body.  

Other Types of Breast Lift

Your surgeon will establish which type of breast lift incision is best based on a thorough understanding of your body goals. They will consult with you and gain insight into your needs before choosing the methods likely to have the desired impact. Different types of breast lifts provide slightly different solutions, depending on the severity of your sagging or asymmetry.

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