Breast Lift Scars

Breast Lift Scars

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that works to reduce sagging and drooping and help restore your breasts to a more youthful shape, but they will inevitably leave some scarring. 

Different types of breast lift incisions are used depending on your level of need and the goals you have for your breasts. This article will explore the effects of different incisions and their resulting scars in more detail.

At the CREO Clinic, our experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has years of experience performing successful breast lifts and always strives to achieve the best possible results for you and your breasts. To discuss the cosmetic procedure and potential breast lift scars, schedule a consultation today.

Breast Lift Scars Based on Surgical Technique

Understanding the scarring that each breast lift incision leaves is an important part of preparing yourself for your recovery. Incisions are mostly chosen according to the extent of the changes you desire; more significant changes require more extensive techniques.

The following techniques are presented in order of the prominence of their scarring – from the least prominent to the most.

Breast Lift Scars

Crescent Lift

A crescent lift is used to tackle smaller amounts of sagging. A single crescent-shaped incision follows the top edge of the areola and leaves a small, subtle scar.

Donut Lift

A periareolar or ‘donut’ lift is most appropriate for people with low to medium sagging.

This incision takes its name from the circular incision made around the edge of the areola. A disc of skin is removed from around the nipple, and then the resulting space is sutured back together, leaving a thin circular scar. 

Lollipop Lift

Generally, a vertical or ‘lollipop’ lift is for treating small to medium breasts that are experiencing a moderate amount of drooping. 

A lollipop incision follows the outer edge of the areola, then goes down in a straight line to the breast crease. This lift creates two scars, omitting the third incision across the breast crease used in an anchor lift.

Anchor Lift

Sometimes called an inverted-T lift, the anchor lift, a name derived from the anchor-like shape of its scar, is ideal for you if you are looking to significantly change the shape of your breasts when drooping is severe.

Three incisions are made: one around the areola, then another downwards towards the breast crease, then a third and final incision across the breast crease itself. 

What Do Breast Lift Scars Look Like?

Once fully recovered, your breast lift scars should appear as thin, subtle lines. However, from the first day after your cosmetic surgery, your scars will gradually change from red lines, fading to pink lines, then finally to white lines, with their appearance gradually improving as time passes.

How Do Breast Lift Scars Change Over Time?

Here is a week-by-week guide to the development of your scars after breast lift surgery:

Breast Lift Scars One Week After Surgery

The first few days after your cosmetic surgery will be the most uncomfortable, but by the end of the first week, you should feel some of the swelling around your incisions has become less inflamed and painful.  

Your scars are still forming at this point, so your incision sites will appear red and swollen.

Breast Lift Scars Two Weeks After Surgery

At this point, you should see more significant healing of your incisions. You will see more reduction in inflammation, but your scars will not yet have gained the strength to be exposed to heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.

Breast Lift Scars One Month After Surgery

After one month, you should be able to get a picture of what the final outcome of your breast lift is going to look like as your breasts settle into a more natural position. Your scars may still be slightly red or pink, as well as raised against the rest of your skin.

Breast Lift Scars Three Months After Surgery

Once you reach the three-month stage, your breast lift results should more or less be fully visible, and your scarring should be less pronounced than at the one-month stage. There may still be a pink tint to your scars, but this will continue to subside as time passes. 

Breast Lift Scars One Year After Surgery

At the one-year mark, the results of your breast lift should now be clearly visible. The scars left by your breast lift should be thinner and flatter, and their pigment should be a pale white – this process of scars becoming less visible generally takes between 6-12 months.

How to Minimize Breast Lift Scars

There are a few important steps to remember that will help ensure the best possible results for your breast lift scars.

Follow All Post-Op Instructions

Your surgeon will talk you through a variety of carefully constructed post-operative instructions  – make sure to follow these instructions as they can help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make during breast lift recovery. Caring properly for incisions will give your scars the best chance for optimal healing, helping to ensure better outcomes for the appearance of your breast lift scars over the long term.

Apply Lotion to Once Incisions Heal

A quality moisturising lotion is a good way to maintain the health of your scar tissue after your incisions have fully healed. Tried to develop a consistent daily skincare routine that will keep your skin plumped up and hydrated.

Avoid Sun Overexposure

Too much exposure to UV rays can damage your scar tissue, particularly in the early stages of healing. This damage can lead to your scars becoming more visible, so try to keep your scar tissue covered up or wear a high SPF sun cream when sun exposure is unavoidable.

Get a Scar Massage

Regular massage for your breast lift scars can have an array of valuable benefits, such as softening scars and reducing tightness in the scar tissue. Massage may also reduce bothersome side effects such as itchiness or hypersensitivity.

Is a Breast Lift Worth It?

Many women find a breast lift to be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavour as it has the capacity to make transformative changes to your breasts. 

If you find yourself concerned with the droop of your breasts and wish to restore a tighter, younger-looking appearance, a breast lift is an extremely effective way to do this with minimal scarring.

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