Is a Breast Lift Worth It?

Is A Breast Lift Worth It?

If you are concerned about your sagging or drooping breasts, a breast lift can be an extremely effective way to restore their perkiness. The lift procedure involves tightening up the skin of your breasts and raising them, so they sit higher up on your chest.

For many women, a breast lift has many transformative benefits. This article will outline the pros and cons of a breast lift to help you see how it can benefit you.

The CREO Clinic’s double board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has performed countless successful breast lifts over his distinguished career. He will work diligently to help you achieve your body goals.

Pros of a Breast Lift

Firmer Breasts

As time passes, your breasts lose the elasticity seen in younger skin. This can cause them to lose their fullness and look increasingly flat. A lift tightens the skin, returning a pleasant plumpness to your breasts.

Improved Nipple Projection

Certain life events, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, can have detrimental effects on the position of your nipples; they may have become distended, misshapen, or have begun to point downwards. A breast lift can reposition the nipples to sit higher on your breasts with a more youthful, forward-facing projection.

Reduced Irritation Underneath Breasts

If your breasts are drooping and making contact with the skin of your chest, the sweat and bacteria that can develop in this area may cause skin irritation or conditions like intertrigo. 

A breast lift can help reduce this skin-on-skin contact and thereby decrease instances of redness and irritation.

Enhance Breast Shape

Decreased elasticity in the breasts may mean losing their aesthetically pleasing roundness. A breast lift can create more tension in the skin, working to reshape the breasts and restore their gentle, natural-looking curves.

Improves Self Confidence

Finally, addressing the aesthetic concerns that may have bothered you for some time can dramatically boost your confidence. Your new body shape can open the door to a whole new wardrobe – even your old, forgotten clothes can take on new life, allowing you to feel a fresh positivity about the way you look.

You Can See Results Immediately

One important advantage of a breast lift is that its results are immediately clear. The day after your procedure, you will be able to see the impact it has had on the shape and height of your breasts.

The final results will be visible once your swelling has fully subsided, usually between six months and one year after the surgery.

Cons of a Breast Lift

Potential Scarring

With any procedure that requires incisions, as is the case in a breast lift, you are likely to experience a degree of scarring. Different types of breast lift use different types of incisions to create a specific effect. 

Your surgeon will try to create incisions in a position that blends naturally with the contours of your body, thereby minimising their visibility. The appearance of your breast lift scars will also greatly depend on the type of incision used in your surgery. 

Results Fade As You Age

The results of your breast lift are long-lasting, but not permanent. External factors such as pregnancy, drastic weight gain/loss, and the passage of time can cause your breasts to begin to sag once more.

However, you can follow various steps to help maintain your breast lift results over the long term.

You’ll Need 10 Days – 2 Weeks Off Work

Taking sufficient time for your breast lift recovery is crucial. While many women feel comfortable returning to work after ten days, others may feel it necessary to take two weeks off work to optimise their recovery.

Ideal Candidates for a Breast Lift

Women of all ages who are concerned with the sag, droop, or asymmetry of their breasts are ideal candidates for a breast lift procedure. Whether your issues are severe or more moderate, a breast lift can work to address them.

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