Breast Lift After Pregnancy

Breast Lift After Pregnancy

After pregnancy, mothers can often experience many troubling changes in their physique, and sagging breasts can be a key concern.

A breast lift after pregnancy can be an effective treatment for improving the perkiness of your breasts with natural-looking results. In this article, we will explore the potential of postpartum breast lifts in greater depth.

The CREO Clinic’s experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has performed breast lifts for many women throughout his career and has established a reputation for quality and excellence in his craft. To find out more, get in touch today to have your personal consultation with Dr. Tillo.

How Do the Breasts Change During Pregnancy?

It goes without saying that pregnancy presents significant changes to the body in order to accommodate the baby and prepare for childbirth. For many women, the breasts will become tender during pregnancy as well as heavier and denser. Your nipples may also change in size and shape and begin to darken.

Breast Changes During Breastfeeding

It is common to experience changes in your breasts during breastfeeding. Swelling and tenderness are the most common side effects of breastfeeding, as well as sagging, drooping, and nipple distension which can last long after milk production has ceased.

Benefits of a Breast Lift After Pregnancy

After pregnancy, a breast lift can bring an array of important benefits, such as:

  • Firm Up Your Breasts – A breast lift surgery can tighten up your skin, reduce sagging, and create a gentle, aesthetically pleasing plumpness.
  • Restore Youthful Nipple Position – When your nipples have changed shape or position, a lift procedure can reposition the nipples to sit at a higher, younger-looking position.
  • Bring Back Symmetry – Your breasts may have begun to droop in an asymmetrical manner. If this is the case, a lift can return symmetry to your breasts.

How Long After Pregnancy Can You Get a Breast Lift?

Generally, six months is considered the minimum amount of time to wait after pregnancy before considering a breast lift. This period will give your breasts time to settle into their final position. However, you may wish to wait longer if you continue to breastfeed after this time. 

Postpartum Breast Lift Procedure

There are different incisions that can be used during a breast lift depending on a range of factors, including the amount of tissue to be removed. In all cases, general anaesthetic is administered, an incision is made, and a certain quantity of skin and tissue is removed, with the resulting gap then closed up using sutures.

How Long is Breast Lift Recovery?

It is normal to experience soreness and a degree of swelling after your breast lift surgery. This should subside over the next few weeks.

You should take roughly ten days off work, depending on the type of responsibilities your job entails. 

It is advisable to start with gentle walking as soon as possible, gradually increasing the length throughout your recovery. You can return to light exercise involving your lower half after two weeks and a full body exercise regime after six weeks, at which point you should be fully recovered.

It will also be necessary to wear a compression bra for the full six weeks of recovery; this will be provided to you by your doctor.

When Can You See Breast Lift Results?

You will see the effect of your breast lift immediately after surgery, but to see the final results, your swelling will need to dissipate completely. This should take between six and twelve months.

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