Types of Breast Lift

Types Of Breast Lifts

The procedures used in a breast lift vary depending on what issues you wish to correct and what your desired outcomes are overall. 

In this article, we will explore the different options available to you to give you a clear idea of the type of lift that will best suit your cosmetic desires.

Crescent Lift

For women experiencing a relatively small but concerning amount of sagging (ptosis), a crescent breast lift is a common solution.


The single incision, from which this lift takes its name, is crescent-shaped, running around the top edge of the areola. It is small, and the resultant scarring is very difficult to see post-operation.


Your surgeon will create an incision, using your areola as a guide. A small, ‘half-moon’-shaped piece of skin is removed, then the skin around the resulting gap is brought back together with the areola, which will now sit in a higher position. 

Ideal Candidate

It is important to note that a crescent lift is suitable for lifting the breast only a small amount (an approximately 2 cm lift of the nipple).

Pros and Cons

The pros of a crescent lift are:

  • Effective and subtle – The main advantage to a crescent breast lift is that it is effective but also subtle, leaving minimal scarring
  • One incision – A crescent lift is minimally invasive, requiring only one incision and leaving one scar

The cons of a crescent lift:

  • Not For big adjustments – As a less invasive procedure, a crescent lift is limited in scope and not suitable for correcting significant sagging.

Periareolar Lift

Another option for women who are not experiencing extensive drooping is a periareolar lift.


Slightly larger than the crescent breast lift, the periareolar lift creates an incision that traces the full edge of the areola.


An incision is made following the outer pigment of the areola until a disk of skin can be removed.

The outer and inner circles of skin are then brought back together, tightening up the skin and lifting the position of the nipple.

Periareolar Breast Lift

Ideal Candidate

A periareolar lift is appropriate for patients with a low to medium amount of sagging. The nipple is likely to be lifted by 2–3 cm maximum.

Pros and Cons

The pros of a periareolar lift are:

  • Low scar visibility – Due to the placement of the incision around the areola, a great advantage of the periareolar lift is that it generally scars in a way that makes it virtually invisible.
  • Medium amount of lift – It is an incision that caters to a medium-level need for lift.

The cons are:

  • Circular scar – Some women may not be comfortable with a scar that encircles the nipple
  • Possible impact on breastfeeding – This incision can potentially reduce milk production for breastfeeding

Vertical Lift

If you are suffering from medium-level breast sagging and feel the need for a more profound remodelling of the breast, a vertical breast lift may be the best fit for you.


This lift requires two incisions: one fully circling the nipple, and another, downwards vertical incision, ending at the breast fold.


For women experiencing mild to severe breast sagging, a vertical breast lift can be an extremely effective solution.

Ideal Candidate

When the severe droop and shape of your breasts are causing you great discomfort, a vertical breast lift can reshape your breasts more profoundly.

An ideal vertical candidate will need to be interested in undergoing an extensive restoration of their breasts.

Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages of a vertical breast lift:

  • More extensive – It can affect a much more significant correction of drooping
  • Better contouring – A vertical lift can create a more drastic change in the shape and perkiness of your breasts
  • A moderate choice – The procedure does not leave as significant scarring as a T-lift technique but will have a more noticeable effect than a crescent, or periareolar lift

A vertical breast lift does have some disadvantages worth considering:

  • More incisions – Using two incisions, the surgery results in more visible scarring than less extensive alternatives.
  • Possible impact on breastfeeding – This incision can potentially reduce milk production for breastfeeding

Inverted T Lift

Should you be experiencing severe breast drooping, you may be interested in exploring an inverted T lift technique. This is a comprehensive technique, requiring similar incisions to certain types of breast reduction.


There are three incisions used in an inverted t surgery: one around the areola, another downwards towards the breast fold, and finally, a third incision across the breast fold.


This trio of incisions allows your surgeon the greatest scope for how much skin they can remove from the breast. Once the excess skin is removed, the incisions will be sutured together in order to lift the nipples and reshape your breasts according to your cosmetic desires.

Ideal Candidate

An inverted T breast lift is designed to significantly reshape the breasts and is usually for women dealing with severe breast sagging.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of an inverted T lift:

  • Can make a big difference  – The inverted T lift can have a big impact on the shape of your breasts.
  • Improve sagging drastically – This technique can have a big impact on women experiencing significant sagging.

Here are the cons of an inverted T lift:

  • Significant scarring – Due to the extensive nature of the incisions, there will be more scarring than other, less impactful techniques.
  • Possible impact on breastfeeding – This incision can potentially reduce milk production for breastfeeding.

The main disadvantage of an inverted-T breast lift is that you will be left with more significant scarring. It does also carry some extra risk of affecting future breastfeeding.

For many women who are unhappy with the excessive droop of their breasts, these risks can be outweighed by the transformative impact of the surgery.

Which Breast Lift Procedure is Right for You?

Crescent LiftPeriareolar LiftVertical LiftInverted T Lift
Ideal candidateLittle saggingLow-medium saggingMedium saggingSevere sagging
ScarringMinimalMinimal (around nipple)More significantMost significant
ProsSubtle, one incision onlyLow scar visibility, medium liftMore effective & extensive, a moderate choiceDrastic reshaping, reduces severe sagging
ConsSmall changes onlyScar around nipple, may affect milk ductsMore incisions, can affect milk ductsMore significant scarring, can affect milk ducts

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