Inverted-T Breast Lift

Inverted-T Breast Lift

A breast lift aims to reduce the sagging, drooping, and asymmetry you may be experiencing as a result of natural ageing or other external factors, such as pregnancy or drastic weight loss. 

Named after its upside-down ‘T’-shaped scar, the inverted-T breast lift is also sometimes referred to as an ‘anchor’ lift; it is one of the four different types of breast lift incisions that can be used. In this article, we will explore the advantages of this particular lift in more detail.

The CREO Clinic’s experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has built up an impressive reputation in this area as a result of the many successful breast lifts he has performed over his distinguished career.

Anchor Breast Lift

Pros and Cons of an Inverted-T Breast Lift


  • Works to Resolve Sagging – The inverted-T lift can help reduce any sagging, tightening up your breasts for a more youthful appearance.
  • Realigns Asymmetrical Breasts – Sometimes your breasts can lose their shape and appear asymmetrical; an inverted-T lift works to fix uneven breasts.
  • Makes Significant Change – For women with more significant sagging or drooping, the inverted-T lift is used to have a dramatic impact on the shape of your breasts.


  • More Significant Scarring – As a more extensive cosmetic procedure, the inverted-T lift requires more incisions and will subsequently result in more extensive scarring.
  • Can Impact Breastfeeding – As is the case with any breast surgery, there is a risk of negatively affecting the amount of milk produced by your breasts.

Ideal Candidate for Inverted-T Breast Lift

Women with severe drooping are best served by a breast lift that can make more drastic changes to the shape of their breasts; an inverted-T lift is ideal in these circumstances. It is also an excellent lift for women with large breasts who require a substantial tightening of the breast skin.

Inverted-T Breast Lift Procedure

Three incisions are made during an Inverted-T breast lift procedure: one around the areola, another moving down towards the breast crease, then a third and final incision across the breast crease itself. A section of skin is removed, and the resulting gap is then sutured back together, creating the ‘inverted-t’, or ‘anchor’-shaped scar.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, so you will be unconscious throughout.

How Long is Recovery After an Inverted-T Breast Lift?

Many women find themselves able to return to work after ten days of recovery from their Inverted-T breast lift procedure. Light exercise should be possible after two weeks, and then you should be comfortable making a full return to your daily routine after six weeks. 

Throughout this six-week period, you must wear a compression bra. Your compression bra will put pressure on your incisions, thereby working to minimise swelling.

When Can You See Results After an Inverted-T Breast Lift?

The effect of your inverted-T breast lift will be visible immediately after the operation. Initially, your breasts may feel a little higher than expected, but they should settle into a natural position over time.

Your final result should be visible once swelling has fully subsided after around six to twelve months.

Other Types of Breast Lift

There are four main incisions that can be used in breast lift surgery: the vertical lift, the inverted-t lift, the periareolar lift, and the crescent lift. Each presents different possibilities in terms of outcomes. Our blog post on the different types of breast lift can help you understand the differences between the incisions and be fully aware of the advantages each one can bring.

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