Do You Lose Feeling in Your Nipples After Breast Lift?

Do You Lose Feeling In Your Nipples After Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a popular cosmetic surgery among women looking to correct the size, contour, and elevation of sagging breasts. For this reason, it can be ideal for patients after significant weight loss or pregnancy

As the results of a breast lift are long-lasting, it’s important to understand how the procedure may impact your body afterwards. This article will explore the common query of whether a breast lift can affect the feeling and sensation in your nipples. 

Our head body contouring surgeon at the CREO Clinic, Dr. Omar Tillo, has a considerable amount of experience performing all types of breast lift surgery and will be able to design a bespoke treatment plan according to your desired aesthetic. 

How is Nipple Sensitivity Affected By Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery involves the removal of skin and the reshaping of breast tissue. All types of mastopexy require an incision around the areola, which can impede some of the small nerves surrounding the breasts, leading to changes in nipple sensitivity. 

A highly-skilled and qualified surgeon takes care to avoid severing large nerves. However, the smaller branches can still be affected. Fortunately, these smaller nerves can naturally repair over time, allowing full nipple sensation to return. 

Temporary Numbness After Breast Lift

After surgery, it’s completely normal to experience temporary numbness in your nipples as the nerves recover from the effects of the procedure. It’s also worth noting that your breasts and any sensations in them will be affected by the degree of post-surgical swelling and bruising you experience following the treatment. 

Hypersensitivity After Breast Lift

After mastopexy, women will occasionally experience a heightened sensitivity to their nipples, which may prove bothersome and uncomfortable. Hypersensitivity is usually temporary but can take several months to resolve as your body heals. 

How Long Will Your Nipples Be Numb Following Breast Lift?

In all but the rarest cases, any change in nipple sensitivity is only temporary. Most women report nipple sensation returning within a few months of surgery. However, it’s difficult to determine exactly when nipple sensitivity will be fully restored, as it can vary from one patient to another. 

Can You Breastfeed After Breast Lift?

The vast majority of women who undergo a breast lift can breastfeed without any issues following surgery.  However, as is the case with any breast-related procedure, a small percentage of patients find themselves unable to produce any milk after mastopexy. 

This is due to the damage sustained by the milk-producing ducts and nerves around the nipple during treatment. The fewer of these ducts and nerves that are damaged, the higher chance you’ll have of successfully breastfeeding after surgery. 

It’s worth noting that more invasive incisions such as the vertical or inverted-t techniques are more likely to affect breastfeeding. 

How Common Are Nipple Sensitivity Changes After Breast Lift?

While it’s unlikely that you’ll experience a loss of feeling or sensitivity in your nipple after breast lift surgery, it can still happen in rare cases. 

As mentioned, any numbness is usually temporary and will return over time. Still, there is a small possibility that the incisions around the nipple can sever the nerves, leading to permanent changes in sensitivity. 

What to Do if Breast Lift Causes Nipples to Become Numb

If you’re worried about a loss of feeling in your nipples following breast lift surgery, contact your surgeon for support and advice. 

You should avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting during the first six weeks of your recovery, as added pressure on the chest may further damage the nerves.

Is a Breast Lift Worth It?

A breast lift has many benefits that can improve a patient’s quality of life and self-esteem. What’s more, the impact of the surgery is long-lasting, so it can be enjoyed both immediately after treatment and over the long term. Therefore, many women consider a breast lift a thoroughly worthwhile procedure. 

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