Breast Lift After Weight Loss

Breast Lift After Weight Loss

Medically reviewed by Mr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast) 

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and reshapes sagging breasts via the removal of excess skin and the reshaping of breast tissue. 

In this article, we will discuss the effects of weight loss on the breasts and how a lift after significant weight loss could benefit you. 

Our body contouring surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, is double board-certified and specialises in breast lift surgery, including for women after significant weight loss. With years of experience in the field, he has the skills and expertise to design a bespoke surgical approach, taking into account each patient’s unique anatomy and desired aesthetic. 

What Happens to Breasts After Weight Loss?

If you’ve recently gone through extensive weight loss, it’s likely that you’ll experience some sagging in your breasts as the skin loses elasticity. This can lead to breasts that are no longer perky or in proportion to the rest of your body. 

Many women who experience breast sagging or lose breast volume after weight loss find their confidence is affected. Furthermore, sagging skin can present a wide range of health problems, such as skin irritation underneath the breasts. 

Why Do Breasts Sag After Weight Loss?

Breasts sag after weight loss because the muscles that support your breasts and the breast skin only have a limited ability to retract as the fatty tissue of your breasts loses volume.

This leaves a noticeable deflation of volume in the breast envelope and the appearance of excess surface skin. A popular solution to this problem is to remove the excess sagging skin via breast lift surgery. 

Do You Need a Breast Lift After Weight Loss?

A breast lift is an effective means of elevating the breasts into a new position. This is a popular choice for women whose breasts sag or droop after significant weight loss, enabling them to return to perkier-looking and firmer-feeling breasts. 

During the reshaping stage of the procedure, the surgeon can reposition the nipple-areolar complex to give your nipples a more natural, forward-facing projection. 

If you would also like to increase your breast size and improve the upper fullness and shape of your breasts, mastopexy can be performed in combination with breast augmentation surgery or fat transfer augmentation

Breast Lift Procedure

Once an anaesthetic has been administered, the surgeon will start by making an incision on the surgical site according to one of the four breast lift techniques: crescent lift, periareolar lift, vertical lift, or an inverted-T lift.

A Diagram Showing The Differnt Incisions Possible In A Brest Augmentation.

Following this, the required amount of excess skin will be removed, and the breast tissue will be reshaped before bringing the remaining skin back together to tighten and closing the incisions with dissolvable stitches. 

How Long is Breast Lift Recovery?

In general, you can expect to return to work and resume most of your daily activities within a couple of weeks – once the worst of the initial swelling and soreness in your breasts has dissipated.

A full recovery from breast lift surgery takes roughly six weeks – after which you’ll be able to resume heavy lifting and your normal exercise routine.

When Can I See Breast Lift Results?

It’s normal for your breasts to feel tight and appear a little higher than expected immediately after surgery. However, over the next couple of months, your body will begin to heal, allowing the swelling to subside. 

The full results of breast lift surgery become visible after six months. By this time, you’ll notice that your breasts look perkier in appearance and have settled into their natural position.

How Future Weight Gain or Weight Loss Impacts Breast Lift Results

Drastic weight gain after a breast lift can cause your breasts to grow, subsequently stretching the previously tightened skin. Meanwhile, significant weight loss can result in the return of inelastic excess skin around your breasts. 

To maintain your breast lift results for as long as possible, it’s important to remain at a stable weight and avoid drastic fluctuations. Try to stick to a healthy eating routine, with plenty of protein and vitamin-rich vegetables, while also engaging in regular physical activity. 

If you need any support or advice, we work in partnership with a highly-qualified team of dieticians and nutritionists to help patients achieve their ideal weight. 

Is a Breast Lift Worth It?

If you’re concerned about drooping or sagging breasts, a breast lift is an effective way of addressing these issues. 

Most patients are satisfied with the outcome of their surgery and consider it to be a worthwhile treatment, as it leaves them with perkier and more comfortable breasts.

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