Breast Lift After Implants

Breast Lift After Implants

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a popular cosmetic procedure that lifts and reshapes sagging breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue. 

Many patients choose a breast lift to achieve perkier and firmer breasts, but can this treatment be a safe and effective option for women with pre-existing implants? 

Our double board-certified surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, specialises in breast lift surgery. As one of the leading surgeons in the country, he has the skills and expertise to elevate and contour drooping breasts while ensuring results that look natural and proportionate to your frame. 

Can You Have a Breast Lift With Pre-Existing Implants?

Women who have previously undergone breast augmentation with implants can safely have breast lift surgery if their implants are in good condition and not causing any prior problems. Treatment is particularly effective when breasts sag or deflate following weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Benefits of a Breast Lift After Implants

Previous breast augmentation with implants tend  to stretch the breasts over time, especially if the implants are large in size. This can subsequently cause breast sagging and drooping. 

A breast lift procedure can rectify this issue by tightening the breast skin and addressing breast laxity – providing patients with a perkier, more youthful breast appearance. 

Does Having Implants Impact the Breast Lift Procedure?

A standard breast lift procedure can be performed as usual if your implants remain in good condition. Your surgeon can advise whether new implants or fat transfer is required – alongside the lift – if you’re also looking to restore some volume to your breasts.

Recovery After Breast Lift With Pre-Existing Implants

Recovery typically takes between 6-12 weeks. However, it’s important to note that the recovery length depends on the type of breast lift performed and whether new implants or fat transfer is required. The combination of procedures is vast, so be sure to discuss all available options with your surgeon. 

When Can You See Results After a Breast Lift?

Immediately after breast lift surgery, it’s normal for your breasts to feel tight and appear slightly higher than expected. However, over the next couple of months, your body will begin to heal, allowing the post-surgical swelling to subside. 

By this time, you’ll notice that your breasts look perkier in appearance, feel firmer, and have settled into their natural position. Final results are typically expected after six months. 

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Our double board-certified surgeon, Dr Tillo, will be able to discuss your desired aesthetic as well as your suitability for the procedure.

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