Profhilo Neck Treatment & Expected Results Explained

Profhilo Neck Treatment

As the ageing process and UV damage reduce the skin’s  collagen and elastin production, this can create dull and damaged skin. To effectively combat these signs of ageing, many patients consider a Profhilo neck treatment – a natural hyaluronic acid skin booster that rejuvenates the skin for a glowing appearance. 

This article explores the Profhilo treatment and its results in detail, answering some of the most common questions prospective patients have about the treatment.

The CREO Clinic’s team of aesthetic experts understand the many unique benefits of Profhilo, and have used it to successfully treat countless patients experiencing the early signs of ageing on the neck. The combined knowledge and experience of our team means you can always feel confident your skin rejuvenation is in the hands of a highly experienced practitioner. 

Contact the CREO Clinic today to book an initial consultation with our Aesthetic Doctor, and discover how they can use Profhilo to rejuvenate the skin of your neck.

Profhilo Neck Treatment &Amp; Expected Results Explained Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

Profhilo Treatment for the Neck & Jowls

Your neck demands special attention – its skin is exposed to the elements and will lose its natural collagen and elastin faster than covered areas of the body, causing fine lines and wrinkles. The laxity that develops over time can create jowls that hang, dullness in the skin and a ‘crepey’ texture around the neck. Many simply cover these aesthetic issues with high collars or scarves, but this need not be the case – Profhilo can offer an effective solution, restoring a sense of confidence in your neck’s appearance.

To remedy lax skin, dehydration and deep lying neck wrinkles, Profhilo is applied at specific points on the neck using the BAP application method – this ensures that the specialised hyaluronic acid formula settles evenly throughout the tissues of the neck, hydrating the skin and promoting neocollagenesis. The new collagen and elastin can help you achieve smoother, naturally glowing skin and complete a more youthful-looking aesthetic from the shoulders up.

Expected Results from Profhilo Neck Treatment

After your Profhilo treatment, you can expect to see the loose skin of your neck given hydration and radiance, and for fine lines and wrinkled skin to be reduced. The high concentrations of hyaluronic acid help to revitalise the skin, increasing water retention and strengthening the dermis through neocollagenesis and fresh elastin fibres.

Overall, you can expect a reduction in visible signs of ageing on the neck and a reversal of the degradation caused by UV rays and ageing.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Results are usually seen between 2-4 weeks after the second treatment has been administered. 

How Long Do Profhilo Injections Last in the Neck?

You can expect your Profhilo results to last for up to 6-9 months. After this, you may wish to undergo a top up treatment to maintain the results.

Why Choose Profhilo for Your Neck

There are many important reasons to opt for Profhilo when ageing, dull skin on the neck has become a concern. It can:

  • Improve overall skin quality – Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin to give a holistic, glowing appearance.
  • Target specific areas – As Profhilo is injectable, it can target specific areas of the body such as the neck, face, hands, arms and décolletage..
  • Improve skin texture  on your neck – By improving your skin health and structure through increased hydration and stimulating collagen production, Profhilo can enhance the texture of the skin.
  • Treats skin laxity  – Profhilo provides mild skin tightening for patients with minor skin laxity, helping to improve the appearance of fine lines. 

Good Candidates for Profhilo Neck Treatment

Many adults can benefit from Profhilo treatments thanks to its diverse range of benefits. 

In particular, patients over the age of thirty experiencing initial mild signs of ageing, dehydration, or a general deterioration of the skin on the neck can often benefit the most from Profhilo neck treatments. 

What to Expect During Your Treatment

For initial  treatments of Profhilo, our Aesthetic Doctor will administer the Profhilo injectable via a very fine syringe in ten different zones around the neck. These areas are chosen specifically to maximise the enhancement of the skin, as well as to avoid damaging any important nerves or blood vessels Profhilo treatment process is non- invasive and is usually pain free aside from a small pinch (no different to an ordinary injection), but a numbing cream can be applied to the injection sites in advance to minimise pain, if preferred.

Profhilo for the Neck Recovery Expectations

There is no downtime necessary after Profhilo treatment, which means you can return to work or and other daily activities immediately. You may experience mild side-effects from the treatment, such as swelling and redness, but these should dissipate within a few days. 

Profhilo Neck Injections FAQs

Does Profhilo Work on Turkey Neck?

Yes, Profhilo is highly effective at treating mild skin laxity – this kind of laxity can often lead to ‘turkey neck’. Turkey neck is a term to describe sagging lax skin that hangs from the neck – Profhilo specifically targets this laxity and the collagen production it stimulates rejuvenates the neck, improving the firmness and smoothness of its skin. <br><br>If skin laxity across the neck and face is an issue, a more holistic approach such as a <a href="">Fotona 4D facelift</a> may be preferable.

Where is Profhilo Injected in the Neck?

Profhilo can treat lax skin in any area of the neck, and our Aesthetic Doctor will carefully target different bio-aesthetic points (BAP) that adequately spread the Profhilo gel. They will use a fine 29g thin wall needle to make a measured injection at each of the ten BAPs. These BAPs are adapted to your needs to ensure they focus the treatment specifically on your aesthetic goals.<br><br>The benefits of Profhilo are not limited to the BAP zones – the nature of Profhilo gel means it will migrate out from the BAPs, delivering enhancements to lax skin and wrinkles and whole neck rejuvenation over time.

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