How Much Fat Can Be Removed With 360 Lipo?

How Much Fat Can Be Removed With 360 Lipo

Stubborn pockets of fat can often cause a loss of definition and contour in different areas around the body. 360 Lipo is a highly effective fat removal procedure that uses liposuction to target and remove excess fat from areas around your trunk where the fat has proved resistant to exercise, a healthy diet, or a weight loss procedure.

This article explores the quantities of fat you can expect to lose during 360 Lipo, as well as responding to some of the most common queries patients have about the procedure.

Book a consultation today with Dr. Omar Tillo, the CREO Clinic’s medical director and experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, whose skill set is highly specialised in the field of body contouring. He has performed hundreds of successful liposuction procedures for patients with a variety of needs, and is an expert in high-definition contouring treatments

360 Lipo Treatment Overview

360 Lipo is an extensive liposuction procedure with a unique capacity to treat multiple localised areas of unwanted fat around the trunk — from the bottom of the chest, down to (and including) the flanks.

360 Lipo may involve using technologies such as Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL), Vaser Liposuction, or BodyTite. BodyTite will be used if there is an issue with skin tightening. All of these techniques extract different areas of fat cells, making transformative aesthetic changes to four areas: the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, upper flanks and lower flanks (see ‘muffin tops’).

What Is the Maximum Amount of Fat That Can Be Removed With 360 Lipo?

As 360 Lipo can reach multiple areas in one procedure, a higher quantity of fat can be extracted than in a regular liposuction.

Where one area of a traditional liposuction procedure may extract between 200 and 500 mL of fat, 360 Lipo can extract from multiple treatment sites, removing up to 5000 mL (5 L) of fat in total.

Can I Have 360 Lipo Done Twice?

The effects of 360 Lipo are long lasting and the removed deposits of fat cells cannot return after the treatment. However, there may be limitations on how much fat can be removed. If this occurs, you can repeat your 360 Lipo treatment without issue provided that at least six months have passed since the previous treatment.

Practices That Affect Fat Removal with 360 Lipo

There are a few habits and activities that can help to encourage successful outcomes from 360 Lipo:

Drink Water

Making sure you stay hydrated after the 360 Lipo will keep your skin supple and help to flush toxins from your body, augmenting how much weight you will lose.

Keep Ideal Weight Before Procedure

To see the best results after 360 Lipo, try to maintain an ideal weight before you undergo liposuction — your surgeon can help you identify an ideal target weight. It is advisable to have your BMI at 30 or below, with an upper limit of 35. A nutritionist can help you put together a healthy eating regime to assist with weight loss where necessary.

Quit Smoking

The nicotine in cigarette smoke has a highly negative effect on the results of liposuction, and can make complications more likely. Try to quit smoking in the lead up to your cosmetic surgery to ensure the best outcomes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

After your surgery, lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce inflammation at your treatment sites by encouraging the movement of lymphatic fluids. 

What Is the Maximum Weight for 360 Lipo Patients?

In general, patients with a BMI of less than 35 should be able to undergo 360 Lipo. However, the CREO Clinic recommends a BMI closer to 30 (or below). To receive an estimate of your BMI, take a look at our specially designed BMI Calculator.

In order to achieve the best results from your 360 Lipo treatment, it is advisable to lose weight to get as close to your ideal weight as possible before undergoing the procedure. BMI is not always a perfect indicator of ideal weight, so you will need to have a consultation with your surgeon to understand the ideal weight for you.

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