‘A patient-centred approach is at the heart of CREO Clinic


Patient Advisor

As a dedicated Patient Adviser at CREO Clinic, Julie is passionate about helping patients on their journey with us, from the initial consultation through to the recovery process. With a focus on providing patient-centred care, Julie strives to provide exceptional support and guidance to our valued patients.

Having worked for over ten years in customer service and five in healthcare as a patient advisor, Julie has a wealth of experience in the field. As a result, Julie has mastered her clinical knowledge of Aesthetics to ensure that our patients’ needs are met at all times. 

In addition to her background as a patient advisor, Julie is a certified aesthetician, and her practice has allowed her to understand the results patients can enjoy from both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Overall, Julie brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to her role at CREO as the patient advisor and, for this reason, patients feel confident working with her. Julie treats all patients with empathy and respect, and is committed to patient well-being. She understands that every individual’s aesthetics journey is unique, and is dedicated to helping them achieve their desired results while prioritising safety and satisfaction.