“A smooth recovery is the key to creating superior results”


Nurse (RGN) 

Paulina Holland is one of the CREO Clinic’s nurses and works with patients throughout their cosmetic surgery journey. 

Having worked in both the NHS and private healthcare sector for over 15 years, Paulina has refined her skills in the field of peri-operative and post-operative care, specialising in plastics and reconstructive surgery. During this time, Paulina also completed an Operating Department Practice (ODP) diploma so that she could best assist Dr. Tillo and his patients during surgery. 

In addition, Paulina has continued to undergo training to help her provide the best possible care to patients. She is a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist and cupping therapist and uses these skills to provide post-surgical one-to-one care for patients when needed. 

At CREO, Paulina understands the importance of building relationships with her patients so that they feel comfortable throughout their time with us. She is passionate about helping patients get the most out of their results by taking a holistic approach to their physical and psychological well-being. On top of this, Paulina acts as CREO’s RGN chaperone, monitoring patients immediately after surgery to ensure their safety.