“Understanding the art of aesthetics is essential in providing holistic care”


Aesthetic Doctor (MB.ChB, MBA, Dip. Derm, MRCGP, MBCAM)

Dr. Gina Schoeman, the CREO Clinic’s Aesthetic Doctor, has perfected the art of aesthetic treatments through her rigorous study of the facial profile, producing natural enhancements that build upon each patient’s unique inner beauty. 

Dr. Schoeman’s comprehensive training and exceptional skill in the use of rejuvenating dermatology has been demonstrated in the transformative results she has been able to achieve for her patients.

After witnessing the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections in treating dynamic wrinkles, Dr. Schoeman was inspired to follow an illustrious career in aesthetics.

With her extensive experience, she has mastered her signature Art of Aesthetics, consisting of a deep understanding of the proportions of the face and her specialist ‘bone to skin’ approach that focuses on the relationship between a person’s bone structure, soft tissue, dynamic muscles and healthy skin.     

At the CREO Clinic, Dr. Schoeman’s holistic, evidence-based practice with a focus on person-centred treatment ensures that she fully understands a patient’s unique cosmetic needs and wishes. Dr. Schoeman can then develop a comprehensive, tailored treatment package to amplify their natural beauty and maximise their wellbeing. This can include a package of different aesthetic treatments like dermal filler, anti-wrinkle injections, skin boosters, polynucleotides and a vast range of Fotona laser treatments, including Fotona 4D.

Dr. Schoeman holds membership with numerous professional bodies, including the General Medical Council, Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, among others. Over her 26 years of practising medicine, she has had the privilege to work across different disciplines spanning across South Africa, Guernsey and the UK.