BBL Scars: Ultimate Guide

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One of the big advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure is the minimal scarring that it leaves behind. In this article, we’ll explain the nature of BBL scars and provide you with tips on how to care for them.

Does BBL Leave Scars?

The liposuction procedure requires 2-5 small incisions depending on the number of treatment areas, so you can expect to see some minor scars at the site where you had liposuction. The scarring left behind from the fat transfer surgery on the buttocks results in equally small incisions on the upper region of each buttock. The process requires a total of 4-8 tiny incisions to create your desired enhancement and BBL shape.

What Do BBL Scars Look Like?

The scars left behind from liposuction or fat transfer resemble dots around 5 millimetres long, as the surgeon requires small incisions to insert a thin suction cannula to harvest and inject the fat cells. Our surgeons take great care to place the incisions discreetly so that they can be covered by clothing or hidden by the natural curves and contours of the body. 

How Long Do BBL Scars Take to Heal?

The incisions from your BBL should heal within 1-2 weeks, and the resulting scars will gradually fade away over the coming months. The scarring usually fades away within 1-2 years for most patients. Typically, the scarring first turns red, then purple, before blending in with your skin tone.

How to Care for BBL Scars

Although BBL scars are small, it’s necessary to take care of them by following the below guidelines to ensure that they heal properly and fade away: 

Avoid Sun Exposure

Scar tissue is more prone to sun damage than the rest of your skin. Too much exposure to the sun can cause the scars to permanently retain their pigmented colour, preventing them from blending in with your skin. So, we recommend keeping your wounds hidden from sunlight for at least six months after surgery. You can cover your scars under clothing, apply sunblock, or use a beach umbrella to avoid exposing yourself to the sun.

Put Pressure on Scars

Once your incisions have completely healed, putting pressure on the scars will help them heal faster. You can do this by gently massaging the scar tissue every day and applying silicone sheets to the area. Silicone sheets work by hydrating the scar tissue and reducing the collagen production in the area, which helps soften and flatten the scar.

Avoid Irritants

The irritating solutions that many people use to clean and dress their wounds, such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and antibiotic ointments, should not be used on scars. While these treatments are appropriate for treating some incisions, they can destroy the protein in the wound and cause inflammation, which delays the healing process and worsens the appearance of the scar.

Clean the Incisions

Cleaning your incisions will help prevent infection, leading to faster healing and less scarring. After surgery, your liposuction incisions will be sutured and dressed for 24-48 hours, and you should keep this area dry until then. Afterwards, you must clean your incisions gently with soap and water twice a day until it completely heals. We will schedule you for an appointment 1-2 weeks after surgery to check that your wounds are healing as they should. 

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Worth It?

Many patients who undergo the procedure with a qualified and trained plastic surgeon consider it a worthwhile cosmetic procedure. Many patients are happy with their BBL results as it gives them a curvier silhouette and helps them achieve their ideal figure. Furthermore, the inconspicuous scars and permanent results are more reasons for BBL being the most common butt augmentation procedure and the fastest growing cosmetic surgery.

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The BEST-F technique, developed by Dr Omar Tillo, medical director of the CREO Clinic, is a safer approach to BBL surgery. This technique reduces the risk of fat embolisms associated with the traditional BBL procedure while enhancing its contouring effects. Dr Tillo has performed hundreds of BBL procedures using the BEST-F technique. As such, he is well-versed in contouring the buttocks and liposuctioning targeted areas to produce natural-looking results with minimal scarring.

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