BBL Shapes

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Many people want to have a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) to enhance their butt. However, a BBL doesn’t just add volume to your butt; it also reshapes and contours it to provide your desired figure. By injecting fat into specific areas of your butt, plastic surgeons artfully shape the butt to create a curvier and more defined silhouette. In this article, we’ll go into more detail on the different butt shapes that you can attain with a BBL.

Butt Shapes Before BBL

In general, most people have one of four butt shapes. A Brazilian butt lift can accentuate your existing butt shape or reshape it according to the figure you want to achieve.


Bbl Shapes

In an A-shaped butt (or inverted heart-shaped butt), the top portion is smaller than the lower portion, thus resembling an A-shape or upside-down heart. People with an A-shaped bottom tend to have an hourglass figure, with a slim waist and wide hips. This is a conventionally desirable aesthetic, and patients who already have this figure choose a BBL to enhance their existing figure.


Bbl Shapes

A V-shaped (or inverted) butt has less volume in the lower buttocks than in the upper region. Due to this, the butt is usually narrower at the base, resembling a V shape or an inverted triangle. Patients with a V-shaped bottom typically undergo a Brazilian but lift to achieve fuller hips and a rounder bottom.


Bbl Shapes

H-shaped butts (also called square butts) lack curves in the waist and hips and tend to have love handles (excess fat around the waist). As a result, the buttock appears boxy and flat, resembling a square. Most patients with an H-shaped bottom undergo a Brazilian butt lift to achieve an A-shaped butt.


Bbl Shapes

An O-shaped (or round-shaped) buttock, commonly referred to as a ‘bubble butt’, is round in shape with equal amounts of fat in the upper and lower regions. Those who already have this figure undergo a BBL procedure to accentuate their round shape or achieve an A-shape. 

BBL Shapes

Most patients want to achieve the following butt shapes with a Brazilian butt lift to meet the current beauty standards. The fat grafting procedure allows surgeons to recreate these BBL shapes by precisely injecting fat into the right areas of the butt and hips. 

Upside Down Heart

An upside-down heart is the most requested shape among women seeking a Brazilian butt lift procedure as they want to achieve the coveted hourglass figure. To recreate this shape, the surgeon will likely perform liposuction on the lower back and flanks to create a slimmer waist and add definition to the butt. Afterwards, they may expand the hips and lower region of the buttocks with fat grafts.


The round ‘bubble’ butt is another popular shape among BBL patients. Most patients who want this shape have what is commonly called a ‘double bubble’ body shape, where they carry excess fat in the love handles and lateral thighs. Therefore, surgeons usually liposuction these areas and inject the fat grafts into the centre of the butt cheeks and lateral hips to add curves and create a rounded butt.


Many people seeking  a Brazilian butt lift want a slightly curvier figure without exaggerating the shape of their butt into an upside-down heart or a round shape. When fat grafting, surgeons have significant control over the level of volume and projection they create. Thus, they can customise the shape of the curves according to your cosmetic goals.

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If you want to reshape and add volume to your butt, book a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Omar Tillo at the CREO Clinic to discuss your eligibility for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Dr Tillo will discuss your desired shape and enhancement during your consultation to design a bespoke plastic surgery for you.

Furthermore, he will explain the BEST-F technique, which he developed as a safer alternative to the traditional BBL procedure. With the aid of a guided ultrasound device, the BEST-F technique also produces a more contoured shape as it enables the surgeon to achieve greater precision when injecting the fat grafts. 

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