Ultrasound Guided BBL

Ultrasound Guided Bbl

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery that requires a great deal of surgical and artistic precision to produce natural-looking results. To achieve this precision, Dr Omar Tillo developed the BEST-F technique, which is an ultrasound guided BBL procedure that addresses the safety concerns associated with a traditional BBL while producing superior results. 

Dr Tillo is the only surgeon in the UK performing an ultrasound guided BBL and is a world-renowned expert in the surgery.

What is Ultrasound Guided BBL?

An ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, is a technology that produces digital images of the insides of the body using high-frequency sound waves. It is used by medical professionals for a plethora of reasons. At the CREO Clinic, Dr Tillo performs BBLs exclusively with the guidance of an ultrasound, using the technology to monitor the fat transfer to the butt.

Benefits of an Ultrasound Scan in BBL

There are two important benefits of using an ultrasound in BBL procedures: 

First, it improves the safety of BBL procedures, which have been called into question due to surgeons injecting the fat into or under the gluteal muscle, which significantly increases the risk of fat embolisms. 

To minimise this risk, Dr Tillo developed the BEST-F technique, which superficially injects the fat over the muscle, made possible by using an ultrasound that provides the surgeon a visual image of the anatomy of the patient’s buttock as he injects the fat. 

Second, it improves the contouring effects of the surgery. As the surgeon has access to the inside of the patient’s unique anatomical structure, they are better able to determine how much fat to inject and create precise results that achieve the patient’s desired BBL shape.

Ultrasound Guided BBL Procedure

An ultrasound guided BBL takes roughly 2-4 hours to perform, around an hour longer than a traditional BBL procedure. You will be placed under sedation or general anaesthesia for the surgery.

First, the surgeon will start by performing liposuction on targeted areas of the body. Next, the extracted fat will be cleansed and prepared to be injected. Using the BEST-F technique, the surgeon will inject the fat over the gluteal muscle while carefully monitoring the process on an ultrasound scan of the patient’s buttock.

Dr Omar Tillo performing a Brazilian Butt Lift using the Buttock Enhancement and Superficial Transfer of Fat (BEST-F) technique
Ultrasound scan of Dr Omar Tillo injecting fat into the buttock during a BBL procedure using the BEST-F technique


After your BBL, you can expect to experience swelling and discomfort in your butt and liposuctioned areas. These side effects will gradually dissipate in a few days, with most patients feeling well enough to return to their daily routine after 2-3 weeks and strenuous exercise in 4-6 weeks. For a smooth recovery, you should follow our aftercare and recovery tips, along with further instructions provided by your surgeon.


You can expect to see your BBL results within 3-6 months of the surgery, although your liposuction results will become apparent within 6-12 weeks. By 6 months, your BBL results will have gone through the shrinking process and entered the fluffing stage of your recovery. Afterwards, your results will look and feel natural and will remain in place permanently, although you will need to make an active effort to maintain your BBL results.

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Dr Tillo is a key opinion leader on BBL, making him one of the most skilled BBL surgeons in the world. Having developed the ultrasound guided BBL procedure, he is an expert at prioritising the patient’s safety without compromising on the aesthetic results of the surgery. He has performed the technique on hundreds of patients with great success. 

If you are considering a BBL, book a consultation with Dr Tillo at the CREO Clinic to discuss the ultrasound guided BBL in more detail.

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