How Much Fat is Transferred to the Buttocks in a BBL?

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a highly bespoke procedure, in part because the cosmetic surgeon must harvest and transfer the appropriate amount of fat to provide the patient with a proportionate and natural result. Below, we’ll discuss how much fat our surgeons usually inject during a BBL and the factors that determine this decision.

Factors That Impact How Much Fat is Transferred to the Buttocks

Each patient has a unique body around which the cosmetic surgeon must design the fat transfer procedure. Below are the two main factors they consider when deciding how much fat to transfer during a BBL:

Available Fat for Harvest

Your surgeon needs to perform liposuction to harvest the fat cells for the BBL. The amount of fat they can extract from the procedure will depend on your BMI and fat distribution.

Typically, patients who have a BMI between 23-28 have enough body fat to provide the maximum enhancement from a BBL. Liposuction is usually performed on the abdomen as most patients carry excess fat in this area. However, liposuction can harvest fat from most areas of the body.

Buttock Area

The cosmetic surgeon will decide on the amount of fat required for your BBL after examining the volume and shape of your buttock area. The surgeon will need to transfer more fat if you require significant projection and volume to achieve your desired BBL shape and less fat if you want a more subtle transformation. Additionally, the amount of fat that the buttocks can accommodate varies for each patient.

Average Amount of Fat Injected During a BBL

Typically, cosmetic surgeons inject as much fat as the buttock will hold. On average, our surgeons extract 1-2 litres (1000-2000 cc’s) of fat and inject 0.5-1 litre (500-1000 cc’s) of fat into each buttock during a BBL. However, the amount varies depending on the patient’s body fat and fat distribution and the volume required to create your desired results. By injecting the maximum amount of fat possible, surgeons can account for the 30-50% of fat grafts that the body absorbs during the recovery period.

Is There a Limit to How Many CCs of Fat are Injected During BBL?

There isn’t a limit to how many cc’s of fat can be injected into the buttocks, as the amount of volume the buttocks can hold varies for each patient. During your BBL, the cosmetic surgeon will stop adding fat when the area becomes full and tight. Adding fat beyond this point can increase the risk of complications such as fat necrosis, oil cysts, and infection.

BBL for a BMI Lower Than 22

If you have a BMI lower than 22, you’re less likely to have enough body fat to provide the maximum enhancement from a BBL. However, you may still achieve significant results with a skinny BBL. A skinny BBL is the same procedure as a regular BBL, except that the surgeon will likely extract and transfer less body fat due to the lack of fat tissue in the patient’s body. Additionally, the surgeon may need to perform liposuction on multiple areas to obtain enough fat for the BBL.

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Dr Omar Tillo, a key opinion leader on BBL, performs the procedure using the BEST-F technique, which he developed as a safer alternative to the traditional BBL procedure. With the aid of a guided ultrasound device, he injects the fat over the gluteal muscle and monitors its placement to achieve safe and precise results. After examining you, he will advise you on the enhancement and shape you can expect following a BBL. 

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