BBL Shrinking

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A common concern among patients seeking out a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is that some of the newly injected fat grafts will shrink. Most patients can expect to lose around 30-50% of the fat grafts; thus, the final volume from your BBL will be slightly less compared to the volume that results immediately after your cosmetic surgery. 

However, a skilled BBL surgeon is able to account for this loss by deciding how much fat to transfer to achieve your desired end result. In this article, we’ll discuss the final results you can expect after the shrinking process.

Reasons for Volume Loss After BBL


One of the main reasons that a significant proportion of fat cells are lost is because the liposuction process severs the membranes of some fat cells, which will then be unable to survive when transferred into your butt. 

As surgeons can’t differentiate the living fat cells from the dead ones, they will purify and transfer all the extracted cells. Afterwards, your body will absorb and remove the dead fat cells, while the living cells will connect with the blood supply in the area.


After your cosmetic surgery, your butt will be swollen due to the inflammation and excess fluid in your tissue. As a result, your butt may appear bigger at first and settle into its intended size as the swelling gradually dissipates. The swelling significantly decreases after the first week, although residual swelling can persist for around 3-6 months. To help minimise swelling, we recommend getting lymphatic drainage massages while strictly following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

BBL Recovery Timeline

The BBL recovery timeline will vary from patient to patient. However, on average, your recovery timeline will be as follows:

  • The post surgical side-effects may persist for the first three weeks, although the associated pain and discomfort gradually subside during this time.
  • Most patients feel recovered enough to resume office work and most daily activities after 2-3 weeks of their surgery.
  • Patients can sit on their butt after the third week of surgery
  • Patients can resume strenuous workouts after the fourth week, although short walks and light exercises are encouraged during the first four weeks to improve blood circulation

When Will You See BBL Results?

The BBL results will be immediately apparent, although it may take up to 6 months before you can appreciate the final volume and shape from the cosmetic procedure. 

The results from your liposuction should become fully apparent in 6-12 weeks as the swelling dissipates. By the sixth month, the viable fat grafts will have stabilised in your butt, the residual swelling will have dissipated, and your skin will have expanded to accommodate the added volume.

Are BBL Results Permanent?

The final results from your BBL are permanent. Following the initial shrinking process, the viable fat cells will connect to your blood supply and function like other fat cells in your body. 

However, this means that you will need to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain your BBL results in order to avoid fluctuations in weight. Losing or gaining weight will shrink or expand the fat grafts, thus distorting the surgical results. If you need help maintaining your weight, you may benefit from a personalised weight loss programme created by our nutritionists.

How to Feed Fat After BBL

To preserve your viable fat grafts and prevent any further shrinkage, you must feed the fat after your BBL procedure. Feeding the fat refers to the process of eating enough nutrient-dense calories to nourish your body and sustain your fat grafts so that they integrate with the surrounding tissue as intended. As a rule of thumb, during your recovery, you should aim to eat at least 2000 calories a day of a diet rich in healthy fats and proteins while minimising carbohydrates. 

Is BBL Worth It?

By adding volume to the butt and sculpting excess fat, a BBL can benefit patients in a range of ways. As a highly bespoke cosmetic procedure, the surgeon is able to customise the cosmetic procedure to address your specific cosmetic concerns. For instance, in addition to giving you a bigger butt, a BBL can also provide you with an hourglass figure and get rid of hip dips

The permanent results, minimal scarring, and the natural method of fat transfer are further reasons for its growing popularity. Additionally, despite the initial shrinking effect, the cosmetic procedure produces a dramatic natural-looking enhancement to the buttock.

Schedule a Consultation with CREO Clinic

Dr Omar Tillo is a key opinion leader on BBL, having developed the BEST-F technique as a safer alternative to the traditional BBL. Having performed the cosmetic procedure on hundreds of patients with great success, he is an expert at providing a natural-look, managing patient expectations, and delivering the intended results. 

If you are considering a BBL and concerned about what your results may look like after the shrinking effect, book a consultation with Dr Tillo, who will discuss a bespoke surgical plan and answer any questions.