When Can You Sit After a BBL?

Three Women Sitting At A Wooden Pier After Brazilian Butt Lift Treatment

Sitting too soon after a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can damage the newly injected fat cells in your butt, thus adversely affecting the outcome of your cosmetic procedure. As it takes several weeks for the fat grafts to stabilise, you must avoid sitting after a Brazilian butt lift and putting too much pressure on your butt during this process. Here, we’ll cover how and when to sit following a BBL procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Following a Brazilian butt lift, patients typically return to work and light daily activities after one week and more strenuous activities after four weeks. During this period, the swelling, bruising, and tenderness in your buttocks and liposuctioned areas will gradually subside.

To make your Brazilian butt lift recovery as quick and comfortable as possible, you will receive detailed aftercare instructions. You can also visit our blog on BBL Aftercare and Recovery Tips for more information on managing your recovery process.

When to Sit After BBL Surgery

For three weeks following a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery, you should avoid sitting down and putting direct pressure on your buttock. Your surgeon may advise you to sit on soft pillows for two more weeks to reduce the weight on your butt. Most BBL patients can sit as usual four weeks after plastic surgery. 

By following these instructions, you will give the fat cells the best chance of surviving and integrating into the blood supply, which will leave you with a more enhanced and contoured buttock as you enter the fluffing phase of your recovery.

How to Avoid Sitting After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Below are some tips to help you go about your daily routine without directly sitting on your butt: 


Usually, your surgeon will clear you to drive two weeks after having a Brazilian butt lift. We recommend avoiding driving as much as possible until you make a full recovery. However, if you need to take a drive, we advise using a BBL pillow which we will provide for you. A BBL pillow is a specially designed cushion you place underneath your thigh that enables you to sit without your butt having to touch the car seat.

Working at a Desk

Most patients feel able to resume work after 2-3 weeks of their cosmetic surgery. If you work from home, you can lie on your stomach when using your laptop. However, patients who need to go into an office and sit and work at a desk may find this inconvenient. If possible, you should use a standing desk to avoid sitting down. Alternatively, you can sit on a nursing pillow to minimise the pressure on your butt.


You should avoid sleeping on your back after a Brazilian butt lift procedure until your results settle. Instead, we advise that you sleep on your stomach. Placing pillows under your abdomen can make this position more comfortable and protect your spine. You may also wish to place a pillow on your sides to keep you from turning in your sleep.

Alternative Sitting Positions

Below are two alternate ways of sitting that will prevent you from putting pressure on your butt. However, you’re advised to only sit down for 20 minutes at a time. We recommend that you try and practice these techniques before the plastic surgery:

Elevated Butt Sitting

Elevated butt sitting is where you sit on your thighs while leaving your butt suspended in the air. You can sit in this position with the aid of a BBL pillow or an elevated cushion. To sit in this position, first, position the pillow on the chair and then carefully place your thighs on it.

Edgy Backwards Chair Sitting

To sit in the edgy backwards chair position, you will require a chair with no arms. With this technique, your front will face the chair’s back, and your legs will fall on either side. As such, your butt will stay off the chair, and the pressure will once again be on your thighs.

What Happens if You Sit After BBL?

It takes several weeks for the injected fat grafts in your butt to stabilise and integrate into the blood supply in the area. Therefore, by sitting down too early, you will be reducing the blood circulation in the area, which can damage the fat cells. Furthermore, sitting down can shift the fat cells before they have integrated into the area, which can alter the contouring effects of the cosmetic surgery.

Is BBL Worth It?

Patients who undergo a BBL with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience with BBL can consider it a worthwhile cosmetic procedure. The surgery provides patients with a curvier silhouette and helps them achieve their ideal figure. Furthermore, while not sitting as usual for a few weeks after cosmetic surgery is an inconvenience, many patients are happy with the permanent results and contouring effects they experience to their appearance once the fat grafts settle.

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