Plastic Surgery for an Hourglass Figure

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For centuries, the hourglass figure has been a celebrated aesthetic for women. Plastic surgery can now sculpt your body and create curves to help you attain this ideal figure. In this article, we’ll discuss how Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and liposuction can give you an hourglass figure.

What is an Hourglass Figure?

Those with an hourglass figure have a big bust and hips, which are similar in size, and a narrow waist in the middle, thus resembling the shape of an hourglass. The hourglass figure is thought of as a feminine body type as women develop breasts and have wider hips than men, which leads to a smaller waist. However, only around 10% of women naturally have this shape, and those that do also tend to have bigger thighs and gain fat evenly throughout the body.

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Liposuction and BBL are two surgeries that can sculpt your body into an hourglass figure. Liposuction can add definition to your waist, while BBL can harvest the fat cultivated from liposuction to add volume to your hips and butt.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is a plastic surgery that cultivates fat from areas of the body where it’s in excess and transfers the fat into the butt and hips to add volume and reshape the area.


A Brazilian Butt Lift provides dramatic contouring effects by sculpting the body with liposuction and fat transfer. The surgeon can customise the procedure to create your desired BBL shape, including creating hourglass curves. Additionally, it’s a popular plastic surgery as it leaves behind minimal scarring, provides permanent results, and improves the appearance of hip dips

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The cost of a BBL surgery at the CREO Clinic starts from around £7,900. However, the price varies depending on the size of the liposuction treatment areas and the overall complexity of the procedure. You will receive the exact cost of your plastic surgery after consulting with our BBL surgeon.


At the CREO Clinic, Dr Omar Tilo uses the BEST-F technique to perform all BBL procedures as a safer alternative to the traditional BBL procedure. After the liposuction procedure, the surgeon will cleanse and process the harvested fat cells to prepare them for injection. Then, the surgeon will inject the fat to create your desired enhancement and hourglass curves.


Immediately after the plastic surgery, you may experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness in your butt, hips, and liposuctioned areas which should begin to dissipate in a few days. In general, most patients can resume office work and light daily activities 1-2 weeks after surgery and more strenuous activities after four weeks. Follow our aftercare and recovery tips to help manage your recovery and preserve your results. 


Your final BBL results will be visible around 3-6 months after the plastic surgery. By this time, the fat grafts will have settled, and the swelling will have subsided to reveal the permanent enhancement and contouring effects of the plastic surgery. Additionally, during this period, you will enter what is known as the fluffing phase of your recovery, where your skin expands to accommodate the fat grafts, thus making your results feel natural.


Liposuction, also known as suction-assisted lipectomy, is a plastic surgery that extracts excess fat from targeted areas of the body.


Liposuction can get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, which are often resistant to diet and exercise. As a result, the procedure can add definition to your waist and abdomen to sculpt the midsection of your body into an hourglass figure. Like BBL, liposuction provides permanent results and leaves behind small scars which are a few millimetres long. 

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The cost of liposuction at the CREO Clinic starts from £3,900. The exact cost of the procedure depends on the number and size of areas that require treatment. You will receive the price of your liposuction surgery after a consultation with our surgeon.


The plastic surgeon makes 2-5 small incisions in targeted areas of the body. If you want an hourglass figure, such areas usually include the abdomen and lower flanks. Afterwards, the surgeon inserts a suction cannula to extract the excess fat from the location. Finally, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures.


For the first week after your plastic surgery, you will experience swelling, bruising, and slight numbness in the affected area. Most patients usually feel able to return to office work and light activities after this period. You can resume more strenuous activities in 2-3 weeks after consulting with your surgeon.


The final results of your liposuction will emerge once your swelling subsides, which can take 6-12 weeks. By this time, the treatment area will look slimmer and contoured. You will continue to see improvements in your results for a further 6-12 months as the residual swelling continues to subside and your skin retracts.

How to Get an Hourglass Figure if You’re Skinny

If you are skinny or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 22, you’re less likely to have excess fat that the surgeon can harvest to create hourglass curves. However, you can still likely achieve an hourglass figure with what’s commonly called a skinny BBL.

Skinny BBL

A Skinny BBL involves the same procedure as a regular BBL. However, due to the limited availability of excess fat tissue in leaner patients, the surgeon will likely harvest less fat through liposuction and transfer less fat to the butt. 

Although you may not achieve a pronounced hourglass figure, the surgeon can still create fuller hips and a bigger butt to improve your lower body proportions. Additionally, skinnier patients can combine fat transfer with implants for a more dramatic buttock enhancement.

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Dr Omar Tillo is a body contouring specialist and a key opinion leader in BBL surgery. The BEST-F technique developed by Dr Tillo significantly improves the safety and contouring effects of a traditional BBL. Additionally, he has trained in using a range of liposuction technologies and customising the procedure according to the patient’s desired results.

If you want to attain an hourglass figure with BBL and liposuction, book a consultation with Dr Tillo at the CREO Clinic to discuss a bespoke surgical solution. 

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