We are committed to providing you with the highest quality patient care. Should you have any questions regarding this financial policy, please contact us. Our team is readily available to provide you with more specific information or answer any of your questions.

Please read the financial policy carefully, so that you are well informed of all costs that are included or that might arise during your care with us.

1. Consultations

All patients are required to pay for consultations in full upon booking them. Consultation fee will be applied towards your treatment cost if you proceed with a treatment. Payments for consultations are as follows:

 a. Mr. Omar Tillo: £150

2. Follow-ups

Our prices include the following:

a. 1 follow-up per non-surgical treatment

b. 2 follow-ups per a surgical treatment

 Patients that require additional follow-ups would be charged £100 per follow-up. £50 would be charged upon booking a follow-up.

3. Single treatments & Treatment packages (non-surgical)
  • Single treatments will be paid in full prior to treatment.
  • Treatment packages will be paid 50% from the full price upon booking the package.  The remaining 50% will be paid in a number of instalments in correlation with the number of treatments in the package. Each treatment part of a package will be paid in full prior to receiving treatment.