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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a popular cosmetic surgery that reshapes and adds volume to the buttocks through fat transfer. It is an ideal procedure for men who want to enhance and reshape their buttocks as the surgeon can design a bespoke surgery to create your desired aesthetic.

Dr Omar Tillo is a key opinion leader on BBL, having performed the surgery on hundreds of patients using the BEST-F (Buttock Enhancement and Superficial Transfer of Fat) technique, which he developed as an alternative to the traditional BBL procedure. It is a significantly safer procedure that produces superior male contouring effects.  

Benefits of Male Brazilian Butt Lift 

A male Brazilian Butt Lift can add volume and definition to your butt to make it look stronger and more proportionate to the rest of your physique. In addition to fat grafting, a BBL involves liposuction, which harvests excess fat cells from targeted areas of the body. As a result, you can sculpt your abdomen, chest, or other body parts with too much fat to further define your figure.

Additionally, many patients prefer BBL to other buttock augmentation procedures as it uses the patient’s own organic fat tissue rather than foreign materials, which reduces the likelihood of rejection and allergic reactions. It also provides a permanent enhancement and leaves behind minimal scarring.

Male BBL Cost 

The average cost of a male BBL surgery at CREO Clinic starts at £7,900. However, the cost of the surgery may vary based on the liposuction treatment areas and the complexity of the procedure. You will receive the exact price of your surgery after a consultation with our surgeon.

BBL Shapes

During the procedure, surgeons inject fat into specific areas of the butt to create your desired BBL shape. Whereas women usually prefer a curvier hourglass figure, men typically prefer a more square-shaped butt, with posterior fulness for a firmer and more defined aesthetic. As such, the surgeon will usually inject fat into the top, middle, and bottom of the buttock while avoiding the sides to recreate this shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

It usually takes 2-4 hours to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift under sedation or general anaesthesia. The surgeon first performs liposuction on targeted areas that contain excess fat. The cosmetic surgeon then purifies the fat cells and prepares them for injection into the buttocks. Finally, the surgeon injects the fat into the butt. With the BEST-F technique, Dr Tillo will inject the fat over the gluteal muscle (rather than into or under it) with a guided ultrasound device, which allows him to monitor the fat transfer while creating a more precise shape. 


Following the surgery, you may experience swelling and bruising in the buttocks and the liposuctioned areas. Most patients resume office work and light daily activities around a week after surgery and resume more strenuous activities around four weeks. You should follow our BBL aftercare and recovery tips to help make your recovery as smooth as possible and maintain results.


Your final BBL results will usually appear 3-6 months after surgery, although results of liposuctioned areas will appear after 6-12 weeks. By this time, your fat grafts will stabilise, and your skin will expand to accommodate the fat grafts, a process known as fluffing. Furthermore, the swelling will have dissipated to reveal a more enhanced and contoured butt.


Is a male BBL different from a female BBL?

A male BBL and female BBL is the same procedure which involves liposuction and fat grafting. However, the surgeon will be aiming to recreate a different aesthetic with male patients than female patients. Men tend to have flatter hips and buttocks than women. Therefore, the surgeon will avoid injecting fat into the side of the hips and will inject fat evenly across the butt to create a pronounced enhancement that aligns with the male physique.

Who is a good candidate for male BBL?

A good candidate for a male BBL is someone who wants to add volume and projection to their butt, has no underlying health conditions, and has a BMI between 23-30. Our surgeon will need to examine you to confirm your eligibility for the procedure.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

After the fat cells have stabilised, they will remain in place permanently. To maintain results, you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine since any fluctuations in weight cause fat cells to expand or contract. In addition, you will likely develop some skin laxity in the area as you age, which may alter the shape of your buttocks.

Will BBL look natural?

A BBL can produce results that look natural if performed by qualified surgeons using appropriate surgical methods. At the CREO Clinic, Dr Tillo uses the BEST-F technique, which creates natural results as it injects proportionate amounts of fat and uses a guided ultrasound device that increases the precision of surgical contouring.

Is BBL worth it?

BBL is currently the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery as both men and women want to enhance and define their buttocks to attain their ideal figure. Many people consider the procedure worthwhile, as it offers an organic solution to their cosmetic concerns, contours multiple areas of the body, and provides permanent results.

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