Lollipop Breast Reduction

Lollipop Breast Reduction

Breast reduction using a ‘lollipop’ incision is a popular technique for reducing and contouring your breasts. 

It is an extremely effective type of breast reduction for making significant changes to breast size and shape.

The CREO Clinic’s experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, has a history of performing many successful breast reductions with transformative effects on his patients’ quality of life. 

In this article, we will outline some of the particular advantages of a lollipop reduction to help you better understand how this procedure can benefit you.

Breast Reduction with Vertical Incisions

The incisions used in a lollipop reduction vertically follow the outline of the areola, then move downwards in a straight line towards the breast crease. This creates the ‘lollipop’ shape from which the incision takes its name.

Breast Reduction Incisions

Benefits of a Lollipop Breast Reduction

Lollipop reductions are popular because they can bring many important benefits. They can:

  • Reduce Sagging – By decreasing the size of your breasts, they can sit higher and suffer less from the downward pull of gravity over the long term.
  • Create Definition – A reduction can offer better contouring for your breasts and a more aesthetically pleasing shape overall.
  • Offer More Drastic Change – Compared with less extensive choices, a lollipop reduction strikes a good balance between subtlety and important physical change.
  • Lower Back Pain – Overly large breasts can lead to arching in the spine and painful backache as a result. Reducing the size of your breasts may resolve these issues.

Reduced Risk of Scarring

As the incisions are less invasive than in other alternative reductions, there is less chance of significant breast reduction scars when a lollipop technique is used.

How Much Does Lollipop Breast Reduction Cost?

At the CREO Clinic in London, a lollipop breast reduction starts from £8,900. 

The cost of your reduction will only be finalised after your first in-person consultation, as only then can your treatment plan be fully personalised to your needs. You’ll also discuss any breast reduction financing options.

Lollipop Breast Reduction Procedure

The surgery will be performed under general anaesthetic. 

Once the lollipop shape incision is made, your surgeon will begin the process of removing tissue in order to reduce the size of your breasts and reshape them. 

Your incisions can then be carefully sealed shut with sutures. This must be done with the utmost skill and care by an experienced surgeon to ensure optimal healing.

When Can You See Results From a Lollipop Breast Reduction?

The difference made by the surgery will be visible immediately after the operation. 

However, the final results of your breast reduction will become clear once the post-surgical swelling has fully subsided. This should be around three months after your operation.

Lollipop vs. Anchor Breast Reduction 

An anchor-shaped breast reduction is a more extensive alternative to the lollipop reduction, generally for women with very significant sagging.

To explore a comparison of the two procedures, read our page dedicated to understanding breast reduction incisions.

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