How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in the UK?

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost

Overly large breasts can be a source of great discomfort for many women, leading to chronic back pain and preventing you from exercising freely or feeling comfortable in certain clothes. A breast reduction works to remove excess fat and tissue to reduce the overall size of the breasts, providing relief from the associated concerns.

Working out costs is a crucial part of planning your breast reduction. To help you get a clearer picture of price, this blog goes into more detail about the cost of breast reduction surgery in the UK, answering some of people’s most common queries.

The CREO Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Omar Tillo, has performed countless successful breast reductions on patients of varying needs. As a specialist in body surgeries, Dr. Tillo is experienced in producing natural-looking reductions and reconstructions of the breasts. 

Contact the CREO Clinic today for an initial consultation with Dr. Tillo to learn the many benefits a breast reduction can bring.

How Much Does A Breast Reduction Cost?

At the CREO Clinic, a breast reduction starts from £9,900.

Every surgery at the CREO Clinic is bespoke to your needs, which means that the cost of your breast reduction can vary depending on your individual surgical needs. As a result, a full cost breakdown will only be available after your first consultation.

Should you wish to spread the cost of your treatment across multiple instalments, our financing partners, Chrysalis Finance, provide 12-month loans at 0% APR. Longer instalments are available at varying rates.

Why Creo Clinic Is Different

The CREO Clinic values expertise above all in its practitioners — surgeons with a mastery of their field are best placed to provide natural-looking, transformative results. This is why we always ensure patients are treated by a specialist in their particular procedure.

We at CREO believe that each cosmetic procedure requires a depth of skill that can only be gained through experience, and this is reflected in the pedigree of our surgeons.

All of our practitioners live and work in London, which means they are close at hand to monitor your progress and provide care. As a matter of course their agendas are carefully balanced to ensure they are well rested and ready to focus on your needs.

What’s Included In The Price?

Included in the price of your breast reduction are:

  • Anaesthetics and anaesthetist fees
  • Surgeon’s and nurses’ fees
  • A thorough assessment pre-operation and personalised treatment plan
  • Hospital fees
  • Compression garments
  • After-care visits with Dr. Tillo to monitor your progress throughout recovery

Additional Costs

There are some additional charges, for patients who choose to make use of our chaperone services, opt for additional examinations and scans, and undergo lymphatic drainage massage. Laser scar reduction is also a very popular complementary treatment that incurs an additional cost. We make sure there are no hidden costs associated with your care by explaining everything up front. 

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

There are different types of breast reduction that can be used depending on the degree of reduction – certain incisions allow for a larger reduction. 

In all cases the principle of cosmetic surgery is the same: Dr. Tillo makes an incision or incisions on the breast then removes glandular tissue and fat. Once sufficient tissue has been removed, he returns your breast to a natural shape and adjusts the size of your areola, if necessary, to help ensure the desired proportions.

Does The NHS Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

Purely cosmetic breast reduction is currently not covered by the NHS. Women experiencing severe physical difficulties as a result of their breasts may qualify for an NHS reduction, but the criteria for this is strict. 

The criteria for qualification on the NHS aimed at mitigating risk from cancer are decided by your local integrated care board (ICB)  – if you meet these criteria you will be entitled to undergo the breast reduction procedure without charge.

Why Clinics Can Charge Different Prices

Plastic surgery clinics are independent and therefore decide their own breast reduction prices based on their own criteria. Prices can vary from clinic to clinic, due to the type of anaesthetic used, your medical history, or the degree of after care provided. Another important factor that contributes to price is the skill of the surgeon – a practitioner with a proven reputation can provide high-quality outcomes and help protect you from unwanted surgical complications.

The CREO Clinic values transparency, and we will always be clear with you about what you pay and why you pay it. After your initial consultation you will be provided with a full cost breakdown of your breast reduction that outlines the services you have been provided and their costs so you are prepared on your surgery date.

Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery

There are many important benefits to breast reduction surgery, as overly large breasts can have such a dramatic negative impact on your quality of life from both a medical and an aesthetic perspective. 

Reduces Chronic Pain

Large breasts can lead to pain across the neck, back and shoulders – this kind of chronic pain can accumulate over a lifetime and interfere with all kinds of day-to-day activities. By reducing the weight of your breasts, a reduction procedure takes pressure off these different points and can start to offer some relief.

Improves Sleep

Finding a comfortable position to sleep as a woman with large breasts can often prove a challenge. The discomfort felt as a result of larger breasts can sometimes interfere with sleep, so reducing their prominence can allow for more comfortable positions and better quality of sleep overall.

Reduces Chafing

Bras and other tight clothing can cause chafing around the breasts over the course of the day, which can lead to irritated skin and infections at the breast crease. A reduction can help clothes fit better and therefore lower the possibility of any redness or chafing developing.

Better Posture

One of the most common complaints from women with larger breasts is that the downward weight of their breasts leads to a curvature in the spine. This curvature can produce poor posture that can, in turn, lead to chronic back pain. Reducing the weight of your breasts can allow you to address issues of poor posture and alleviate any associated pain.

Improves Clothing Fit

The limitations of large breasts are not just physical, they are also aesthetic. For many women there are a variety of clothing types that are simply unavailable to them because standard clothing sizes do not fit their proportions – creating more proportionate breasts can help open up a whole new wardrobe, and even improve the fit of the clothes you own already.

Self Confidence Boost

The stress of chronic pain and the general physical and aesthetic discomfort caused by overly large breasts can give serious hit to your confidence. Gaining some control over your physique through a reduction can provide a significant boost to your confidence.

More Comfort During Exercise

Popular exercises such as jogging or gym work can prove problematic for women with breasts that interfere with physical exertion – larger breasts can chafe and impede free movement. Lowering your cup size can be an excellent remedy to this, both directly and also by making it easier to find better fitting, more effective sports bras.

Who is a Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women who are experiencing the negative effects of having larger breasts can all benefit from breast reduction. The most common issues such as back pain, skin rashes such as intertrigo, or poorly fitted clothing can all be signs that a breast reduction is the right treatment path for you.

At the CREO Clinic, a BMI of 30 or under is necessary for any patient interested in undergoing a breast reduction. Check your BMI now on our specially designed BMI calculator.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynaecomastia, known colloquially as ‘man boobs’, is an overdevelopment of the breast tissue that is particularly common in adolescent males. It can also appear in adult males as a result of weight gain, ageing, or the use of certain medications or recreational drugs.

In the majority of cases, the excess breast tissue will not subside on its own, and male breast reduction can be an extremely effective way to resolve it.

Recovery Process After A Breast Reduction

In the first few days of your reduction recovery you are likely to experience some tenderness and swelling, and your breasts may feel a little tight and sit higher than expected. After a few weeks your breasts should settle into a more natural position. Most breast reduction patients find themselves able to return to work after one week, but will generally need to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for up to 6 weeks.

You should see a significant reduction in breast size immediately after surgery, but the final results of your breast reduction improve gradually and will become visible only after swelling has completely subsided – this usually takes around three months.

Is Breast Reduction Worth It?

Due to its effectiveness and capacity to improve your quality of life, breast reduction is a procedure with one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction. Its significant functional and aesthetic benefits make it a worthwhile endeavour for any woman struggling with the disadvantages of overly large breasts.

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