Pros and Cons: Breast Reduction Benefits

Pros And Cons Of Breast Reduction

There are a vast array of transformative benefits that breast reduction surgery can bring, such as an enhancement of confidence and self-image or relief from medical problems. However, as with any cosmetic surgery, there are important considerations to make before deciding to move forward with the process.

This article will detail the medical and aesthetic benefits of breast reduction procedures, offering you a clear, concise explanation of the pros and cons of the surgery so that you have all the information you need to decide whether breast reduction will be the right choice for you.

Pros And Cons: Breast Reduction Benefits Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

Pros: What Are The Benefits?

Breast reduction surgery has the potential to alleviate the bothersome physical consequences created by overly large breasts, as well as make invaluable aesthetic changes that provide a significant boost to your quality of life. 

1. Reduced Chronic Pain

Many women experience back pain, neck pain, migraines, and other ailments as a result of having disproportionately heavy breasts. As we age, our shoulders tend to curve forward more, an effect that can be exacerbated by large breasts. By having a breast reduction procedure, you can reduce the strain that is placed on your upper back, thus helping to relieve pain caused by very large breasts. 

2. Improved Sleep

Having large breasts can make it difficult to find a comfortable position when sleeping. Often, women resort to wearing a bra when sleeping for added support and comfort. With a breast reduction, you are likely to sleep better in any position while wearing whatever you wish. 

3. Reduced Chafing

Big-breasted women may have difficulty finding bras that fit well, causing the breast tissue to overflow. This can result in constant chafing, which is a skin problem that occurs when the skin rubs against clothing. Chafing is a form of skin irritation that can make your skin sting and redden and may lead to a rash. By having a breast reduction, you are more likely to find bras that fit, thus reducing chafing. 

4. Easier to Exercise

Large breasts can impact your capacity for physical activity. Many women with big breasts feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when performing intense workouts in public. By reducing the size of your breasts, you will feel more comfortable moving your body, enabling you to get better exercise. 

5. Improved Clothing Fit

Having disproportionately large breasts can make it difficult to wear certain types of clothing, such as crop tops and halter necks, or find clothes that fit both the shoulders and bust without causing indentations near the bra straps. Therefore, having a breast reduction will expand your wardrobe options by providing you with a more proportionate upper body. 

6. Improved Self-Confidence

Large breasts that appear out of proportion are a source of insecurity for many women that can affect their self-confidence. In addition to the cosmetic concerns, the difficulty of exercising, wearing clothes, and suffering chronic pain takes an emotional toll on many women. In such cases, a breast reduction can help restore a patient’s self-confidence. 

7. Better Posture

Having heavy breasts often leads to poor posture as the muscles around the shoulders and neck are strained by excessive weight. Some women also develop a habit of hunching to hide their breasts, which further exacerbates the problem. A breast reduction can lead to better posture by making it easier to straighten your upper body. 

8. Proportionate Breast Size

Breast reduction surgery can achieve a breast size that is more proportionate to the rest of your body, often greatly reducing the forces that create the distressing chronic pains associated with large breasts.

Not only is it often possible to treat the medical consequences of heavy breasts, but a reduction can also help reshape the remaining breast tissue so as to bring greater symmetry to your upper body. Improved symmetry can bring a more aesthetically pleasing look – clothes will fit more evenly, providing balance to your appearance.

Breast Reduction patients are encouraged to lose weight before surgery to ensure postoperative breast size meets expectations more closely. Losing weight after the surgery may alter the body’s proportions in a way that leads to unsatisfactory results.

Cons: Do the Disadvantages Outweigh the Benefits?

Any surgical procedure comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to be as informed as possible before pushing forward with it. Once you are aware of the possible cons of breast reduction, it is crucial to look for an understanding board-certified plastic surgeon who will pay close attention to these concerns when creating your personalised surgical plan.


Scarring is an inevitable consequence of any surgical procedure. The size and visibility of the surgical scars resulting from a breast reduction vary greatly depending on the techniques used and how well you care for the scars post-operation. With the right care, breast reduction scars should fade over time into faint, white lines.


Women can breastfeed after breast reduction surgery, although there is a possibility it can impact the amount of milk produced. For patients planning to have children after the surgery, it is important to discuss this possibility with your surgeon during the planning stages.


One of the post-operative side-effects of breast reduction surgery is redness and swelling, which should subside in approximately 2–3 weeks. For up to 6 weeks, you may be asked to avoid physically taxing activities and heavy lifting, but after this initial period, you can return to your daily routine. It may take up to 3 months for all of the swelling to dissipate completely, after which the final results will become visible.

Is a Breast Reduction Worth It?

Breast reduction surgery can significantly reduce the issues associated with heavy, disproportionately large breasts. As such, it is one of the elective surgeries with the highest reports of satisfaction.

Choosing a breast reduction can be liberating, alleviating chronic back, neck, and shoulder pains, opening the door to an active lifestyle, and a renewed sense of well-being.

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