Breast Reduction Sizes

Breast Reduction Sizes

Deciding how many sizes to go down in a breast reduction will depend on a variety of factors, including any medical and aesthetic concerns of the patient. 

During a consultation, you’ll go through the pros and cons of breast reduction, as well as the potential benefits of different sizes.

Reasons for a Breast Reduction

There are many signs that you may need a breast reduction. Any of the following issues can make breast reduction a viable option:

  • Consistent neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin conditions such as intertrigo in the breast folds
  • Poor posture
  • Difficulty finding comfortable clothing

Reducing the size of overly large breasts can be an extremely effective solution to these troublesome conditions, improving the quality of life for patients. 

How to Decide What Size to be After Breast Reduction

Deciding the size of your breasts after a reduction should involve careful consideration of your aesthetic and medical goals in order to plan toward achieving them. 

The original size and shape of your breasts will also greatly affect the decision-making process, and your height and weight factor into deciding what size will be proportionate to your body shape. 

The lower limit on a breast reduction is an A cup. However, in general, patients will go down at least one or 2 cup sizes.

Exact Cup Size Isn’t Guaranteed

While discussing cup size may be useful in the planning process, it is not possible to guarantee a postoperative cup size, as all bras fit differently and do not have consistently standardardised sizing.

Factors that Impact Cup Size After Breast Reduction

The amount of breast tissue removed will have the largest effect on the size of your breasts after the reduction. You should be sure to have detailed conversations with your surgeon in the lead-up to the operation so as to give them the clearest idea of your desired size.

After your breast reduction, there is a possibility that your cup size can change. It is completely normal to have some variation in size after the procedure.

Can my breasts grow back after breast reduction

Although it is very uncommon, some lifestyle choices and genetic dispositions can lead to your breasts growing back after a reduction, such as:

  • Pregnancy – many women can breastfeed after a reduction, but this will lead to swelling in your breasts. They should settle back down to their previous size after your child stops feeding.
  • Weight gain – sedentary lifestyles and unbalanced diets can lead to weight gain and breast growth. If you are concerned that you may put on weight due to an unhealthy diet, it may be a good idea to speak to a nutritionist who can help you to make healthier, more balanced choices.
  • Certain Medications – there are medications that affect your body’s hormones and can lead to regrowth. Your surgeon will make you aware of these medications in the planning stages.

Taking good care of your body and enjoying an active lifestyle are good ways to ensure you maintain your ideal breast size after surgery. 

What is Removed During Breast Surgery?

In order to reduce breast size, fat, skin, and excess breast tissue must be removed, and then the breasts can be reshaped to create a more comfortable, more aesthetically pleasing form. 

Depending on the type of breast reduction incision used, your nipple may need to be temporarily removed to gain access to the fatty tissues beneath it. It will be repositioned to best suit the shape of your new breasts.

How Much Breast Tissue Needs to be Left?

Enough breast tissue should remain to supply blood to the nipple and areola. This blood supply is vital to the nipple, but in the end, the amount of material left in the breast will depend mostly on the patient’s decision regarding size. 

The smaller the desired outcome, the less tissue will remain.

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