How Long After Breast Reduction Will You Know Your Size?

How Long After A Breast Reduction Will You Know Your Size

Getting a breast reduction after struggling with oversized breasts can improve one’s quality of life. Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out your cup size after breast reduction due to the side effects of the surgery.

In this article, we will discuss how long it will take for you to know your final breast size post-reduction, as well as share the best tips to see your results faster.

Breast Reduction Results

Following Surgery

Immediately after the cosmetic surgery, you will experience swelling and tenderness in the breasts. Due to the swelling, the breasts may appear larger than expected. However, this is not representative of your final size.

Week 1

After one week, you will begin to notice the swelling reduce, albeit slowly. It is important to avoid putting pressure on your chest, as this can strain incision sites and cause wound breakdown. You will not drop from one cup size to another so dramatically; instead, you will notice a gradual change. 

Month 1

Most of the side effects you will experience from breast reduction, such as swelling and soreness, will have dissipated significantly after one month. You will be able to resume your daily activities and begin to feel that your breasts are settling into a natural place. Typically, your breasts will still be swollen but may have dropped by at least one cup size.

The breasts heal at different times, therefore, you may notice that they are asymmetrical at certain points, but this is not usually cause for concern.

Month 6

The full results of your breast reduction will be fully realised after six months when all post-surgical swelling and bruising have dissipated. At this point, you will be at your permanent and final cup size, so this would be a good time to get your breasts measured to find out your cup size. 

Cup Sizes After a Breast Reduction

The number of cup sizes that you can lose with this cosmetic surgery depends on your original breast size, the composition of your breasts, and your goals. In most cases, the breasts will be brought down to a C or D cup from whatever their original size is. However, they can be brought down to a B, or even only slightly down to a DD, if preferred. Notably, it is not usually recommended to lose too much breast tissue as this may hinder the normal functioning of the nipples

Tips to See Breast Reduction Results Faster

Elevate Your Chest

Keeping your chest uplifted will help relieve pain and allow the bruising and swelling to heal faster. For this reason, you should aim to sit upright wherever possible and may prop yourself up with pillows when you sleep after breast reduction, at least until the pain has subsided. This will allow the breasts to settle comfortably into a natural place. 

Drink Water

It is important to stay hydrated post-surgery in order to replenish the cells to promote healing. This will also encourage swelling to decrease faster. Drinking plenty of water helps drain the lymphatic system, which further advances your recovery.

Go for Walks

Light exercises like walking allow for smooth blood circulation, which is beneficial for healing as well as preventing any serious danger of blood clot complications. This is also a way to keep the body active without putting pressure on the upper body.

Wear a Surgical Bra

Surgical bras give your breasts support whilst the tissue recovers from surgery. The compression provided by surgical bras can prevent the overaccumulation of blood and fluids, and thus swelling.

 A surgical bra also has the added benefit of preventing the skin from sagging, which can potentially impact the final results of your cosmetic surgery. 

At the CREO Clinic, we provide surgical bras as part of your surgery fee.

Do Breasts Grow Back After Breast Reduction?

There are a few factors that can cause a growth of the breasts after breast reduction, although it is rare they will go back to their original size. Typically, breast reduction results are permanent, but weight gain, pregnancy, and menopause can trigger a growth in the breasts. 

Therefore, it may be worth losing weight before breast reduction to ensure that you can maintain a stable size after surgery. Additionally, we recommend delaying surgery until after your final pregnancy to ensure the longevity of your results.

Is Breast Reduction Worth It?

You may wish to consider a breast reduction if you are struggling with the functional and cosmetic obstacles caused by large breasts. Reducing your cup size has enormous medical benefits, such as addressing chronic pain, and can greatly improve the overall quality of your life. 

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