Do Calf Implants Need To Be Replaced?

Do Calf Implants Have To Be Replaced?

There are many reasons your calves may lack definition. It could be a result of genetics, a birth defect, or damage sustained in an accident that has led to your calves appearing overly slender or asymmetrical. Calf augmentation can be an excellent treatment to improve the contours of your calves, giving them a more muscular, defined look.

This article will provide you with information regarding the longevity of your calf implants and whether they need to be replaced over time.

The CREO Clinic is home to the experienced calf augmentation surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, whose vast expertise in body contouring surgeries allows him to offer you the highest quality treatment. He has performed countless successful calf augmentation surgeries throughout his illustrious career, and will use his skill and many years of experience to help you achieve the body you deserve.

Technique for Calf Augmentation with Implants

In order to improve the volume of your calves, your surgeon uses the subfascial technique, first making an incision along the fold at the back of the knee, then inserting the implants over the calf muscle, but under the fascia – the fibrous tissue that surrounds the muscle. 

Once the implant is securely positioned, your surgeon closes the incision with dissolvable sutures that disappear throughout your calf implant recovery.

How Long Do Calf Implants Last?

As calf implants do not expire, how long they remain in place is up to you. Some patients may keep their calf implants for 20 years, others for two or three. Your calf implants will continue to offer you extra definition for as long as you are not experiencing any issues.  

In the unlikely event that your implants have loosened, ruptured, or shifted position, the implants would need to be assessed by your surgeon so they can decide on how to resolve the problem at hand.

Can Calf Implants Be Removed?

As with any implants, provided there is no clinical reason to remove them, they can remain in place indefinitely. However, calf implants can be removed at the request of the patient via a second surgical treatment – this will entail making an incision along your previous scar, removing your implant, then closing up the incision with dissolvable sutures.

Can You Get a Calf Implant Revision?

Any concerns you might have about the position or size of your calf implants can be addressed through revision surgery. After consultation with your surgeon, they will work to create a plan for a second surgery that will either replace your implants with alternatives of your desired size or ensure a secure repositioning of your current implants.

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