Breast Reduction Surgery for Dense Breasts

Breast Reduction Surgery For Dense Breasts

Breast reduction surgery for dense breasts can remove breast tissue, fat, and skin to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts. The main aim of the surgery is to provide a more proportionate figure and alleviate any medical concerns caused by large, cumbersome breasts.

Dr Omar Tillo is a double board-certified surgeon who specialises in breast reduction surgery. He has extensive experience in performing breast reduction surgery for dense breasts and can use his skills and expertise to design a bespoke surgical approach ideal for your requirements.  

What is Breast Density?

Breast density is a term that describes the relative amount of glandular, connective, and fatty tissue within a woman’s breasts, as seen on a mammogram. Dense breasts tend to have a large amount of glandular and connective tissue and a relatively small amount of fatty tissue.

Dense breasts are most common among younger women, with post-menopausal women prone to losing breast density as a result of the hormonal changes experienced during menopause

There are several factors that can determine a woman’s breast density. Genetics tend to be the most prominent, but diet, nutrition, changes in weight, and hormonal factors can all have an effect. 

How to Assess Breast Density

Breast density is most commonly assessed by doing a mammogram, using x-rays to examine the breasts. A mammogram is interpreted by a radiologist, who uses a visual scale to subjectively determine the amount of dense breast tissue compared to non-dense fatty tissue present in a woman’s breasts. 

Breast density results are then assigned into one of four categories, with the “extremely dense” category signifying breasts that contain almost all glandular and fibrous tissue. 

Can You Get a Breast Reduction With Dense Breasts?

Breast reduction surgery can safely be performed on women with dense breast tissue. However, some surgical techniques are better-suited than others. 

Plastic Surgery Limitations for Dense Breasts

Breast reduction with just liposuction is a popular option for women who are looking for a small reduction in breast size. However, the procedure may be limited for women with extremely dense breasts, as they have a lower ratio of fat compared to glandular and connective tissue. 

Other types of breast reduction and breast lift can also include liposuction. However, because these procedures also involve an open surgical component, the aim of the reduction isn’t limited by breast density.  

Benefits of Breast Reduction for Dense Breasts

Breast reduction surgery for women with dense breasts provides both aesthetic and functional benefits. Not only can the procedure improve levels of confidence and facilitate a better quality of life, but it also helps women achieve their ideal figure by providing them with breasts that are more proportional to the frame of their body. 

Breast Reduction Procedure

First, you’ll be administered general anaesthetic. Then, the surgeon will make the relevant incisions around your breasts before removing the required amount of breast tissue, skin, and fat. 

Following this, the surgeon will close the incisions with dissolvable stitches in order to tighten the remaining skin over your breasts. 

How Long is Breast Reduction Recovery?

As is the case with most cosmetic surgery, you may experience some swelling and tenderness in the affected area after breast reduction surgery. These side effects tend to gradually improve over the first two to three weeks of recovery, after which you’ll be able to resume most of your daily routine.

Many surgeons recommend avoiding strenuous activity or heavy lifting for up to six weeks after surgery. Your surgeon will be able to discuss this with you in greater detail before the procedure. 

When Can You See Breast Reduction Results?

After the procedure, your breasts will be noticeably smaller. However, they may feel tight and appear slightly higher than expected.

As your body heals over the first few weeks, your breasts will settle into their intended position and begin to feel natural. The final results of the procedure typically become visible once the post-surgical swelling has completely subsided, which can take up to three months. 

Is a Breast Reduction Worth It?

Breast reduction surgery provides many women with results that address both their aesthetic and functional concerns. The procedure can help them to achieve their ideal figure while also improving their overall quality of life. Therefore, many patients consider it to be a worthwhile procedure. 

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