Buffalo Hump Removal London

Buffalo Hump Removal London

A protruding buildup of fat on the back of your neck is often called a buffalo hump but is known more formally as a dorsocervical fat pad. A buffalo hump is usually benign, but it can become an aesthetic concern over time.

This article explores how a  buffalo hump can be removed, detailing the use of liposuction as a highly effective method for reducing dorsocervical fat.

The CREO Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Omar Tillo, is a specialist body contouring surgeon that has performed countless successful liposuction procedures throughout his career – many to reduce the appearance of buffalo humps. Dr. Tillo is experienced in removing stubborn pockets of fat around the body, and under his care, you can be sure that you will get exceptional results.

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Buffalo Hump Removal London Medically reviewed by Dr. Omar Tillo MD, MS, EBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast)

What Is A Buffalo Hump?

A buffalo hump is the accumulation of excess fat at the back of the neck that shows as a lump or hump. It is not usually harmful, but it can affect your confidence, posture, and ability to wear certain clothing.

Causes Of A Buffalo Hump

There are a few main causes of buffalo hump:

  • Side effect of steroid use
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • An imbalance of hormones
  • Some prescription medications
  • Obesity

Why Would Someone Want To Get Their Buffalo Hump Removed?

Often a buffalo hump can be quite visible, protruding through clothing or sticking out at the top of your collar. It can affect the way clothing fits you, and some people feel discomfort with the way their buffalo hump changes their appearance. Buffalo hump surgery can offer a boost to confidence, open up a whole new wardrobe, and improve posture as well as aesthetics.

How Is A Buffalo Hump Removal Performed?

Buffalo hump removal is usually achieved via liposuction. Liposuction is a method for permanently removing stubborn fat deposits around the body that are resistant to lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.

The fat that causes a buffalo hump is targeted using a specialised cannula that breaks up the fat and vacuums it away – once the fat deposit has been removed, patients can enjoy a noticeable reduction in their buffalo hump.

Our Liposuction Procedures

The CREO Clinic offers different liposuction procedures based on the needs and preferences of the patient. Our liposuction options are:

  • Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) – Specialised cannulas use motors that create a vibration to loosen and release fat to be safely vacuumed away.
  • Vaser Liposuction – Fat removal is performed more closely to the muscle than other liposuction methods, using sound energy to loosen fat to be vacuumed away. It has a short downtime and is minimally invasive.

Who’s An Ideal Candidate For Buffalo Hump Removal?

Any adult experiencing accumulated fat pockets at the back of the neck and shoulder blades can be a good candidate for buffalo hump removal. However, the CREO Clinic does have some criteria for an ideal candidate:

  • Must have stubborn fat pockets in the back of the neck or shoulder blades that they wish to remove permanently.
  • Must be in good psychological and physical health.
  • Must have realistic expectations about the results of buffalo hump removal.
  • Must be at their ideal weight and have a BMI of 35 or less. Check your BMI now with our BMI calculator.

How Much Does Buffalo Hump Removal Cost In London?

At the CREO Clinic in London, buffalo hump cosmetic surgery via traditional liposuction begins from £4,500. Each and every procedure at our clinic is bespoke, which means a full cost breakdown will only be available after your initial consultation with Dr. Tillo.

Should you wish to spread the cost of your buffalo hump removal over multiple instalments, our financing partner, Chrysalis Finance, can provide a variety of financing options.

What To Expect With Buffalo Hump Removal


Your initial consultation will consist of a conversation with Dr. Tillo, during which you will discuss your medical history – this will allow him to assess any potential health issues that might affect your eligibility for liposuction. It is also an opportunity for Dr. Tillo to explain the realistic expectations you can have of the results of your buffalo hump removal, keeping you fully informed and prepared for the procedure.

Preparing For Buffalo Hump Removal

There are some steps you will need to take in preparation for your buffalo hump removal:

  • Smoking – You will need to stop smoking, vaping, or consuming nicotine of any kind for two weeks prior to and proceeding with your buffalo hump removal, as this will mitigate the risk of complications.
  • Prepare your home for downtime – It is important to make your home as comfortable as possible for your recovery. Make sure any chores, childcare, or pet care are looked after – especially on the first day or two post-procedure.
  • BMI – Having a safe and stable BMI is key to optimising your results, so try to make sure your BMI is at or below 35 before your buffalo hump removal.
  • Alcohol – Try to reduce your intake of alcohol in the days leading up to your surgery, as alcohol can negatively impact wound healing.

Buffalo Hump Removal Procedure

The anaesthetic administered for your buffalo hump removal will depend on the liposuction techniques used. Liposuction will require sedation or general anaesthetic.

Once the anaesthetic has been administered, Dr. Tillo will create a small incision in the back of your neck and then insert a suction cannula which will target and remove the accumulated fat.

Recovery & Aftercare Process

Recovery from buffalo hump removal can differ depending on the patient and the techniques used, but the procedure usually has a relatively short recovery period – you can expect to return to most normal activities after 2-3 days. More strenuous exercise can usually be resumed after 3-6 weeks.

When Will You See Results?

You will see an immediate reduction of fat in the treated area at the back of the neck after the procedure, but the full results of the buffalo hump removal may take between 6-12 weeks – this is enough time for any residual swelling to dissipate. The fat cells are now removed permanently and cannot return.

Buffalo Hump Removal FAQs

Is buffalo hump removal painful?

Before any buffalo hump removal, anaesthetic and/or sedation is administered, which means you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. However, you may experience a degree of soreness in the days following the treatment, but this should subside within the first week. Dr. Tillo will also provide prescriptions for pain relief medication if necessary.

What type of anaesthesia is given during the procedure?

Depending on the type of liposuction technique used in your buffalo hump removal, you may be under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic.

Are there risks associated with buffalo hump removal?

The risks associated with buffalo hump removal are the same as those associated with liposuction more generally – i.e., a small risk of infection, seroma (buildup of fluids at the incision site), irregularities in the surface of the skin, and skin laxity.

How long does buffalo hump removal last?

The fat cells that create your buffalo hump are removed permanently – this means they cannot develop in the same area again. Nevertheless, significant calorie intake can cause any remaining fat cells to expand in size and alter the appearance of your results. As such, it is best to maintain a stable weight after the procedure.

Is it possible for my buffalo hump to return?

While it is unlikely that your buffalo hump will return, drastic weight gain can cause remaining fat cells to expand. Patients who maintain a stable weight after treatment should not see a return of the buffalo hump.

Will there be excess skin after my buffalo hump removal procedure?

Any skin laxity after your buffalo hump removal should contract and tighten up over time. In the case that excess skin persists in the treatment region, targeted BodyTite may be considered to firm up the skin of the neck.

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