Bruising After Breast Reduction

Bruising After Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery in London is a cosmetic procedure that can drastically reduce breast size and increase comfort, but there will be a period of recovery in which it is completely normal to experience bruising.

The CREO Clinic’s expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Omar Tillo, will use his experience to help achieve the best possible outcomes for your breasts and to be there to guide you through reduction downtime.

In this article, we will explore the topic of bruising after breast reduction so as to give you a better picture of how it may affect you.

Why You Have Bruising Following Breast Reduction

As with any cosmetic surgery, breast reduction requires different types of incisions. When blood vessels are broken, blood from those vessels forms what we call a bruise.

Bruises are perfectly natural, and the dark marks you see around your breasts after the operation will gradually subside as your body reabsorbs the blood released by the broken vessels.

Bruising Timeline After Breast Reduction

You can expect the most severe bruising in the first two days after your breast reduction. At this stage, your bruising may be very dark and noticeable.

After 5-10 days, you should see your bruises begin to turn yellow. 

After 10-14 days have passed, your bruises should fade into a light brown before disappearing completely.

However, some inflammation can persist, even after the bruises have disappeared. For this reason, knowing how to manage swelling is an important part of recovery from your breast reduction.

How to Reduce Swelling During Breast Reduction Recovery 

There are some techniques you can adopt that will help to reduce the effects of post-operative swelling after a breast reduction:

Wear Your Compression Bra

A compression bra is a garment designed to keep constant pressure on your incisions, keeping swelling down and limiting bruising. It will be necessary to wear your compression bra for the first six weeks after your cosmetic surgery.

The CREO Clinic will provide you with a compression bra as part of your recovery plan. 

Go on Gentle Walks

As soon as you feel able, you should begin short and gentle walks, which you can gradually increase in length throughout your breast reduction recovery.

This light exercise will help provoke blood circulation and help you heal as quickly as possible.

Apply a Cold Compress

A common technique to keep swelling and bruising down after breast reduction is to apply a cold compress around your incisions.

These compresses can be cooling pads or even ice or frozen peas wrapped in a clean towel. Be careful never to apply frozen compresses directly to your incisions.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is a good way to give your body the tools it needs to help reduce bruising after breast reduction.

Plenty of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables are necessary to keep your diet balanced. Foods with vitamin K and zinc can help with healing; pumpkin seeds, spinach, and pulses are all rich in these properties.

Should you struggle with maintaining your diet, try speaking with a nutritionist who can help you plan your daily meals more effectively.

Sleep on Your Back

The last thing you want to do in those delicate initial stages of breast reduction recovery is to aggravate your incisions as they heal.

To protect your incisions, sleep on your back. This will allow your breasts time to recover in the most comfortable position.

Is a Breast Reduction Worth It?

The vast majority of women who undergo a breast reduction consider it to have been a worthwhile endeavour.

Like any cosmetic procedure, breast reduction has its pros and cons, but side effects such as bruising may seem a small downside in comparison to the transformative benefits it can bring to your quality of life.

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