Labiaplasty Stitches: What to Expect

Diagram Of A Labia For Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty, also referred to as labial reduction or vulval surgery, is a cosmetic procedure to reshape and reduce the size of the inner skin of the vaginal folds (labia minora). Many women choose to undergo this surgery after childbirth, as the skin often stretches during the birthing process. 

In a labiaplasty surgery, after the excess skin is removed or reshaped, any incisions made by your surgeon are closed with stitches. In this article, we will discuss the labiaplasty stitches and the role they play in your labiaplasty recovery.

Symptoms Associated with Stitches

During labiaplasty recovery, patients may experience several side effects, including swelling, bruising, and soreness as the incision sites heal. These side effects are typically associated with the incision site in general as opposed to the actual stitches themselves. However, patients may experience some itchiness as a result of the stitches being resorbed. 

Permanent vs. Resorbable Stitches

A labiaplasty surgery may involve the use of either resorbable (dissolving) or non-resorbable (permanent) stitches. In general, dissolving stitches are preferred by surgeons as they avoid the patient discomfort associated with getting stitches removed manually. 

At the CREO Clinic, we use vicryl rapid, a type of very fine absorbable (desolating sutures) stitches.

How Long Does It Take For Labiaplasty Stitches to Dissolve?

The exact amount of time it takes for the stitches to dissolve depends on the type of suture used. Typically, the stitches we use at CREO are absorbed around 2-3 weeks after surgery. 

In addition, your surgeon will also review your healing and examine the sutures 1-2 weeks after your labiaplasty.  

Do Labiaplasty Stitches Leave Scars?

Scarring at the labiaplasty incision sites is minimal and often blends in well with the labia minora tissue, which has multiple natural folds and wrinkles. After the stitches are absorbed, the scar tissue becomes firm and then gradually softens over the course of several months.   

Activity Restrictions After Labiaplasty

It usually takes around 6-8 weeks for the incision sites to heal after a labiaplasty. It is therefore advised that patients do not engage in any activities that are likely to put pressure on the wound, including intense exercise and sexual intercourse. This is to prevent any tearing of the stitches, which can delay healing and distort the results of your cosmetic surgery. 

How to Care For Labiaplasty Stitches

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions prior to your surgery. In general, you should be able to gently wash the area the day after surgery, using mild soap and water. The incision sites should be patted dry to prevent any damage caused by rubbing the area. Patients can also apply Vaseline to the stitches, which can help to lubricate the area, minimising discomfort.  

Is Labiaplasty Worth It?

Excess labial tissue can twist and rub together, causing discomfort and pain. In addition, many women report aesthetic concerns about their labia. By undergoing a labiaplasty, many women report feeling more comfortable, both with the appearance of their labia and physically, with the skin no longer snagging, causing pain. For these reasons, a lot of patients report the permanent results of a labiaplasty to be worthwhile. 

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At the CREO Clinic, we understand that a labiaplasty is an intimate surgical procedure and that patients may have reservations about being seen by a male surgeon. That is why we are committed to an ethos of strict confidentiality and offer additional chaperoning services to ensure your comfort throughout your experience with us. 

Overall, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr Omar Tillo, has extensive experience carrying out labiaplasty procedures, and we believe the results speak for themselves.  

If you are considering a labiaplasty procedure, contact the CREO Clinic today to book your consultation with Dr Tillo.

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